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  1. Yeah a bit cheeky of them if they rerelease this at full price. It was hardly the ugliest game in the first place and I don't think they've added enough new content to claim it's a new game.
  2. Your favorite co-op games

    Final Fight. Spent some much money in the arcades with my dad on that game
  3. Boris Johnson

    I agree with Boris to some degree. I do believe that because of computer games my younger brother reads less and has less imagination. Now this is my personal opinion and I don't believe that video games cause violence but the more computer games you play the less skillful you will be at reading/writing or anything that you're not doing. And before you say anything, yes I do play computer games and I would call myself a hardcore gamer but it's all about balancing life. Saying that you can learn reading and writing skills from games is an stupid view that gamers share because you are 'gamers' and don't like anyone saying anything bad about games. Sure there are some games where you solve puzzles but there are also a majority of games where you just shoot things and I'm not saying games should change but I'm saying they do distract people from doing other things which could be more benificial.
  4. Celebrity Big Brother

    Donny's gone.. He was a bit of a dick anyway
  5. Assassin's Creed ROCKS!

    Seriously amazing footage.. can't wait
  6. Burnout 5 for 360 & PS3

    I want 4 player splitscreen mode on 360! Also open play seems.. I don't know, if they're still races but with freedom to make your own way to the finish line would be cool
  7. New Team Fortress 2 Trailer

    Getting 360 version.. Usually I get FPS on PC but I have HalfLife 2 on pc and haven't played ep one. So I am planning to hold off on playing the eps and just get this bundle for 360. Multiplayer heaven. Also is HL2 going to be Co-op? Didn't they do that for the original on Xbox or PS2? Hope it is
  8. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    My God that's a blow to Sony.. Big blow!
  9. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    PES6 looks good animation wise, very fluent and I especially liked the goal keeper saving the free kick in the highlights. However graphically the vid ain't great... downloading the better quality now though
  10. The Official Leipzig Conference Topic

    Well that was crap.. Now all I want to see is Pro Evo on 360
  11. The Official Leipzig Conference Topic

    They're showing a reel from E3... Do they not think the world hasn't all seen this when they showed it at E3?
  12. The Official Leipzig Conference Topic

    Not looking good for a release date...
  13. No Smackdown vs Raw 2007 for PS3

    This has got to be a major blow for PS3. I mean it's not the biggest seller in the world but it's not a shit seller and would shift units espeically in America.
  14. Another fake GTA4 screen?

    Although a nice shot I agree with others. It looks more like a shot from Driver or Getaway than GTA. Gta always go with the cartoony graphics and although expect them to look nicer than before I am not expecting life like characters cause Rockstar don't normally go down that route.
  15. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Pro 6 in October, unless you're American? But the European date for Pro 6 is Late October Early Nov