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  1. Mac OSX Snow Leopard

    The older Macbooks are only 32-bit aren't they? The Core Duo ones I mean. Cos that is what my one is so I'm assuming I wont see much of an improvement in speed. I'm thinking of waiting as I would like to get a new laptop at the start of next year so have held off getting the iLife update, and might save this as well. I've read several reviews as well as you guys comments, and it definitely sounds worth upgrading to. My only concern is how much it would really benefit my older Macbook.
  2. Fable III

    Well I loved Fable 2 but never played one. Looking forward to more.
  3. Mobile Phone Chat

    My girlfriend had my old iPhone and got a years free unlimited data, and also picked a Bolt-on. She has unlimited O2 texts. Probably best to go into a shop and explain what you want and they should sort you right out.
  4. New Phone? Choices, choices, choices

    I watched a video on Youtube of the phone and the OS and it did look pretty decent. I still don't think it looks as good as the iPhone (aspects were better) but it looked good enough that if I didn't have an iPhone I'd certainly be considering one.
  5. That's fine. I hate Activision to the point where I won't buy their games no matter what they are.
  6. Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll

    Agree with people saying this game needs to be harder. Playing Monkey Ball 1 and knowing pretty much all the levels were fully skill based and getting pissed off and throwing a controller in frustration only to pick it right back up again was amazing. LOVE that game. Monkey Ball 2 was the same but the luck based levels were just far too annoying. And Banana Blitz the bosses and jumping do their best to ruin it and the tilting makes the other bits too easy. I want the option to use a Gamecube controller in this one.
  7. The Darkness

    Jurassic Park.
  8. Using iPhone on a flight

    As my iPhone is now my main iPod, and has all my music and a couple of films on it, does anyone know if I'd be able to use my iPhone in 'Airplane Mode' on a flight? My flight will be with Thomson Airways. I know the point on Airplane mode is so you can use it on a plane but not all of them allow you to use a phone at all. I may have asked this before, but I think all someone said was pretend it's an iPod Touch. My old Video iPod wont last long enough to watch a film in flight, but I don't want to be halfway through one and then have someone tell me to switch it off. As far as I'm concerned there is no difference between iPod Touch and iPhone in Flight Mode. Anyone had any issues with this?
  9. Xbox Live Arcade/PSN Thread

    I really enjoyed the demo of Splosion Man. Will be getting it for my birthday. My girlfriend said it was pointless, there's nothing to it, it shouldn't have been made, and it's for 5 year olds... Yep.
  10. Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll

  11. Mobile Phone Chat

    Yeah they are expensive, but for me it has totally been worth getting one. Looking back it was daft getting the original one for so much money, but the ones now are much better value.
  12. Mobile Phone Chat

    This is how I felt when first getting an iPhone. It's just cool being able to do all this stuff wherever you are. I really couldn't do without one anymore :p
  13. Using iPhone on a flight

    My concern with that is, if I get through to someone they are just going to say the 'rules' that they've got in front of them with no real 'knowledge' of what it is, or how it's affecting anything.
  14. Xbox Live Arcade/PSN Thread

    Yeah I wont rebuy I will resist!
  15. Xbox Live Arcade/PSN Thread

    I have the 3 Sonic games on Wii but I want to get them all on 360 instead for HDness. They look crappy on my Wii. Plus no S&K on Wii Damn making me want to spend money!
  16. Xbox Live Arcade/PSN Thread

    Yeah, I'll have enough for my birthday actually. I can get a points card of 2100 off Amazon for £15, and then get another 500 off the console. And I can get inFAMOUS :p for £30, so I could easily afford 3 arcade games and that. I've only bought about 3 games this year so I feel like I need a decent batch of new stuff to play.
  17. Xbox Live Arcade/PSN Thread

    Really pleased at seeing the Monkey Island price. Will probably get a load of points for my birthday and get Worms 2, Splosion Man, and Monkey Island. Considering getting the Maw as well, but I'll play all the demo's first :p Can't decide between all those, or getting Infamous on PS3.
  18. De Blob

    Yeah it's not buggy controls, it's your actual character sticking to a wall. It does my head in though. Also agree about the not being able to save during a level. I mean is this the 90's? A real issue for me when the game is frustrating me.
  19. Using iPhone on a flight

    Got a completely pointless reply from Thomson. The customer service guy clearly didn't have a clue and so copy and pasted the crap off their website. "Thank you for your email You can use portable electronic devices such as laptops, CD players, DVD players, gameboys and walkmans during your flight, providing they are not used during take-off or landing. If you wish to use such devices on board, they can be included as hand baggage in the cabin of the aircraft. The use of mobile phones, radios or any electronic transmitting device may not be used at any time that the aircraft is in motion." Not answering my question at all. No mention of Airplane Mode at all.
  20. Using iPhone on a flight

    That's one way to extend my holiday... in jail
  21. Using iPhone on a flight

    Yeah I'm pretty sure no one would notice but my moms a bit funny about flying and if the flight attendant announces that phones with airplane mode must be turned off for the whole flight she's gonna moan like fuck if I use my iPhone. So I want to make sure I'm definitely OK to use it. I've emailed Thomson to see what they say about it as well. At the end of the day this is what Airplane Mode is designed for so there shouldn't be a problem.
  22. De Blob

    I'm finding this game too frustrating to play. The jumping and sticking to things is just becoming a real issue for me. I love the graphics and the concept of the game but the control of Blob really pisses me off, to the point where I'm not sure I actually want to play through it.
  23. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I find it to be utter crap as well. It stops me from playing it, it just takes too long to get started on a game.
  24. MS to add more adverts to 360 UI

    Well that's My XBOX merged with Spotlight. Which is not how it is right now. Spotlight is already there simply for advertising so I don't think anyone cares about that. Also there isn't a problem with speed, so I don't know where you're getting this from.
  25. MS to add more adverts to 360 UI

    I hope not, the ones there right now on the spotlight bit are good at highlighting new stuff, but I wouldn't want anything more than that.