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  1. Activision's New Plans For Call of Duty

    I'm not bothered if they want to stick Call of Duty on stuff to make sales, it's understandable, companies need everything they can. But it's stupid to run games and brands into the ground. A companies reputation, and product quality should also be important, and not just getting as much money as possible. Then again, some people are just greedy bastards and don't care about such things.
  2. Heavy Rain

    Has anyone played the Co-op podcast this week, about Heavy Rain? If you have is it spoilerific? I'm not normally bothered too much about stuff like that a great deal (obviously not major spoilers) but little things are what makes this game exciting and enjoyable, so I don't want anything ruined.
  3. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (XBLA, PSN, WiiWare)

    That's better than the £40 the recent shit has been.
  4. Heavy Rain

    Yes, I had the patch straight away. It's weird. It first started fucking up on Madisons first scene. It would freeze and have no audio each time something came up. Played it today though and it's mostly been ok. I've had a couple of times when the audio cut out for a second, but I can live with that. And yeah the Religious Guy. What a great scene! I love this game. It kind of feels like a much more modern Shenmue. And like has been said, knowing my character might die, I'm anxious trying to get through every scene/fight, absolutely genius.
  5. Heavy Rain

    I'm getting some real problems with the game now. I started one scene and it stuttered the audio a few times, which was annoying but not too bad. Then action began and every time it brought up a button press the game froze for a second, stuttered the audio. It's really poor this is to be honest. Hopefully though it'll get patched soon. I'm really enjoying it but I won't be able to if this problem continues. It's really going to ruin the game for me.
  6. Apple Getting Puritanical With Apps?

    I understand your point about some apps. I'm not trying to sound like I'm having a go at you, or making out your a perv or something :p But I just think this is a small number of proper apps (for instance the one you mentioned) that maybe shouldn't be removed. The majority will be the apps I was talking about. This just comes across to me as people jumping on Apple because they have something else they can make a big deal out of.
  7. Heavy Rain

    The only issue I have had so far is RIDICULOUS long load times. I mean seriously like a good few minutes between a scene. Enjoying it so far though, not played a great deal but even enjoying all the silly little things like opening fridges and stuff :p
  8. Apple Getting Puritanical With Apps?

    It's not consumer interest though is it? These apps are crap. These apps are cheap shit, put out cos they know sad people will pay money to see pictures of women without a top on. The best apps out there have had no problems getting on the app store. I still don't see anything to moan about here.
  9. Apple Getting Puritanical With Apps?

    Why are you even bothered? Unless you're up for a sly wank over your phone at work then why does it matter if they don't put some crappy apps up. Google 'breasts' on your iPhone if its that big of a deal. I'd understand if people were pissed off if Apple rejects the Opera browser, but I don't see why it matters if this crap isn't on there.
  10. Windows Phone 7

    Don't get me wrong, I'm still an iPhone fan, and I'll be getting the next iPhone for sure. I don't think they need to completely overhaul it, I just think there are certain features they need to add, some form of multitasking being the main one. I don't need full multitasking, but I do need a way to reply to text messages without leaving an app, and apps like Skype or Spotify need to have the option to run when not open. There should be better ways to organise my Photo's as well, I don't think it's too much to ask to be able to create folders on the phone without having to use iPhoto all the time. I also don't see the need for a Photo app, and MobileMe gallery app. Surely the Photo app should be able to handle both.
  11. Bioshock 2

    I'm enjoying it so far, but the story has been nothing like that of the first game. It was always going to make it as good as that though. It's very good as a standalone game though.
  12. Windows Phone 7

    I've just watched a demo of the new OS. I have to say, I'm quite impressed with it. I think aspects of it look a bit odd, like the huge titles and stuff, but some features look really cool. It made me even more interested to see what Apple is going to do with iPhone 4.0. I think recent OS's have caught up to them now, I hope they can do something new and exciting.
  13. Fair point Flamey but Activision are still tossers.
  14. Heavy Rain

