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  1. Job woes/wins

    unless it was life or death (or maybe something i'd screwed up) i would be telling them to fuck off. working during all this shit is stressful enough without being hassled at home!
  2. Job woes/wins

    i hated working from home, its really not for me. I had quiet space, and could work fine, but that space was my *home*. This is my gaming space, not my working space. I like the finality of closing the door behind me, the processing time of the drive home. I would never permanently work from home again unless i absolutely had to (aka another covid shut down for CEV).
  3. good stuff thread.

    it may sound like bad news to folk who have zero understanding of how horrendous it is to live with a severe chronic pain condition that often results in barely being able to function. And its also multi layered. Of course its a relief to be free of that issue. But theres a lot to process, the physical pain of an op, the loss, the grief. Even if you dont mind not having kids, or not having bio kids its still a big part of whats considered of being a woman. And the endless questions of "when are you having kids already" etc I'm so sorry that you've been let down, this really seems to be so common with women, apparently we are all just "hysterical", no one can tell me that sexism doesnt exist in medicine. My cousin has similar, and was treated the very same. I am nervously excited for you
  4. Office Chairs

    I definitely don't like gaming chairs, I dont like pleather/leather, and just want a simple chair. I got a fabric office chair from The Range but i dont particularly like it. The chair I was supplied with at work is fkin amazing but its like £400 lol
  5. The Great Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Outage

    Yeah, very very few of the general overall population can be bothered navigating away from the mainstays.... facebook, insta etc. Honestly can't remember the last time i ventured to someones personal web page. We've become very lazy online consumers.. why would we need to actually search for things when the algorithms have found us exactly what we "want" before we even have to type it. One of the big reasons why (sadly) independant groups, forums websites etc (like this one incidentally) have seen a huge drop in numbers over the past 10,15 years. It will be interesting what will replace the likes of facebook etc in another 20 years
  6. The Great Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Outage

    and that was just me hassling you
  7. House buying is the worst

    Yeah its genuinely one of the most stressful things you can do in your lifetime... especially when its a move cross country. I do have a great belief that things work out the way they do for a reason and sometimes you just have to take the opportunity and jump with it, and try not to worry about the smaller things!
  8. House buying is the worst

    I personally couldnt do without outside space, but i know thats not for everyone. Somewhere to hang the washing out! Especially in such a wet country (ireland) it can be so bloody difficult to keep on top of dampness and mould. Having the dryer on or clothes hanging inside just multiplies that.
  9. House buying is the worst

    someone applied polyfilla with a butter knife in the house i bought..... and the doors were hung by the same skill level
  10. Making 'big' decisions

    i avoid making big decisions like the PLAGUE... thats probably why i spent 16 years in one (miserable in hindsight) job lol
  11. House buying is the worst

    jesus wept, those plugs are horrifying. Realistically even most families dont need more than a 3 bed semi. Theres definitely a culture where i live of going over your means and being in absurd amounts of debt (most cars around my town are <3/4 years old.) My mum used to clean for people that lived in ridiculously huge houses for absolutely no reason at all other than materialism and being able to show off. Even having a cleaner was a huge status symbol even though they paid her literally pennies lol
  12. House buying is the worst

    ^^ ding ding ding I feel like living standards have got to a crazy crazy high - i'm on my own, i really don't need 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms to clean lol.
  13. House buying is the worst

    yeah i'd avoid a new build like the absolute plague to be honest. built like cardboard boxes on the cheap.
  14. Job woes/wins

    my old workplace is in crisis, and theres been adverse incident reports logged because of people continually fucking up the job i used to do. *cackles*
  15. Job woes/wins

    my boss has covid, so im pretty much doing sweet FA at the moment... cant say im enjoying it though lol. i like being busy the day goes in so much faster.
  16. House buying is the worst

    Annoying that they didnt but at least its all done now. I honestly dont think i could move anytime soon after what i went through with the legal process (and ive been in my house 5 years haha)
  17. House buying is the worst

    yeah i was about 5.5 months in wait, thanks to a fuck up with the vendors solicitor not making sure the house was registered with land registry. between both solicitors and land registry i swear, genuinely agree with @Ashley if i fucked up on that level in my job the best i could expect is a written warning, if not outright fired.
  18. good stuff thread.

