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  1. 3DS eShop Thread

    This is bollocks! Where the hell are the Game Gear games?! You've only got one week left until you're branded as liars NOE! Also, I'm still waiting for Mutant Mudds and Sakura Samurai...
  2. Kid Icarus Uprising

    Honestly, I expected worse from these reviewers. Given that the game uses a non standard control scheme and the typical anti Nintendo bias that you see from these sites, I expected them to completely crucify the game no matter how good it was. I wonder if Nintendo paid some of these sites to hold back their typical bile? (Though they obviously forgot to send a check to Destructoid! )
  3. The Last Story Official Topic

    Lol it's so true. Not even Xenoblade and Skies of Arcadia escape this trope
  4. The Last Story Official Topic

    Ok I'm coming up to what seems to be the end of chapter 39. It has actually gotten a lot better now (I'm actually seeing the Game Over screen now! ) Story has picked up the pace, difficulty has (finally!) risen and the new gameplay mechanics/enemy types keep coming in. I love Chapter 39's boss battle! I'm probably near the end now (21 odd hours) and I am enjoying it a lot more than I did towards the start. Glad I stuck with it. I think I'm gonna remember this game as one that is filled to the brim with amazing gameplay concepts and ideas, but one that was largely held back by its incredibly easy difficulty (oh and a great looking game with a piss poor framerate, but that's not a big deal really) Funnily enough, while this game is arguably just as linear as Final Fantasy 13, I don't really mind at all. It offers plenty of freedom in the battles to go about as you please and constantly bombards you with fresh ideas and mechanics in battle. It's just a shame that the low difficulty (and the ho-hum story & characters) is the one gaping flaw that holds the game back.
  5. Kid Icarus Uprising

    Having played an early version of it, no it really wouldn't. It's way too fast paced. It's like playing Meteos with a d-pad or Sin & Punishment 2 with a CC/GCN controller.
  6. Kid Icarus Uprising

    The face button controls are no doubt put there for the same reason as the d-pad controls were in Meteos. Just to show off how unplayable they are in comparison to the stylus controls. No, the CPP is only used to enable left handed controls (right circle pad controls movement)
  7. Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure

    Finally got round to playing the demo, no surprise, it's awesome And indeed how could it not be? It's basic math! Rhythm Heaven + Layton + Elite Beat Agents + Lupin The 3rd = AMAZING! Visuals are fantastic, music is great, voice acting is great, gameplay is Spot On and the scenarios are hilarious. It's a clear must have for me. Cant wait The only real complaint I have is that it feels as if it could do with a practice warmup before each stage (ALA Rhythm Heaven) but that's not a big deal. Also, am I the only one who actually finds it harder when the guides are turned on?
  8. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    Especially when you look at his signature as well, lol! Can anyone help me with my PS3-Vita connection problem?
  9. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    No, I'm not pressing anything on it. I'm just leaving it idle on the XMB with it signed into the same account as is on the Vita.
  10. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    I tried that, but after trying to connect to the PS3, the Vita throws up an error message saying that "The device could not connect" (the PS3 just stays on the XMB with no visible change). Anyone?
  11. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    Finally got one! (Wifi, 16GB memory card & Rayman Origins - perfect port BTW!) Not really impressed with any demo (except Lumines. Though it doesn't do anything new, it looks like a great version of Lumines), but that's not why I bought it. I got it for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and by god! it really does breath new life into PSP games! The colours just pop and the bilinear filtering works wonders on these games. But best of all is that 2nd stick! (plus no more shitty nub and crappy ergonomics! ) The ability to finally be able to play MHFU with a good control scheme at last makes the purchase worthwhile. This makes the wait for MH3G a LOT more bearable Gonna have fun rediscovering the PSP's library BTW: Anyone else have trouble getting the Vita to connect to the PS3 via USB? It connects to the PC just fine, but it just doesn't detect my PS3. I've tried disabling USB charging but that didn't help (yes I've tried doing it from both the Vita's main menu and through its content manager, no luck) There's a bunch of PSP games that can only be downloaded onto the Vita by using a PS3. Please help!
  12. *RUMOUR* Donkey Kong 3D

