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  1. Name That Game

    Two more from me, not sure if these are easy or hard! 1: [ATTACH]1276[/ATTACH] 2: [ATTACH]1277[/ATTACH]
  2. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Anyone buying Wing Commander? I want some online space shooty action stuff!
  3. The Simpsons Movie

    Anyone else get the feeling that Richard Bacon wrote that review without seeing the movie?
  4. Pownce

    I remember my computer phoning up my mates house so that we could play some multiplayer Doom! Then his Mum answers the phone and freaks out.
  5. Transformers Movie thread

    It was the first movie in a long time where I didn't really notice the effects at all, which has got to be a good thing.
  6. Pownce

    Further proof that I am slowly turning into my Dad... make sure to warn me if I start complaining about there being too many "youths" in pubs these days! I remember when all we had was email, newsgroups and a 28k line out... and we were happy!.....
  7. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I reached 30,000 the other day... anyone know where I can get a life?
  8. Pownce

    I can send links and messages on msn while offline, don't think i can send files and the reason I don't know if i can or not is because I have never had any reason to try. If you ask me, this bit of software is a solution waiting for a problem.
  9. Final Fantasy Retrospective

    One know where I can buy the mobile phone version of these games that was mentioned in the video?
  10. Pownce

    I don't get it... why not just email people? I'm starting to feel old!
  11. Coffee vs Tea

    My missus works at Starbucks so I know loads about the company via the gift of women never shutting up ever about themselves. I can say with honesty that they are a fantastic company to work for and very ethical about their whole operation, regardless of what popular opinion of them may be. Anyone who visits the Starbucks in Coventry Borders and sees a cute Canadian Blonde behind the counter, mention my name and get a free somethingorother.
  12. Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree

    You can send your records and top scores to the people in your Wii Friends list, they can then play against your top score and try and beat it. It's a bit like sending a ghost of your best time in Mario Kart to a friend and your friend racing against it except... erm... less fun.
  13. NEW White Knight Story Trailer!

    Looks like every other JRPG to me. Lots of nice CG though.
  14. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I'm not picking both up on the same day as I'd end up ignoring one of them over the other and never returning to it. I'll probably pick up Bioshock as I want that to do well in the charts, Blue Dragon will be rented I think. Edit: Nascar Demo is now available for those of you who love racing games but hate turning right!
  15. Coffee vs Tea

    I don't drink any hot drinks because they're hot and wet.
  16. David Perry on Wiis future

    Just looking at this list and it seems that Nintendo publishes about 5-6 games a year that could be described as for the "Hardcore" audience, this year seems to be no exception. The only difference in Nintendo these days is that they are also developing games for the "casual" audience as well.
  17. Name That Game

    Need Clues! Also, just for fun this one, not points as it would screw up the system due to there being so many points available: Name all the add ons/cartridges that are plugged into this mega drive: [ATTACH]1265[/ATTACH] Extra kudos if you edit the image with arrows and annotations pointing to the various bits!
  18. Name That Game

    Damn, me too!
  19. Asterix At The Olympic Games

    What's with all the Olympic Games titles coming out in the Winter?
  20. Name That Game

    Is it Hunchback?
  21. Is WiiConnect24 damaging Wii systems?

    Apparently this over heating is the cause of the graphical anomalies when playing certain games, particularly RE4. If you see odd coloured pixels (usually red or green) when looking up at the sky it may be due to the graphics card over heating because of a faulty heat sink. This happens on my box but I'm not too bothered about it just yet, I'd rather have my Wii here!
  22. Name That Game

    It's "Mappy"!
  23. Exclusive Q&A: Martin Mathers. And are magazines dying?

    Until I can read well written articles about gaming while on the toilet via another medium, magazines are here to stay for me.
  24. Name That Game

    I with that were true! My assumption is that, at 26, I'm a little older than most on the board and therefore have had a slightly longer time to read and play some classic games. I just wish I could remember important things as well!