    I dont mind the "heat" here (being in NI like, 25c is our "heat") and i did enjoy the vasst majority of our summer over june/july/august. but yesterday sitting at 18c at 9pm with a humidity of 94%, i can do without lol
  19. Job woes/wins

    That's an SAI right there and hopefully is being treated as such
  20. good stuff thread.

    I dont know how to feel about this but im trying to be positive so posting it here, I'm going through the process of applying for a blue badge (for non UK peeps its a driving thing to allow people to use disability spaces) and my GP is in FULL support of me doing so. This is the same GP who in the past has been a bit iffy about my pain, was mildly fat shaming etc. So i'm hopeful that itll be something i can get to help me get out more but then its like... i'm 35 and THAT disabled. But on the other hand im being validated and acknowledged. I had a CT of my lungs last week (still waiting on results) but it wasnt nearly as scary and didnt take much time at all thank goodness! Another thing I'm very conflicted about. Like... I dont want to have something show up on the scan like ILD, but then im like so what actually happens IF nothing comes up. Like we're literally back to the drawing board with no easy answers at all. Also my condition (Psoriatic arthritis) is progressive and does not have a cure. All I can hope for is some level of remission achieved by stacking more drugs on top of my already mildly crazy regime. I dunno im trying to be positive through a pretty tough time, it really means a lot for my GP especially to actually listen and be hugely frustrated on my behalf. It's a very weird place to be in after fighting with people to listen to me for like 20 years lol
  21. House buying is the worst

    Yeah, truthfully, they wouldnt be going through all that process without the $$$$ at the end of it. Take a deep breath and keep calm. Its all a load of red tape but you WILL get there!!! A wise bird once told me that buying a house is one of the most stressful times of your life, and they weren't bloody wrong. Especially first time round when youve never gone through the process!
  22. Job woes/wins

    im very mischevious lol So. theres a thing in the nhs. if you are redeployed (through no fault of your own) and they send you somewhere further from your home than your current post they have to pay your mileage for three or four years. I have known people go through this from departments being closed (and them being given a new post), or moved. So really they cant discriminate when your redeployment is due to disability...... so assume that the same applies. I emailed my current posts manager and asked her who to enquire with regarding mileage payment, and she is playing ignorance "what do you mean has (new manager) advised you have travel with your new post?" and im like. oh. you. Its like you think i am stupid. I havent replied, i shot off an email to my union rep for support. One last little stab before I leave that bitch that made my life hell for 16 years. Hope it comes out of her budget. @EEVILMURRAY I hope your stupid colleague gets a kick up the ass, thats unreal, but not surprising (theres more than one of them in my current dept!) and its the most frustrating thing. When you literally have to do twice your job to catch up their slack.
  23. bad stuff thread.

    I am so bloody annoyed. the steroids tapering off caused a massive flare up. GP upped my dose to higher than the initial dose, but it takes a few days to work. Meanwhile my breathing was getting poorer and my pain worse. So he sends me to hospital. They did an xray and were able to identify inflammation. they've given me anti bios. I'm kinda annoyed.. i dont personally believe i have a chest infection. I dont have the death rattle/phelgm that comes with a typical chest infection for me. I hate taking anti bios unneccesarily because with a complex immune system disorder this shit has a limited lifespan before it stops working. But ill be a good patient and take it. Doctor is now currently refusing to let me stop taking the steroids. I went into work today and got chastised by pretty much every colleague and my boss wanted to send me home. But for me its better to be DOING something, ill sit at home and worry if i have to rest lol my lovely wonderful derm nurse specialist got me on the cancellation list for a CT, so im going for that next week! maybe that will hold the answers... because i dunno im basically stuck on steroids for the rest of my life if they cant find an answer lol
  24. bad stuff thread.

    eyyy so im being tested for RA/PsA related interstitial lung disease. What a crock load of shit. I feel like some funny fucker up there is just having a laugh at this point. Also - today i VERY NEARLY ran over a dog, i had control of the situation and missed the poor fecker by mere inches (i literally saw him disappear under the view of my bonnet AS my car stopped) but straight after I had a massive panic attack, which has irritated the absolute shite out of my lungs and put me in even more pain. Oh and my GP put me on roidz a few weeks ago which REALLY HELPED, and now hes weaning me off them, and of course theyve stopped working. Fuckssake.
  25. House buying is the worst

    hell yeaaaaa grats @[email protected] @Ashley fucks sake thats ridiculous