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  1. Disaster: Day of Crisis

    Even if this game gets the casual advertising treatment Im not sure casual gamers are going to buy it. Maybe if it is advertised in a really simple way.
  2. Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City

    If anyone wants to play this game they can still get a copy of the GameCube or the DS version. Its EXACTLY the same.
  3. US August Sales

    Does it signal that PS2 owners are a bunch of suckers?
  4. Disaster: Day of Crisis

    Those ingame movies are totally rad. Must be a strong selling point with the Japanese.
  5. Why Zelda Wii will probably be the best game ever.

    It was more like a piddle.
  6. Why Zelda Wii will probably be the best game ever.

    I think there needs to be more innovation than just motion plus. The story department for instance, I felt Twilight Princess left a lot to be wanted.
  7. We're all going to die....

    Hmm yes, only 10 minutes left. It was nice knowing you all.
  8. Disaster: Day of Crisis

    The boxart looks swell.
  9. Dreams of Penguins. Oft Kinky.

    I and a big robot are standing outside a bar, in an old whaling village far to the north, looking cool, when this dude tells us we have to go hunting. Not like we have a choice is it? We travel betweeen iceflakes at night, in an old wooden rowing boat. The boat stops way out at sea. An immense fear rushes through me. The water below feels extremely cold and deep like there is no end to it. Something is lurking in the water. It feels like danger is approaching. Almost like the sea itself is trying to suck us down. Suddenly I see the big robot swimming in the water next to the boat, like he is protecting the boat. The fear slowly disappears and I feel warm and calm.
  10. Funny videos, flash games, etc

  11. My swords

    Great stuff. Are they made out of aluminium?
  12. Little King's Story

    Because using the pointer to send your troops would be too complicated?
  13. Rumor Control - IGN's Nintendo Voice Chat

    If I were High Voltage I would get EA to publish my game wouldnt I?
  14. We're all going to die....

    Hey, there is a YouTube video of this. I dont wanna die.
  15. Disaster: Day of Crisis

    This screenshot is awesome.
  16. Disaster: Day of Crisis

    They remembered they had fans?
  17. Street Fighter IV

    If it makes them money they will do it. Will it make them money when you can get it on XBRIX and PSTRII? Im not sure about that.
  18. Australia suffering 'man drought'

    Good times.
  19. Kate Moss in solid Gold

    What the fook.
  20. Beer Glorious Beer

    I only drink Vodka and Coke. Dont really want anything else.
  21. Rate the last film you saw

    Weird Science. Very funney with the 80s style of acting. 4/5
  22. Cursed Mountain

    The enviroments looks good, maybe a little iffy in some places, hard to tell from a off-screen video. The characters on the other hand... not so great.
  23. Sadness

    Photo removed. Hmmmm
  24. Monkey Madness

    This will probably sell very very bad.