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  1. Finished Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. I read it in 4 days (I'm a slow reader). I've never read anything like it. I like how even without any names it's easy to get attached to characters, I miss the chubby girl already. I still have one question about the story though, anyone have any ideas?


    How come in Hard-Boiled Wonderland the skull lit up when the narrator was with the librarian, supposedly at the same time when in The End of the World the narrator was with the Librarian and the skulls there lit up as well? I thought the skull the professor gave him was a fake? So if it isn't, and this is a skull from a Beast, how the hell did it get into the real world??



    I need to check out more of his "magical realism" stuff. Norwegian Wood was amazing, but I like it even more when weird shit is going on.

  2. 9月にアルバムリリース決定!!!!!!!!

    投稿日:2009/06/27(Sat) 10:28

    POLYSICS、ニューアルバム『Absolute POLYSICS』を09/16(水)にリリースします!!!!





    ■タイトル:『Absolute POLYSICS』



    <初回盤(CD+DVD)> 3,360yen(税込) KSCL-1456~1457  

    <通常版(CD)> 3,059yen(税込) KSCL-1458


    Which is moonspeak for: new Polysics album coming September 16th! I'm importing that bitch so hard.

  3. I have a small Blu-Ray collection, and the only one that really stands out with it's image quality is TDK. Zodiac looks pretty good too, and is an awesome film, but doesn't really have a lot of action so I don't think that's what you're looking for.

  4. But umm yeah, read it all in one day nearly (had a few pages left but last ten minutes of my second flight I got a huge painful headache so had to stop). I liked it but didn't connect with it really. I get this feeling all of Murakami's protaganists are just aspects of himself but this one...meh. Did he even have a name?


    A lot of Murakami's protagonists are called "boku", which is Japanese for "I, me". So when translated it's just translated as that.


    Bought Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World today too, can't wait to start it.