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  1. The 'Other' Wii U Thread

    The entire Wii U library isn't even worthy of being called numerous, let alone the pitiful amount of games that support DLC. That could very well change in the future of course, even if the odds are against it, but it certainly isn't the case right now and to claim otherwise only serves to undermine any genuine points you may be making. Which companies have been big suppliers of DLC over the years? Activision, EA, Bethesda, Take 2 and Capcom. EA aren't supporting the machine and neither are Bethesda. Take 2 have been very quiet and none of their studios devs are speaking up for the machine. Activison have their doubts and Capcom seamingly have no intention of porting anything already in development to the machine outside a handful of small projects and not those likely to see massive amounts of DLC - I believe RE:R is due some but one doesn't constitute many. Projects that are already on the slow down as the console generation transition takes effect. If you want to keep the blinkers on, there is another thread for that - the whole purpose of this thread was to escape such nonesense. And it launched over seven years ago when 20GB was a) considered a lot, b) expensive, and c) before the downloadable content had anywhere near the level of content/maturity it has today. It was a lifetime ago in the technology world which explains why Nintendo has only just reached that point. The real difference of course is that storage for flash devices starts off cheap but increases in cost quite rapidly as you want more. A traditonal harddrive with a motor cost more to produce but don't scale as much with size. 100GB of flash drive space would have been a bit expensive. Really, they should never have had a machine with 8GB as it's a bit of a urine take in todays market. At least you don't have to use a propriety storage device, so points there I guess.
  2. Fire Emblem Awakening

    Normally I have my Wi-Fi off since I'm not using it so it won't be automatically downloading it in the background in which case I will perform a manual update from the wireless menu when I remember otherwise, yeah, I wouldn't have to actually download it. But I really can't remember having had wireless on since last Thursday which was also the last time my 3DS left the house. The second team, Ellincia, only popped up yesterday and I know for a fact I was never online with it so I'm puzzled. Edit: I've just turned my 3DS on, Wireless still off, and now I have a third PoR team. I beat Titania team after a few goes (would have been easier but I was trying to level Great Knight Frederick and it wasn't happening, but now Gaius can solo the entire team) but I haven't beat Ellincia. I know I summoned her to the map but aren't sure if I actually faced off against her - I think I dismissed them after looking at their ridiculous speed stats and realised I'd get doubled by everyone in her squad, although she's surprising slow. I guess it doesn't really matter but it's making me curious. Second Edit: Performed a manual update and now have all ten for PoR and one from RD - Sanaki. Does anyone else look at the teams are try to work out who the team is representing for certain ones? Like Ike has a Paladin (Oscar), Warrior(Boyd), War Cleric(Rhys), 2 Archers(Shinon & Rolf), a General (Gatrie), a Sage(Soren I'd imagine but not sure as he has his own slot), an Assasin (Volke) and a Falcon Knight (Marcia given Ellincia has her own team). Any reason why the updates are today instead of tomorrow?
  3. Fire Emblem Awakening

    The paid DLC are just extra maps. Some are just for bringing back past heroes and some have specific purposes such as providing a lot of exp, money, weapons or event tiles for helping with support conversations, extra skills and even new classes. The first four side quests appear as you progress through the story. The next lot appear as you form relationships with characters and have them married. Each Side story then presenting an opportunity to recruit their children. The other set of Side Story quests can only be accessed from the second to last chapter onwards. These side quests are recieved via SpotPass and I suspect that is the one you are referring to as as being unable to reach - the orange marker East of (or Eastern) Plegia, (or Grust in old money) and South of the Mercenary Fort. These allow you to recruit story characters who weren't available before for whatever reason. The right DLC will certainly help you with your task and generally help to speed up a lot of the processes you have to go through but it isn't required.
  4. Happy Birthday Mr Grunch - I trust all goes well in the world of academia?

  5. Fire Emblem Awakening

    I'm hitting the point whereby I starting to reclass some units to get some extra skills and I've started with Gaius. Once he learned Pass, I changed him to a Myrmidon so he could learn Avoid+10 and more importantly, Vantage. Then I promoted him to Swordmaster so he also has Astra now as well and am working toward Swordfaire for those enemies who can't take the hint. About the bonus teams... Last week, on the Thursday, there was only one Path of Radiance team in my Bonus Team list but now there are two and yet I'm fairly sure I haven't connected to the internet since the last update so I can't have downloaded them - they had to already have been there waiting to become available. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  6. Nintendo Ditching This Years E3 Presser

    The rumours started because MS renewed their trademark on the franchise earlier on in the year but it could just have been routine house keeping. Most of Bizzare's staff have ended up at Playground Games, who co-developed the last Forza game, so it wouldn't be unreasonable to think they would have them developing a new PGR for the next Xbox rather than a spirtual successor that goes thrid party, like Blur was coined as being (despite the differences). One of the two brands will likely turn up sooner rather than later on the Xbox and it might be time to give PGR it's spot back in the limelight - especially closer to launch where it can get greater media attention.
  7. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

