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  1. At this point, I'm just fucking annoyed and fed up! I've just got myself back to a good point in a lot of ways. I was happy with my progress in the gym, I was planning on doing my PT physical test at the end of this month, I stopped reading the news and honestly, I stopped fretting about everything and just thought "sod it, it's not going away any time soon" and cracked on with my life. Now we're going in to another lockdown. At this point, I literally hate everything right now. I hope I get 80% of my wage again because I'm out of my jobs...again... I have my friends saying "Ah, you have a holiday, why complain?" and I'm like "Bitch, this ain't no holiday for me". I want to work. I like my jobs (okay, the other one is a bit shite but I like my main job, haha), I love going to the cinema (which I started going once a week again), I love going to the gym (where I made great progress and was revising with my 'study', ready for my test)...these are literally what I do and I like doing it. All of it has been taken away again. I find it more annoying where people are saying it's because people aren't wearing masks. No, it isn't. Masks weren't introduced until it was way too late and even then, people are wearing masks 95% of the time and oh look, another lockdown. No disrespect meant here but it's because people can't wait to go on holiday and want to go abroad for their holidays and not isolate. We have nice places here where you can relax and kick back but no, it's not good enough. UGH! I'm over this shit already. I'm over living in fear. It's simple what to do. Be hygenic, respect people's space and be good people. People find it so fucking hard to do. Although in saying that, I do think it's all to make Johnson look good. Right now, even his supporters aren't really liking him so much from what I gather. I really do think something will be pulled out of their arses where they'll say "The rate has gone down and Christmas is saved! Covid has packed its bags and fucked off to Spain for a holiday during December". He'd look a hero. Fuck off! On the plus side, I guess I have all the time in the world for Nanowrimo...
  2. I am taking part in this year's Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month). Has anyone done one before? You have to write 50K words during all of November. I've planned my one pretty much.
  3. The Disney Thread

    I understand what everyone means with Pixar but I still enjoy their movies just as much (but Toy Story 4 doesn't exist so I don't know what everyone's talking about. There's only 3 of them- the perfect trilogy). Onward was awesome. I really enjoyed that a lot. Same with Coco, Incredibles, Inside Out, Ratatouille and Up. I liked The Good Dinosaur and The Incredibles 2 but they're sort of forgettable. The Cars series are good but they're not my go-to at all. I've watched them once and have little interest to see them again.
  4. Job woes/wins

    Damn straight! Actually, sod that even! Bloody wear what you need to to be warm as long as its sensible. That is an actual cheek though. As if they expect you to pay for something that isn't your fault!
  5. General TV Thread

    I am so happy Dexter is coming back because I thought the quality of the last season was just so...bland for a Dexter season. Debra was my favourite character by far in that show. Jennifer Carpenter was brilliant.
  6. General Movie Thread

    Of course it does, it's the same guy who did the full Resident Evil series AND Milla Jovovich...and yet I want to see it. The Resident Evil films were bad but they were fun to watch. I'm hoping this is the same.
  7. What Have You Bought?

    I bought Frozen II with the limited edition o-ring sleeve, now completely updating my Disney Classics collection!
  8. The Disney Thread

    I am absolutely happy. I thought, what with my experiences of Ralph Breaks the Internet, I would have a right game finding the limited edition o'ring sleeve of Frozen II. Honestly, I could only find it on DVD and I could hardly find it on the Internet but I know that they're usually available when the 2 for £10 Disney DVD deals are on and so was the hunt. I searched absolutely everywhere for the past week and couldn't find it. For some reason, I decided to go to the Asda I NEVER go to because of traffic on the way home and did my shopping. I thought I'd check the DVD and bluray section and lo and behold, nothing. However, I saw a smaller blue case behind the Oliver and Company DVD and I picked it up. There it was! Frozen II with the sleeve! I was ecstatic! I still am! It didn't cost me as much as Ralph Breaks the Internet either (that cost me £20) because I scanned it and it scanned as the DVD version!! (which was £6) Absolutely buzzing! Guess I'll be going back there next time on the off-chance I'll get another o'ring when the next Disney Classic is released. For now though, my collection is entirely complete!
  9. good stuff thread.

    TECH PEOPLE ASSEMBLE! I NEED YOUR HELP! As you all know, I adore blu-rays and I love collecting them. I saw this beautiful motherfucker and just knew I had to have it! Believe me, it's stunning. It's legit the sexiest blu-ray I own. It's an actual book and it includes Battle Royale II: Requiem on blu-ray, which has been a pain in my balls to get on its own. I own Battle Royale as a steelbook and I love the film so it made sense for me to buy this. Only problem was that it is only released in North America. It sucks but I read that it's Region 1 so it was fine. So I thought that I would be able to play this in my PS4 or Xbox One or even PS3 because I own other Region 1 blu-rays and DVDs. It didn't play. It said my "player and disc has mismatched codes" on all three consoles. So basically, I can't watch the second one, which is partially why I bought it in the first place. I found out after that it's because the discs itself are region-coded as A, which I knew nothing about until last night. I want to buy a multi-region blu-ray player as there are some Disney blu-rays that are only released in America (which I don't understand but that's for another day) BUT I figured I may as well buy myself a 4K player that will play anything and everything. Will 4K players also play blu-rays? So this is where you guys would come in, if it's possible.Admittedly, my wage is shit so cheap and cheerful but decent is key. There's so many that I'm confused as to what to look for but I basically want to be able to play stuff. Help!
  10. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    I remember watching this a while back and thought it was disgusting then. It annoys me that cunts like this exist, it truly does. How fucking entitled and thuggish they are just makes my piss boil. I've never understood this in the first place though. Why are people so bothered about skin colour? I'm being serious. It's pigmentation. I mean, will they avoid the sun in case they get a tan and be mistaken to have brown skin? I honestly get truly depressed when I see shit like this and it kind of triggers me. I don't actually mean trigger as in crying but as in fucking angry. The worst part of it is it's happening more and more now. 2020, so far, has been truly awful for racism. The thing that pisses me off is when I put on some rock music and they always say "I would've thought you'd like grime or rap"...I always get that. When I ask why, I always either get "Well, you all normally like that sort of stuff" or the more blatant "usually black people do". Or they get shocked when I don't understand today's slang which, honestly, is fucking dreadful anyway.
  11. I can bet one of them wasn't Happy! 😂
  12. General Movie Thread