    I was very impressed with the demo as well. It was definitely different. QTE's were well done, and much better than the 'do it a couple of times and memorise it until you get through it' kind. I'm really looking forward to getting it now. Only issues I had were with walking, which is a bit awkward (not major though) and during QTE's when you have to push the right stick in a certain way. Cos I'm doing it quickly I'm not getting it right (I'm basically spinning the stick rather than pressing 'down' and then circling it or whatever). I'll probably get used to a lot of the controls though the more I play.
  15. Been waiting ages for Sonic & Knuckles. I didn't want to get it on the Xbox as I have the first 3 on Wii.
  16. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (XBLA, PSN, WiiWare)

    Damn, I'm excited about a Sonic game again. Those bastards...
  17. The iPad

    You'll be able to use the iPod bit on it just like you can on the iPhone or iPod Touch, and continue to use other things. It's just Radio apps, or things like Spotify where you can't listen to things and use other apps at the same time.
  18. The App Store Thread

    I used it for a few days and noticed that even after the first couple of times it would say it woke me up during deep sleep. It also only woke me up earlier than my 'latest' alarm time once out of about 4 days. I don't know if it would have been any better if I'd kept it for longer but I couldn't be bothered messing about putting it next to my pillow on my small bed, when I have an iPhone dock on my bed side table.
  19. The iPad

    I think multitasking is becoming a real issue for Apple products. It's even worse than the iPhone for this. I mean who is going to have spotify on here for instance, and just have that and sit there watching. Surely you want to do other stuff whilst doing it. I can understand the battery point of view, but at the end of the day apps such as that one NEED to be running in the background, otherwise what's the point of them? I mean Skype for iPhone is fairly pointless. I can call people, but could anyone call me? Not unless I happen to be in the app at the time. I do however like the iPad, think it looks nice, and think the interface looks quite nice, particularly the way Mail would work. I also hope that wallpaper being on the homescreen will make it's way to iPhone when the update comes out. It's still unbelievable I can't change it. I don't really see the point of owning one if you have an iPhone and Macbook though. Which I already do. Doubt I'll ever be getting one to be honest.
  20. Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

    When are we thinking this is going to be released over here?
  21. The App Store Thread

    iVideoCamera brings video recording to the iPhone 3G now, if anyone hasn't seen it. It works quite well actually, although obviously nothing compared to the 3GS camera it's certainly acceptable. Only 59p as well.
  22. Mobile Phone Chat

    My iPhone 3G contract ends in April so I wouldn't mind the new one coming out then.
  23. Nexus One - The Google Phone - Finally Announced

    I will say I think they could do something to perhaps freshen up the iPhone UI, but I still think it's excellent. Are widgets really that useful though? Don't you have to 'flick' to things still? How is it that much different from me just tapping 'Clock' to see the time/alarm etc.? I would maybe like to see a couple of things added to the unlock screen, maybe Weather and Calendar, but once I've unlocked the phone I don't really see the point. I'm also not sure about multitasking. There are moments where I've wanted to swap to something like Messages App, or Email, for instance while running a game and you get a text, it's very annoying to exit the app to quickly reply. At the same time though I don't want my phone to slow down to a crawl, and my battery to drain. I would like to see a compromise on that where I could tap something in the corner to bring up the Apple Apps that run in the background like Email or iPod and could quickly bring them up without leaving my current app. I would also like for 3rd party apps to be given better integration with Apple stuff. For instance, my to do app Things should be able to sync with MobileMe, and there should be the option to run such an app in the background. I don't need to run something like BeejiveIM in the background due to the excellent Push Notifications, but Apps like Things or some of the Radio Apps for instance could do with the option.
  24. Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

    I can't wait for this. I'm so glad they're bringing it back! I love the graphical style, and the laid back gameplay. I really enjoy games where theres no combat, but theres still something there to hold your interest.
  25. The App Store Thread

    The iPod Touch is a thinner device, and Apple actually said when they put the speaker in, that it was difficult to do on such a thin device, and that it was for 'casual' listening. I think even they recognise it's not the best. The iPhone one isn't bad though.