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  1. Lego Star Wars II gone?

    Same here God bless Gameplay and their sending games to arrive before release
  2. Serebii?

    No problems, glad you had humour at the expense of my hits and ad revenue
  3. Serebii?

    Yes but 29" waist from 40" waist...its something and considering the average male in UK is 33" and the average in US is 36"...its still saying something :p I tend not to be on that account too much, too many people found it out...so I changed to a new one which is primarily offline friends :p
  4. Serebii?

    Yeah, but you have to understand, we were a bit tense...the domain had been hijacked and the forums completely attacked and raped on tues morning...has been hectic gettin everything back I know I do come off as arrogant sometimes...but to be fair I can't help being who I am. I am officially a genius, I'm good looking (don't remind me of my fat years...seriously but 29" Waist, 36" Chest...much better than the 40" waist of Jan 2005 lol) and I do know everything there is to know about this game franchise Anyway, they hacked it by hacking my yahoo account which in turn was the account that was used with my registrar and so they got in to that and changed the password. When they got in they changed the DNS, luckily NTL has a habit of updating their DNS listings instantaneously so I got in touch with my domain people via the phone and they froze the account pending investigation (so the hijacker couldnt redirect my other domains or transfer them to a different registrar) but since it happened on Labor Day it couldn't get resolved on Monday. For some reason they didn't get to it on Tuesday but yesterday I managed to contact them (8 International Phone Calls averaging half an hour on hold each time) and they quickly resolved it So it's back, I've taken more precautions...hip hip hooray
  5. Serebii?

    I love you too Want a hug? Go on...you know you want to. You too...come on...group hug
  6. Moving GC games on to the Wii

    Lego Star Wars has not disappeared. It is still due for release on Monday, ONM has reviewed it. It is coming out
  7. Rumble Wiimoved from Wii

    I think we would have been told about it at E3 when they revealed the Speaker
  8. A worry about Wii sports

    They better have Wii Airplane in Wii Sports...screw Wii Motor Sports, make it a second category in Wii Sports > Wii Airplane is one of the main reasons I want a Wii :p
  9. Lego Star Wars II gone?

    11th according to Nintendo What's game's track record on pre-orders. Do they get the game to you before release like Gameplay or send it on release like Amazon?
  10. Lego Star Wars II gone?

    Wtf, Why would game do something dumb like that Gameplay still have it http://shop.gameplay.co.uk/webstore/productpage.asp?productcode=GC0876&title=lego_star_wars_ii_-_the_original_trilogy but with the 29th as the release date
  11. Pokemon Battle Revolution

    And to change from the 8 Badge thing, which many people were moaning that they were tired of Then when they brought out, the same people were moaning about changing from the 8 Badge system
  12. Pokemon Battle Revolution

    People...MMORPGs wont happen, a smod of mine posted a nice list of why it wont happen on my forums but I cant be arsed to go find it...need sleep after just uploading a 4GB website to a new server. Anyway the main factor is that because its not in Real Time Battling, MMORPG would be incredibly hard to pull off
  13. Christmas 2008

    Hang on a sec? Sony have profits??
  14. Duck Hunt

    From the video of th Duck Hunt demo at E3 though...there was no dog...I was devastated
  15. Wario Ware Strap

    More Likely its a strap to stop you running away with the controller :p
  16. Wii Hardware Discussion

    http://users.skynet.be/fa036594/wiimote.jpg There ya go...a bit of scale comparison
  17. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    Wii-va La Revolution! At first I didn't like it, but it has grown on me
  18. Minor New 'Simpsons' Movie Details

    Didn't they already do a story like that in the episode "Future-Drama"?
  19. XD is MUCH better than Colosseum so don't judge that until you play it
  20. This is the least news like news ever In an interview a while back they said they were thinking about how to use Pokemon on the Revolution...and this just says the same thing lol
  21. New NOM team confirmed

    The Seal owns you...Seal has been part of NOM for years :p
  22. New NOM team confirmed

    Guys, dont be so harsh on the old NOM staff, they're great people While some of the old NOM may have had some flaws to you, it was still cool and quirky
  23. Stargate SG-1

    Regardless of what channel its on, its ratings are on level with what they got last year which are significantly more than they had in prior seasons
  24. I'ld say XD, its a bigger game, has much more to do and has improved on just about everything Colosseum had
  25. A Nintendo Christmas Carol

    Jeez Stocka, lighten up. It's all in good fun, it's not as if he's saying for you to die...Coo and Sarka don't think it's sick and they see the funny side of it