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  1. A little now but back in the day as a Doom purist I hated it because it was different to the Doom I knew on other systems.I have just started playing it again and can see that creating a new individual Doom for the N64 was the correct move as it uses new maps and new lighting effects not used in the other versions,the controls are a real pig but that is typical of the N64 terrible controller.
  2. I think this season started off quit slowly with the occasional bit of interest regarding the Webber / Vettel issue,China was by far the more interesting of the few races we have seen so far.
  3. I have not seen the film yet but i have read a few reviews which seem mostly good, the only gripe being that everything moves too fast not giving you time to think about what is being said or working out what is going on.I hope to see it myself some time next week
  4. Yeah this is something i have noticed,my girlfriend has to work Part-time 16+ hours a week to be entitled to working tax credits but most PT work seems to be 2-12hrs,i have experience in a few things and so more options myself like warehouse/factory work ,outdoor conservation and electronics but i cannot get the time of day.
  5. You have an awesome username. Happy birthday

  6. I am a big fan of Code Veronica on Dreamcast and its real cheap to pick up too 8)
  7. I agree with the Warioland games and i quite like Raymans graphics too.
  8. DKR was one of the few games i liked on N64 so i always wanted to play Banjo Pilot but i never did in the end,i think something else was released that i purchased instead.
  9. Nice set up,any thoughts on obtaining older systems such as the Atari 2600 or Coleco?
  10. Never had a problem with wasps but when i was young i remember an invasion of earwigs which even today 20 years later seems unusual,i mean you might get the odd one in a damp place like in the bathroom but they were everywhere!,they were in the house in all rooms especially in my bedroom crawling aver the carpets and even in my bed when i pulled back the sheets,i also remember one instance where i picked up a towel out of the cupboard to dry my washed hair and when i sat down i had one crawling in my hair ,it must of been brought in from outside in the towel and out in the garden we could see the odd earwig out on the washing line which confirmed this. Never seen anything like it in my life and i will never forget it lool
  11. You would not expect such problems from modern tvs in this day and age would you?,i have heard of problems with plasma before but not lcd so this is a new one to me.
  12. Ghostbusters Tron Beverly Hills Cop Dune
  13. Film tie-ins are notorious for being poor but:- Tron (Arcade) AVP on the Jaguar (out way before any film too) Golden Eye (N64) Raiders Of The Lost Ark (A2600) because it has a place in my retro gaming heart more than its tech spec. The City Of The Lost Children (PS) Batman Returns (Snes) Alien 3 (Snes) Gremlins 2 (Nes) T2:The arcade Game (MD) Others if they count..Bruce Lee (Speccy),Mortal Kombat`s (MD/Snes),Tomb Raider `s(ps),Resident Evil`s,Silent Hill,Doom
  14. I am looking foward to it of course but i really do not know what to make of Monaco,i mean its a nice venue in an interesting location but to me unless it rains the race itself is like watching paint dry. The new tyres have been an interesting feature of some races as they seem to fall away quickly so i am hoping it will spice the race up a little bit.
  15. I was chatting the other day to someone about these injunctions and i was told if a guy has an affair it protects his family (i.e wife and kids) from the media intrusion that would be caused when the affair leaks out,well isn`t that a shame!,if the guy wasn`t such a dishonest sleeze bag then his family would not be embarrased,getting harased or anything else for that matter. Its his fault so he should see what happens to his family because of his dishonesty and he will learn his lesson.
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