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  1. Buy here: -> http://en.konsolinet.fi/tuotekortti.php?path=8/21/10891 £33.25 It has english boxart and english manuals and it's not too expensive; and they ship to the UK, of course. I already have mine: I don't have much time to play these days (3rd year of university et all) but from the few hours I poured into it I really like how high quality and fresh it feels, I certainly hope to see the sequels to make it over before DS is done seeing it is a triology. It seems to be selling well in the countries it was released on, it's been flying off the shelves in spain, it was the best selling DS game in Italy and here in Portugal they didn't antecipate the sales to the point the stock was dry for two weeks. There's a new shipment now so things are looking up; let's hope it keeps selling. (and that the UK version reaches UK retailers soon enough)
  2. It seems to be selling pretty nicely here in Portugal. It's sold out everywhere to the point new stock has arrived and gone; it's also sold out or low on stock in Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden judging from their online store availability. I'm sure it's a mix of "we never saw it coming" and the fact it wasn't released in UK from where a lot of people import, but the game seems to be pushing at the very least interesting numbers. It's a shame it's so hard to get. I've been to pretty much every store in the capital here and still haven't managed to buy it.
  3. This is not coming from Capcom. More like Capcom outcasts.
  4. Sonic and the Secret Rings is really enjoyable, considering the price it's consistently going for you can't go wrong. Yup. I never liked Dr Eggman.
  5. I don't remember complains last generation, and I've been around for a long time. Nintendo Teams take some time to develop their games, and in the end, it always pays off. Hell, Ocarina of Time took 6 years to make on the N64, seems to me the situation has been constant since the SNES days. For instance, on the SNES they did one zelda, and 2 marios, on the N64 they did 2 Zeldas and one Mario, on the GC they did one mario and 2 zeldas, and this gen they are doing 3 marios and 1 Zelda, by the look of things (and excluding the fact the Handheld Zelda's are now done in-house); what's so different again? In the Wii lifespan we even saw Nintendo publishing at least one title every month for quite some time (first two years, almost); naturally they couldn't keep it up forever, but they released a shitload of games this gen (and by saying shit I don't mean they were crap at all) And nintendo never had bad finances, they did more money last gen (albeit including the fact GC was always profitable and Gameboy Advance was around) than Sony did with hardware/software and third party royalties. Hell, I can get you info from 2003 saying Nintendo had more money in the bank than Sony.
  6. Inteligent Systems is in-house (and they also did Fire Emblem); the Metroid Team is doing the new metroid, albeit with help. And you forgot Animal Crossing and probably a few others. They're doing the very same franchises they did last gen, without people complaining (they also didn't do starfox or f-zero last gen), they're doing Pikmin, zelda, mario... probably a new IP on retro studios account... Second party is usually in-house; I mean wasn't rareware back when they were Nintendo's considered in-house? in-house means there's that connection to be considered a Nintendo title, and that they have that insider communication line working. And they clearly do.
  7. It's Apple that's stepping on Nintendo's feet, not the opposite. If anyone saw their media briefing for Iphone OS 4.x they'll know what I'm talking about, they even launched some statistic of games released against the DS and PSP claiming Iphone to had a bigger library (forgetting that they're comparing full games sold at retail with mini-game's) and, despite the fact I had 2 ipod touch's so far and knowing they absolutely suck for gaming. I love the device as a pda of sorts, but really. If I want to play I'd rather have a DS on hand. Oh, and they recruited matt casamassima from IGN (the controversial Nintendo journalist that sprouted more crap than truth), last month to oversee their game strategy division. It's only natural for Nintendo to aknowledge what they're trying, even if, considering what they're offering, it's pretty stupid for them to try to compete. (developers don't even have direct access to the framebuffer on iPhoneOS, it's absolute crap for making "real" games on) Anyway, Nintendo will compete with them in the console business, if they (apple) want to compete against them with their jack of all trades master of nothing offerings, who'll suck anyway because they lack buttons... they have it coming. They might even sell more equipment, but it's not like they have real games/gamers on it, or that most people are playing games on them anyway. Nothing points to that sir. Different demographics and DS has 5 years on it's lap, and above all, for Nintendo... it's full of piracy right now, to the point the only way out for Nintendo right now, is releasing a new platform. That timing has little to do with Apple, if at all. And your suggestion in line with "nintendo is doomed, they've stopped doing real games, come back" is flawed at best, when couting with Wii Party they've only did 8 of those, and not doing them at all would be like saying no to money and rolling back into GC days where they pleased a core demographic and still didn't lead. You can't lead without the masses, sure, but they're doing core games for all I care, and for all you should care.
  8. Famitsu Scans: Looks really nice actually.
  9. Dammit, Ignition should just go bankrupt already, they snatch the rights for the games all right, but their localizations seriously suck and they never actually deliver. No, that's yet another "promise" the bastards didn't go through with. Here's hoping Rising Star goes over this crap when it comes to the PAL release. Prepare to shoot some emails too, since they colaborated with fans on getting some language translation into fragile perhaps they'll listen when we tell them we don't want that crappy dub? Either way... DAMN, the original had such awesome voice acting... I'm considering playing it to the finish in japanese now, and skip the english version all together.