    I've only played a little so far, just the first mission, but it's certainly a lot of fun. I was kind susprised how big the map looks too given the relatively small file size so it looks like there is a fair bit to explore unless it's a bit deceptive. I just hope playing this doesn't ruin FC3 for me when I get round to playing it - I have it in my account but haven't got round to actually downloading it yet. I was trying to play all stealthy like but it didn't last long until it turned into a giant fire fight with neon colours everywhere. I need to try and break my FPS habit of relying solely on the pistol too as I was using that and my knife to take down those amoured guys and they can take a fair bit more punishment than the regular drones.
  8. Name that Game: 2013 Edition!!

    You'd think so but... Unfortunately not. This is true however. Both wrong I'm afraid. Nope - these are nothing to do with W&G. Ch-ch-ch-Chip 'N Dale's Rescue Rangers Ch-ch-ch-Chip 'N Dale When there's danger It certainly is. And 2 more points for Jonnas really does end the round this time. As Magnus stated, these last bunch all were Capcom Disney games but then every game featured this round was a Capcom game. Ande so the scores after that round are as follows... =1. / nando / - 6pts =1. Cube - 6pts =1. Jonnas - 6pts 4. Coolness Bears - 4pts 5. Dog-amoto - 3pts 6. Ville - 3pts 7. MoogleViper - 2pts Thank you all playing and I'll see you next time for more Name that Game!!
  9. Name that Game: 2013 Edition!!

    It certainly is - a Magical Quest in both name and game.
  10. Name that Game: 2013 Edition!!

    It's not Super Punch Out but don't fret because... It's not Super Street Fighter II either. You are right for no. 6 being X-Men though. And claiming the last of board is Dog-amoto - well done sir. So, that's the 8 questions done and dusted but this is Mega Man right? Those games never end after just 8 levels... Audio Mwahaha!!!! Keep guessing suckers! 9. Darkwing Duck - Jonnas +1 10. The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse - Cube +1 11. Duck Tales - Jonnas +1 12. Chip n' Dale - MoogleViper +1
  11. Fire Emblem Awakening

    It depends on what skills you Ricken has, and what you want to use their child for really. Parents pass on both skills and their growth rates and so together they make for a good magic user child or help to pull up magic/resistance stats for those who use them on the side. Their parents also determine what units the child can reclass to. Their child use
  12. Name that Game: 2013 Edition!!

    Bish, bash, bosh!!! 3 correct answers there Ville
  13. Fire Emblem Awakening

    Actually that isn't true. The paired up unit can only attack if the lead unit can hit the enemy with their currently equiped item - the partner unit will then ignore weapon ranges for their attack. If the lead unit is out of their attack range but gets attacked, the paired up unit cannot activate a dual strike. All they can do is activate the much less likely Dual Guard. I'm up to chapter 18 now. The gulf in difficulty between the main campaign and Side Story is quite remarkable. That said, most of the times I've been caught out have been down to how reinforcements are handled on Hard - i.e. they arrive and can move on the same turn which can leave you totally exposed without any warning. I had one attempt at SS11 and I was quickly overwhelmed. I'm not sure if the bigger fault lay in my strategy or just my units strength in that not even the best tactics could have meant everyone made it through in one piece. And @\-Dem0\-, I take back what I aid about Gaius not being powerful - providing he doesn't get hit, he's a killing machine. Since I have him partnered with Cherche, it propels his great attack even higher and makes him a bit more durable too.
  14. Name that Game: 2013 Edition!!

    Were these just that difficult? You've had longer than normal since I've busy but still few guesses - so now it's clue time. 1. Competing Educational Institutions 3. Two cadavers in an elevator going up 4. Super guy the sequel: the strong opponents 5. Alley brawler MMX 6. Gifted people : Freaks end the world
  15. Fire Emblem Awakening

    A couple more posts like that and I can imagine it, along with the other, will be wrapped around your neck a little tighter than considered ideal... at least ideal from your perspective anyway.
  16. Fire Emblem Awakening

    I'm not disputing the bolded part. IS made the game they way they made it and it should be delivered to us as they intended. I'm not advocating censorship here. It's the bit at the end, about not doing it in the first place. Three of the words I associate with FE are taste, dignity, and subtlety... and that image (either of them) isn't any of them. You can be provocactive without selling out but that's what it feels like they've done.
  17. The 'Other' Wii U Thread

    And in the UK, you also get the Wii Remote Sensor Bar. It comes with both SKUs in the US but only our Premium version has it.
  18. The 'Other' Wii U Thread

