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  1. Im aware that arsenal are very focused on the business aspect of the club, and that there are still a few clubs who are very focused on staying in the black :) My point was that aren't most of these foreign investors (ie, chelsea/man city) just in it for shits and giggles, a money sink if nothing else?


    Correct me if I'm wrong.

  2. So i've been getting into the 09 soccer games (pes and fifa), but if i get this damned Xbox 360 controller tangled up in my chair once more I'm gonna rage hard!


    Should i just go with the wireless 360 controller? Or are there better alternatives? :o

  3. bump, used my wildcard in week 7 :o


    1 Babooo 373

    2 Noodleman 331

    3 Red Dynamite Damon Reid-Williams 330

    4 flameboy 329

    5 Jim 324

    6 Rowan 310

    7 Red Army Simon Smith 304

    8 Platty 294

    9 MadDog 292

    10 The Villan 289

    11 Chuck 257

    12 gmac 250

    13 Happenstance 241

    14 last again! Oliver Lambert 200


    Help me replace peoples teams with their forum name! If you're not bolded, then I have no idea who you are. :) So reply here to let us know who you are. If you know who someone else is, reply also.

  4. do PC versions of FIFA allow for mods etc... like Pro Evo does?


    no clue :)


    A question though, what camera angle do you guys use in fifa, anything ive tried gives me motion sickness ><!

  5. campaign_cat_desex_stencil.jpg

    Got my new cat desexed. He was a stray that had been hanging around my brothers place, my gf and I decided to keep him. Took him to the vet to get him checked out and wormed etc over the weekend, and got him desexed today. Hes a bit sore! :P


    This is him (before the op!):o



  6. bah.. just played a good hours worth of the fifa demo again, and now im swaying back towards fifa. Seems that i prefer whichever one im used to at the time, lol! Fifa does offer a better overall package though, hmmmm. $10 more expensive here in ozland, though thats not really an issue.


    Spose i should mention im playing the PC versions.

  7. Sacking Jov was a mistake, I really liked him. He rarely bullshitted, and rarely made excuses. I remember people calling for his head, where are those same people calling for ramos' head now?


    I won't call for his head just yet, but he's making bigger mistakes when it comes to our squad than Jov ever did. There's also a reason why Keane and Berbatov wanted out of this club, and I think we're starting to see why...

  8. Am I too late to bring up all the old quotes from before the season started about spurs going top 4? Someone already done that? :(


    Im a spurs fan, but I was never buying into the hysteria about the team. Bad times lately :( Things seemed to be clicking alot better last night, we definately look more dangerous with lennon on the pitch. I dunno, the season will turn around eventually right? :)

  9. I also havent played a football game since 2002 (well, i played about 3 minutes of pes6). Downloaded the pc demo of fifa 09 last night, absolutely loving the potential of BAP mode :)

  10. ...and you've been lead down the garden path by media trying to sell a story.




    They aren't actualy creating black holes intentionaly. But because nobody really knows what will happen when they collide the Atoms?, Particles? whatever, there is like a really slim chance that one could be created as a by product of the collision.


    Exactly... but 'really slim' doesnt give the absolute fucking next to no chance this has of happening justice. Didn't you people get enough of your paranoia fix with Y2K? Go back to ur shanties :)

  11. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Awesome, it's easy to relate to Carrey's character (which has got to be a first), and it was quite heartwarming/breaking, although there was the occasional cringeworthy moment. Much love. 9/10

    such a great movie :):bowdown:


    The Clone Wars

    Before I start, I went into this movie knowing 100% that it was aimed for children. I really hope people knew it didn't have the same target audience as the other movies!! That being said, it was quite reasonable. I'm not too sure what else to say about it. The voices all seemed to be spoken way too fast, that was my major gripe. It would have been nice for more stuff for the core fans to be thrown in amongst it. The retarded droids was a little over the top, but got some laughs from the kids in the cinema. Good story line though, for the most part. Good lightsaber scenes and action. Not as many horrible cringeworthy A.Skywalker acting moments was a definate plus. :P


  12. I only played the first. I got stuck just into the second disc. Im in a room with no bullets and my survival knife is in my box (Not that it would help me, I have a sliver of health left) >< Have to get through a number of rooms to get back to my box, one of them has 4 dogs. I cannot make it for the life of me, have tried so many times. :( Never been bothered to start again, although i did love the game.

  13. Somehow i seemed to have spent alot of money the last couple days on getting my tv set up in my room. Aeriel extension cords, splitters, power boards, adhesive cable tidiers, other misc extension cords... christ. Horrible hidden expenses :(