  10. Is anyone doing Rune Factory Frontier diaries here? Here's mine, covering the first day of summer. Here goes: Since it's a holiday, Lute is not at the plaza like he usually is, instead he's in front of the church. I went there to buy furniture and gadgets (blasting my money in the process) including every upgrades I could purchase for the kitchen and forge. As expected... Whale Island is not in the sky in holidays. No dungeon crawling for you! New Forge! Expanded kitchen, XXL fridge and some other stuff. outside look This luxury mansion just appeared in town, but the door is locked. NoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO! In my lawn? No you wont! Beach, I heard legends that summer equalled to girls barely clothed so I came to experience that. where are they!? Oh well... meanwhile I'll try fishing. There they are, I always suspected there was a trick to this house! Of course! Fueled by Hormones I can't help it! Good to know I met your expectations! yup, it's the old hags fault. bad thing. Thanks for the trust, you were only the 4th chick I peeped on today. Good to know Wanna see my attributes? let me show you them! Smashing watermelon contest, with a spin... ... Selphy must try to sabotage the whole thing. Scenery overview (beautiful) daaaaark bingo nice try but you phail. She asked me 3 times if I wanted my watermelon with salt till I said yes. wtf. This tree should be the entry to the fire dungeon right? watering it doesn't work and it's summer already... This wise old demanding grandpa should know... tree rune stone? Sidequest... He wants a... Sharp Talon? Ok, tree rune stones... Candyyyyy. I stuck it into the breach of the tree, it's stuck but saw no immediate changes, I guess I'll check back tomorrow. Since I have nothing better to do, I went for a stroll and... I found something! It takes me straight to this place in Whale Island? nice. Some people have it real good! (ps: couple bed?) Bored and with nothing better to do? let's walk past wolfes! (they're quite strong) Lost a lot of HP, I should go back. ... Faggot. I wanted to ask her in a jesting way why didn't she go to the beach... and she interrupted me! yes please *_* Let's put some stuff in the shipbox, some of them are from last season but I need the money watering smashing rocks dig Bed time Undecided if I'll do more/will have the time, but hope you guys appreciate it.
  11. Won't happen :P Plus, a sequel wouldn't be as epic as the original game, which is the same reason when they wanted to do a Tales of Phantasia sequel... they made Tales of Symphonia as a prequel; because a sequel would always be a spin-off of sorts.
  12. That can also be attributed to 8-4 ltd being the company they subcontracted to do the localization. They really went the extra mile. Probably Namco's, I know Xenosaga is, hence why I believe they can make cameos whenever they want. But that's alright, Namco is still a shareholder for them, albeit small and they continue to work with them... Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans and Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier were developed by them after all... for Namco and after Nintendo being the biggest shareholder in there. They obviously don't mind the Xeno in Xenoblade, for instance. Monolith reps have said multiple times that they want to make a new baten kaitos, so who knows; they're probably quite busy with this one though. Baten Kaitos DS was proposed at some point, so perhaps they should jump on the 3DS train now? I doubt Nintendo would mind it at all, a second party studio jumping with a huge RPG project onto their new portable? chances are it'll quite powerful seeing Nintendo made dealings to secure access to the nvidia tegra platform (and I assume we're talking about the Tegra 2 chipset)
  13. Heh :) good to know I'm missed.


    I hadn't logged on since forever, or kept much track of the gaming scene lately, but I'll hopefully be around now.



  14. I'm on Triet desert now, not blazing through it, but I'm loving it nonetheless
  15. I reached the first temple yesterday, the game is still very purty (IMO) and although it has aged a bit, It's perfectly tolerable (I kinda miss being able to freerun, but...)
  16. This is a community playthrough so I'm not opposed to what you guys decide... But on my account I wouldn't turn this into some kind of race, more like a playthrough were each member plays at the pace they can, and then leave feedback of how their playthrough is going, thoughts and stuff. So I'd keep it open regarding goals and checkpoints. Kinda like when the game came out 5 years ago, and we flocked to the forums to comment our experience alongside others. If we used to go to forums already, that is.
  17. It works for me :x As for the save, to my knowledge it only unlocks some items and stuff, sidequest completion isn't a requirement.
  18. Here's a challenge! Requirements: Starting date: - October 9th, 2009. Ending date: - There isn't one, up to the participants discretion. Objectives/Method explanation: How can I promote the event? You can put this on your sig: Code here: [center][url="http://n-europe.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1071632"][img=http://i35.tinypic.com/j9mwlx.jpg][/url] [size="1"][url="http://n-europe.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1071632"][click here for more details][/url] [/size][/center] How do I edit my sig? Here. (just copy the above code and chose 'save signature') Can I expand this initiative to other forums? Be my guest, the more the merrier and this is an effort to unite 'Tales of' fans and hopefully hyping up the PAL landing for the forgotten Tales of Symphonia 2: Dawn of the New World next month. Inscriptions: Confirmed: - pedrocasilva - Ten10 (when we get to the point mid-way through the game, he's on) - killer kirby - Jonnas Pending: * people who are interested in taking part on the event should leave such indication following this post.
  19. Offscreen Trailer: -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPeoUCAGezg
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