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  1. Super Mario Galaxy

    Love this but these games need non waggle control updates for the sake of prosperity.
  2. Rime

    This is history repeating itself. Cue crash.
  3. SNES Classic Mini

    Legend. PM sent.
  4. My Nintendo ( Club Nintendo Successor )

    How did they actually manage to make this worse than Club Nintendo? LOL its awful.
  5. SNES Classic Mini

    You still have this?
  6. SNES Classic Mini

    Looking to get my son one of these for Xmas. Any idea where the best source will be? Im pulling my hair out trying to find one thats not twice the rrp.
  7. Super Mario Odyssey

    Oh, they have now decided after I had cancelled my order yesterday to ignore that and ship it today by Yodel anyway. And charge my card. Beyond useless.
  8. Super Mario Odyssey

    Nothing arrived, no email, nothing. Ended up popping out to Argos and buying it. Going by twitter I'm not the only one.
  9. Super Mario Odyssey

    Why cant NintendoUK handle a game launch? My copy is still not despatched.
  10. Super Mario Odyssey

    I've ordered from Nintendo as my son wants the cap. Looking forward to getting next Wednesday Nintendo UK are hopeless.
  11. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Im out. Not paying 50 quid, i dont play online and the free games are mainly now just cheap indies.
  12. Splatoon 2

    You would have thought Nintendo UK store would have improved after the Switch shambles but no, no game arrived today.
  13. Report a Bug! [Read OP first]

    Guys, my home ip address is blocked on the forum!?! Can login on the home page but as soon as I access the forum it says I'm blocked. Any advice? Edit: seems to be a cloudfare ddos checker.
  14. Just reached Kakariko village. I've spent so much time just exploring.
  15. I'm used to handheld mode, haven't even used the dock or pro controller yet.
  16. Switch Accessories

    Didn't buy it to dock it. Haven't even unpacked it.
  17. My NUK order finally arrived. Picked up one at Argos yesterday though so back it goes to Nintendo. Tempted to open it and steal the Zelda t-shirt though lol
  18. General Switch Discussion

    Me SW-0222-7651-0732
  19. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (2017)

    Wasn't a fan of the faces in X. Manga/JRPG style is welcomed.
  20. Zelda, Mario, Xenoblade 2, Splatoon 2, Skyrim and Mario Kart 8 deluxe made it for me. Even Arms interests me as a good game for me and my son. The screen looks amazing, the visuals for a tablet are beautiful (I paid more than this rrp for a nVidia Shield portable). True, they could have went in to further details but you lot have been sucked in by negative comments elsewhere I believe. Feck the negativity, I'm hyped. With no region locking do you reckon we will have access to the JPN/US eshop content? Was actually hoping to also have access to nVidia GRID service.
  21. Super Mario Run (iOS/Android)

    Friend code 5871-0230-2766 I've added everyone I've seen posted.
  22. It has to replace the 3DS, surely to the development team this is the whole point of the system.
  23. That looks amazing, fecking amazing. Design wise its the best looking piece of tech Nintendo have produced. When the controllers are used seperatly does it work like a Wii? Any sensor on the tablet?
  24. Time to dump their own console methinks. It's been crap for a number of years anyway. What can we expect in the next 12 months? Not much!!!!
  25. I personally believe it's going to be almost impossible for Nintendo to make decent gains back in to the main gaming audience. I don't care anymore about Nintendo hardware specifically and I'm going to the conclusion, which I never thought I would, that they either need to make an alliance with Sony and develop exclusively or use what reserves they have and buy out some major Japanese software houses. I just can't see them turning this around and I've been praying for it since the N64. They have now backed themselves in to a corner and I'm not confident they can get out going by both long and short term history.