    Just a retailer making up rubbish (lol @ the Smash Bros 3DS pre-order case!) I reckon that there's a decent chance that they might make a DKCR game for 3DS at some point during its lifetime, be it now or in 5 years time (it would be a great fit, considering how the first game played a lot with 3D depth!), but this rumour has nothing to do with it. If by some divine coincidence it happens this E3, it won't have anything to do with this retailler listing.
  13. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    Not really, Type Zero has been available on PSN since day 1. They just had problems getting it working with the UMD program (since it uses 2 UMD discs) that they've now fixed. The UMD Passport program is only run in Japan and is irrelevant to us here in the west. I would imagine that if it were coming over, it would be in the form of a HD/Vita Remaster. The fact that they've not announced it doesn't exactly fill me with confidence that they'll localise it
  14. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    Yeah it's good news, but that was a terrible announcement video. I mean, that's it!? Release dates for MGS2&3 Vita, Persona 4, Type Zero being added to the JPN UMD Passport Program and a vague hint of Inafune making a Vita game at some undisclosed date in the long term future!? THOSE are your big announcements!? Oh man. So after MGS2&3 come out in April, there's... nothing else for the rest of 2012 apart from FF 10 Vita, SF X Tekken, Resistance Burning Skies, Little Big Planet Vita, Super Robot Wars, Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Evolution, Gundam Seed Battle Destiny and Persona 4 the Golden (since PSO2 and Inafune's game wont be coming out until 2013), like... nothing at all!?
  15. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    Assuming that it doesn't come to other platforms (at least PS3) first... Underwhelming video was underwhelming. PSO2 is the only big announcement and it's not even an exclusive!?
  16. GAME Group what next?

    For those wondering, it's preowned BUUUUUUUTTTTT they're going to be marking new products as preowned shortly (like their games) PS, just to add another one. 3DS is £114.99 (crazy!) and the Vita will not be marked down at all (probably because GAME don't actually own their Vita stock, it's on loan from Sony)
  17. GAME Group what next?

    Hardware price drop today. Currently known prices are listed below... Sad to see, but there are some great deals in there (that PSP Go is as good as mine!)
  18. GAME Group what next?

    This has just gone from hilarious, to sad, to hilarious again. Now they're not stocking Asura's Wrath or Street Fighter X Tekken! http://www.mcvuk.com/news/read/game-not-stocking-street-fighter-x-tekken-and-asura-s-wrath/092246 Are they even going to be stocking anything new from this point on? Dammit! I gave them 2 months! I can't lose face like this
  19. Mario Party 9

    Not bad for a game that wasn't stocked in GAME, Gamestation nor HMV either! (just goes to show how irrelevant GAME have become I guess!)
  20. Resident Evil Revelations 3DS

    I see we passed the test this time Good to hear! I like the sound of his comment about them maybe moving back more towards classic RE style. RE:R was what I wanted to see, now I want them to move further in that direction and make it more non linear (basically move as far away from RE6 as possible!)
  21. Xenoblade Chronicles Official Thread

    I wasn't joking when I said that it is the best traditional JRPG since Chrono Trigger! Glad to see you guys are enjoying it too! And you've still seen nothing yet (Yes, it manages to get even better from there on! It doesn't fizzle out like so many other promising RPGs do) BTW @Red Shell Just a word of warning. After you complete the next area after the one you're currently at, there's a point of no return that stops you from completing any quests in Sword Valley and Galahad Fortress (they'll disappear forever). If you care about completing all the quests (I didn't, but you may do), you might want to do them ASAP. If not, then keep calm and carry on.
  22. The Last Story Official Topic

    Chapter 20 is just so WTF?! that it's awesome.
  23. Pokémon Black & White

    Pokemon fusion? (Celebi's head, Kirlia's body - Celebi's eye colour swapped with Kirlia's body colour?)
  24. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    I think you guys are being a bit harsh on the Rear Touch pad. Yeah, it (like most of the Vita's novel control inputs) isn't being utilised in any significant way yet, but the potential is there. AFAIC, it's the key differentiator between the 3DS and Vita and the biggest opportunity for unique types of games to be made on the Vita. It just depends on whether or not anyone is creative and brave enough to take the plunge with a unique game designed from the ground up for the Vita (Given Sony's typical throwaway support for handhelds, being either B team games or console ports and the lack of 3rd party support, it might take a while though...) In terms of the Vita's extremities being cutting edge, maybe not (we do have Super AMOLED screens on phones now), but the analog stick design is unique (regardless of whether or not you prefer the 3DS Circle Pad design) and multitouch trackpads aren't commonplace (and certainly not on handheld devices) so it's perfectly fair to cite them as being ahead of the curve. Edit: Oh hey guys, Sony are doing a Nintendo Sony Direct video on March 9th http://andriasang.com/con05a/vita_heaven/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter Supposedly the video "will include information about unannounced Vita titles, upcoming releases, and Vita services, as well as new information about in-release titles. The broadcast will feature presentations from game creators themselves." (Yes it's all very familiar. Of course, looking at how good Nintendo's one was, here's hoping for good things!)
  25. Pokémon Black & White

    She looks like a black & green Celebi that has been changed from SD to Chibi and with added long hair...