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  1. Revolution is out THIS YEAR!!!!!

    i thout it was 2007 this year loooool but anyways yesssss revolutions coming out this year yay
  2. original

    i was searching threw the internet looking for revolution news and as to no suprse their was no new news , anyways i read an old article about rev and the writter was stating how if the developers must make totaly unique games around the controler or it would flop.kept comparing it to the ds wile i was reading this something just struk me the reason why ds has so many un original games not properly based round the touchscreen is because their is a safe bet round that ds has all the buttons u need so developers prefer to just take the safe bet but where as the revolution controler their is no way to get around it theirs not enough buttons to implement the desighn of todays games developers have to use the unique control method because thats the only control method they got which will make every game a brand new experience shure their might still be multi platform and sequels games but the new control scheme will make it seem so fresh and enjoyable
  3. 1)resident evil 4, before this every dam resident evil game annoyyed me to da point id have a nervous breakdown its like the developers make shureee u run out of ammo but resident evil 4 was a god send i cloked this game 5 times (seriously) upgrading new guns never gets old 2) metroid prime, dat game was so god dam beautiful and rich in gameplay 3)super smash bros melee, greatest multiplayer game ever i still play it to dis day an kick every1s a** at it 4)super mario world, this game is sooooooo fun to play the gameplay still reamains unmatched to dis day in platforming games : peace: 5)metroid prime 2, they say no games as good as the original but i beleive this was as good but its just the fact of playing threw the world for the fist time that puts metroid prime ahead of its sequel but this gamee rocked aswellll and the dark world just kreeped me out i dreaded every time i saw a dark portal knowing id have to go through it:cry:
  4. i would get 1 at launch but i no i cant cosi neva pre ordered so now i got 300 pounds lyin here ready 4 a rev now that the xbox 360 wont c a second batch till march, so m$ uve lost 1 costumor

    now that the new sites been up and runing 4 quite a long tim ebut i have noticed 1 thing that has been left out which was a sole part of this site, im talking about the discusion boards on the actual news page not hidden into a forum link this seems like a mediocre thing but people are not being bothered to clik over to sum link even if its a 1second process i am not bothered as much as i use to be an rarely ever post on this site and i liked da fact that every1 jus passing by and fliking threw the news could read ur coments quick and easy so i say huever agrees join up and post here to make shure revo-europe will change 4 the better! :awesome:
  6. im all hyped up to get a xbox 360 now but the problem is at the mo ive only got 180 pounds and i dont think ill hav enough dosh to get the ful system when its released so should i get the core or should i just wait
  7. Next Gen Mario Art

    seen that one be4 and plus i dont think that wil ever happen