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  1. No Man's Sky

    So, the internet is getting quite excited about No Man's Sky having a big gameplay demo and interview at the New Yorker Festival. Quite a reasonable chance of the release date getting released here it seems. http://festival.newyorker.com/events/no-man-s-sky
  2. The Witness

    Yuss yuss yuss yuss
  3. No Man's Sky

    Raaaar, where did the news go! The hype curve on this game is getting ridiculous!
  4. No Man's Sky

    There are some very interesting comments that Sean makes about the things that he can't talk about. The firstis VR which 100% confirms for me that this is being held up by either morpheus or oculus and the other is the cross play comment. Massive there is going to be some Windows 10 crossover... no idea but it is definitely concerning something that hasn't been announced yet.
  5. No Man's Sky

    Ahaha! Got it:http://m.uk.ign.com/articles/2015/07/24/ask-sean-murray-anything-about-no-mans-sky
  6. No Man's Sky

    Hmmmm igns website layout is really irritating. I thought they were doing the q&a yesterday?
  7. So, just to mix it up a bit, how do people think Iwata's passing is going to affect the NX? Will a new captain look to turn the ship at this juncture? Do we think the process will be accelerated or slowed?
  8. No Man's Sky

    I'm looking at how complete this game seems and wondering why there hasn't been a release date announced and then I remembered these two guys:
  9. Let's talk about this place.

    Translation: sorry-not-sorry
  10. Splatoon

    This reads so well against your adorable avatar :p
  11. No Man's Sky

    Looking forward to this a lot. I've become a big fan of games that I find both enthralling and relaxing. Big time back into my point and click adventures for that.
  12. Let's talk about this place.

    You do realise this statement is almost completely pointless. You may feel like you have made a parry in that argument but you've essentially said nothing. It almost reads as though you made that up just to gain a minor victory in this conversation. Not saying you have... it just very, VERY much reads that way. Sorry to double quote this but you guys wanted feedback from long-gones right? Bluey just read this over my shoulder and had only the following to say: "What an absolute cock"
  13. Let's talk about this place.

    I understand that but we're talking about the things that make this place less desirable to visit, right? Conflicts between you and the vocal minority are a big part of that and when I left, it's all that the board was filled with. Got to be honest, even having this short discussion with you feels like you are unwilling to see things from another persons point of view and are happy to carry on with how things are. Are you really that entrenched with your behaviour that you can't consider that modifying to could make your time and others here better? 'cos that's certainly what I'm hearing from what you're saying.
  14. Let's talk about this place.

    I'm not sure your opinion on how you think other people should react to what you say really matters. It's them that you are having a discussion with not yourself. The amount you post suggests that you want to communicate with other people here. The amount of people that get upset/frustrated by your posts would suggest that how you are doing that is (at the very least) not effective. Not trying to be rude with that, just practical.
  15. Let's talk about this place.

    /ninjasmoke Well hello dearies... I'm glad this is getting discussed. This is the first time I've posted in a while because spending my time on these boards was making me miserable. It was toxic, cyclical and (going to be frank here) I've come to actually dislike many of the regulars because frankly, you're just horrible to each other. I've been running a real life Nintendo community with people in my local area, hosting event supported by Nintendo UK fairly directly. And you know what I've learned? There are lots of people out there who love Nintendo, really really love it and they're not even interested in a discussion about can't/won't/hasn't/should/must. They're only interested in sharing their positive experiences. I'm not sure that you can moderate the systemic and cultural problem that the Nintendo board has at the moment. I don't think it's fair to hammer people for being pessimistic about a company that a large fraction of us are having a long slow divorce with and equally I think it's a shame when people dump on those that are trying to liven up the place with some more creative discussion. For instance, I thought Nintendo's E3 showing was poor. I complained a little but honestly just went and got excited about the games that I liked (none of these were Nintendo). A positive step could be to distract people who are getting in a negative rut by reminding them about stuff they like. Far too often here do people yell at others who are obviously unhappy or hurting (even in the most minor, hobby related way) because something that is dear to them is changing or disappearing. OK, I came into the thread actively trying not to pick up on something that you personally have said but it is difficult not to respond to this. I genuinely believe that you know a lot about Pokémon and Game Freak but this bolded point right here? How do you think other people are going to read that? From my point of view (and because you're making a absolute statement) you are defending here, HARD. I understand that's because you often feel threatened because people attack you here. But you don't have anything that you need to prove to anyone here. You can have your opinion and they can have theirs and you won't come across as weak or wrong because you let someone think something different to you. I've not read the thread that you're referencing and in the past I've been guilty of plenty of raging and arguing but I know you well enough to see your pattern. You started off that paragraph with "And yes, the following is arrogant (fair warning)" but that doesn't excuse you from trying to laud yourself over people. When you feel the need to write this, then you're likely to need to take a second before you go any further. You're knowledge is not absolute, no one's is. And I think that you'd enjoy this place a lot more if you just concentrated on contributing your information rather than trying to convince people. Your arguments with Sheikah are a perfect example of "you can lead horse to water but you can't make it drink". Most of the time, you've both stated your information and need to just disagree and move on. ...And that's fine. That's my two penneth and purely my perspective. I've learnt that my opinion on what Nintendo do has no bearing on why I play there games. Sure it's interesting to discuss but I actually don't care. And caring too much is quite a big thing around here.
  16. 3DS Transfer Process

    Best piece of advice I have is to delete all of the actual games where you can separately keep the save data. Just keep the save data for everything then re-download the game on the new system as the Wifi is basically double the speed.
  17. Ant-Man Movie

    I was worried for this movie as soon as Edgar Wright left... I'm still worried for it.
  18. amiibo (NFC)

    Wave 4 is looking immense. Not bothered about Shulk but might have to get most of the rest.
  19. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Even with B the 3DS would have more wireless throughput than most people internet connections. I was convinced that I read it was N somewhere.... Maybe I'm getting it mixed up with the Wii U
  20. Wii U and 3DS Gaming Bargains

    Wii U for £5..... (potentially!) https://www.justgiving.com/winawiiu/
  21. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Do you have any idea what the throughput capacity of even the most basic 802.11n device is? Your comments make no sense whatsoever.
  22. Hyper Japan

    Been mentioned before but it blatantly needs it's own thread- Nintendo are going to have a big presence at Hyper Japan at Earl's Court this year. Not only will Smash Bros 3DS be available to play (fingers crossed for download play!) but there will be plenty on the Wii U as well: I'll definitely be there but likely to be quite busy. StreetPass groups are going to be there in droves so it'll be a good chance to meet people local to you. Ask away, they're all friendly!
  23. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    A LOT of the StreetPass communities are going to be there and obviously swarming the Nintendo booth. As long as nothing horrendous happens then bluey and I will be there so come and say "It's a Miiiiiiii!"
  24. I've torn this from the Smash Bros. thread in the interest of not diverting it too much. People were even kind enough to reply...
  25. I think you're obliquely making the same point I am. That recently, she has only been a woman in the most superficial of ways. Her feminine (mostly motherly) side has been addressed before in quite tones but generally she's a big nothing from a personality point of view.