    You do get the discount thing but it's not as great as it sounds in reality. First, you collect points on purchases and only when you reach a certain threshold can you redeem them for a £5 voucher toward your next purchase. So if you don't hit the limit, you won't get anything back and the same goes for amounts over the threshold that never reach it a second time. Second, it's not the 10% they first claimed but is closer to 8% meaning you have to spend £60 before you see something back. Of course, you can argue point two isn't so bad because the games are full retail price on the eShop to help you get there faster. Of course that still means spending a lot more than games can be picked up for at retailers - £50 in the eShop and still not enough for a reward or £35 in store is not a difficult choice for many. The final point is that there isn't much on the eShop really that necessitates you get it from there. Also, given the game sizes, even with the Premium unit, you will need a seperate HDD sooner rather than later. Lego City, for example, is too big to fit onto the system storage on Premium even with nothing else on there. The promotion is only set to run until the end of this year - whether they will extend it is unknown. It sounds good but when you break it down, the incentive is incredibly minimal to all but the people who can afford to waste money on the most expensive way to enjoy their pastime anyway.
  19. Fire Emblem Awakening

    To be honest, I find the whole thing a bit gaudy even when covered up. There is just zero need for it even as DLC. I don't see the connection between a bikini clad girl and tales of political intrigue between warring nations. I like that FE takes itself quite seriously for the most part so why is there this lowest common denominator stuff going on? The supports convos can get a bit silly at times but it's often down to misunderstandings between people as is perfectly common and natural. This is going a bit far in my opinion. I don't care to what degree they censor an image because I don't think it should have been in their full stop to censored in the first place.
  20. The 'Other' Wii U Thread

    It has two disadvantages - it's £50 more expensive and it comes with NintendoLand.
  21. Rumour: 3D Mario Set To Launch By October

    I hope your right. That Kyoto Report site has their head count at 43 people as of the end of last year, the vast majority credited on all 3 Mario games, and Miyamoto said up to 30 people were working on SM3DL at one point and if few of them were BB staff, then it would stand to reason that they are Tokyo staff and so not working on Mario 3D U. These guys are the pinnicle of Nintendo staff, and Koizumi has the chance to take over Miyamoto as the star guy, but they are still only human. I'm just having difficulty reconciling some of these numbers. Don't get me wrong people, I enjoyed 3D Land, and recommended it another thread today, but when you've seen 90% of the original content after 3hrs, you can't help but feel the game is a little short. Spinning most of the same content out for a second time, with a slight twist, is a classic sign of trying to hide an artificially draw out game - as is dropping 240 blue coins in to one without any form of guide or system for identifying them. Most games under 10 hours get lambasted for being short and that game was no where near that length regardless of its quality. Quality over quantity of course but the credits were rolling before I'd even gotten fully happy with the controls.
  22. Rumour: 3D Mario Set To Launch By October

    I thought the idea of teams at Nintendo internal studios was just really a matter of Directors and people are free to move around. They might be different teams but lot of the same staff worked on both games such as all the programmers and designers. 3D Land may have started in end 09/early 2010, so before completion of Galaxy 2 but it was only 2 people and wasn't their first action porting Super Mario Galaxy to the 3DS anyway or did I misread that? It's system/tools programmers doing donkey work rather than active development. How big are the two Toyko teams? Do they have it in them to do that amount of work in such a short time - i.e. two brand new games on 2 systems they've never worked on before. I didn't have them pegged as having that kind of man power. I was under the impression it was two teams but the bulk of the staff are working on a major project whilst the other team hands other, smaller multiple projects and people move around as needed. Iwata may not have come out and said it like with MK7, but I can't for one second believe that development on 3D Land wasn't rushed to meet a deadline they weren't willing to go beyond. Why did they draft in Brownie Brown for help if they didn't need it?
  23. Rumour: 3D Mario Set To Launch By October

    The difference there is that porting duties aside for Trilogy, and they already had Prime 2 running with Wii controls before the system was released, their last full game came out over 3 years before DKCR. 3D Land came out less than 18 months after SMG2 and it felt pretty rushed. What was there was polished but there just wasnt very much of it and I'd hate to see the same thing happen here. I guess the saving grace is that we no longer have to rule out the idea of a machine not having 2 3D Mario titles.
  24. Rumour: 3D Mario Set To Launch By October

    And Zelda games have been even lower as of late. OoT3D often crops up for just £5 and SS has been sub £15 at loads of places. You just have to keep your eyes peeled but if you aren't looking, you'll never see the cheap prices and just assume it never happens when in fact it does.
  25. Rumour: 3D Mario Set To Launch By October

    3D Land was first shown in stills at GDC in the March of the same year. And if anything, that kinda proves the point as 3D Land was one of Nintendo's most obviously rushed games in some time.