    Honestly, it's great. I enjoyed it a lot. I was a bit worried with Will Smith being the Genie and trying to be Robin Williams but he really made the character his own. Also, Jasmine's solo song, Speechless, is brilliant too. If you were to watch Disney live-actions, I would say Aladdin and Mulan. Beauty and the Beast is great too and I think it got far too much criticism on Emma Watson's part as I thought she did Belle justice. The Lion King was just extremely soulless and missed a lot of the heart that the animation had. Beyonce didn't help matters at all and they ruined Be Prepared, which is in my top 3 favourite Disney villain songs and was something I was looking forward to seeing in the film. I was looking forward to the Little Mermaid until I heard Melissa McCarthy is playing Ursula. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Queen Latifah was born for that role and she proved that in the recorded stage show.
  13. General Movie Thread

    I'm not sure. I think it was last month. It was on my list of movies to absolutely watch straight away. I'm glad it was released out of cinemas because although I really miss the cinema, I'm not really comfortable in going back just yet. I watched it again and just loved how stunning it looked. People need to embrace the changes it made. I thought they were good changes myself. I've liked pretty much every Disney live-action remake so far apart from The Lion King. It looked stunning but it lost its heart and spark and Beyonce didn't sound like a teenage lioness at all! She sounded like she should've voiced Sarabi more than Nala and I couldn't get past her warbling over Donald Glover! Aladdin is so far the best out of them all with Mulan being a close second and The Lion King being absolutely last.
  14. You're right. This seems weird to even vote me without asking me any questions...and his name suggests evil...makes sense! Change Vote: EEVILMURRAY
  15. good stuff thread.

    I'm being sent books to review before they are released. They're called ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) and you can have them for free if you write an honest review about them. You get a time limit to read them by and you have to finish it by the end and write a review of it. The time limit I have on this book is three months so it's not bad at all.
  16. General Movie Thread

    I've finally watched Mulan (2020) and thought it was brilliant. I had originally planned to see this in the cinemas but that little shit, Covid, ruined that for me. Its got favourable reviews on Rotten Tomatoes but there's people out there not liking it but I think it's because there's no singing or no Mushu. Honestly, this didn't need it and strangely enough, although I loved Mushu, I didn't miss him at all. I loved the use of the score using the songs from the animated version as a little nod to the material too. The 'magical' elements were okay BUT I feel the movie could've done without it and still been just as brilliant. I hope this comes out on bluray as there's no chance of me getting Lady and the Tramp for a full Disney live-action set (which annoys me to the core) but it would be brilliant to own this physically! 9/10
  17. Oh my God! This is mad! All of the members are coming home! 😂
  18. This sounds suspicious to me. I feel like something has been prepared because no Mafia game is simple. I put it to you...that you are lying! Vote: Sméagol
  19. General TV Thread

    I've started watching The Flash after a friend of mine being obsessed with it so I thought I'd give it a try. Started it two days ago, I'm now on episode 12 and understanding why he is. This show is bloody great so far. I've really enjoyed it. I'm not normally a DC person but I've been trying to give it a go and so far, this is the best thing out of it. I was also recommended Arrow, who's appeared in the show a couple of times, so I'll give that a go too.
  20. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Oh my God, that video! That was quite clever! For me, personally, I didn't necessarily see a problem with Hank Azaria playing Apu nor do I see a problem with Mike Henry being the voice of Cleveland in Family Guy. I never did see the issue. Honestly, I didn't actually know they were White until I looked it up. I think it depends entirely on how it's done. If it's meant as a demeaning portrayal then okay, I see it, but I don't think it did. It's like the White guy on America's Got Talent impersonating Snoop Dogg as a rapper being problematic or something. Maybe I've missed the point completely? I don't know but I think it's fine and I personally am not offended at all. If anything, I think it's a very minor issue compared to other things happening. As for the question itself, I think anything can be joked about in the right light. Like the video above, for instance.
  21. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Nah, I don't anymore. There's nobody. They skulk around but everyone's been telling them to move on away. I was told not to say anything in case but everyone else was telling them. Yesterday, they were there but they never stopped like usual. They walked up and down for half an hour and then went elsewhere. I went on my lunch to find they're hanging outside the chippy now. What is it with kids doing that? Why would you want to hang outside shops? It's well weird!
  22. The death of forums

    YAAAAY! I missed you! The forums are pretty hard to navigate on a mobile, to be honest. I can't quote people or reply on them unless I refresh it a thousand times otherwise I'd be more active. I have no room on my phone for Tapatalk anymore either.
  23. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    I think you'd be okay to still stay and discuss. We all have different opinions and I think it's interesting to hear them all, personally. For the past few days, at one of my work places, we've had these gang of kids hang outside the shop (which I hate in the first place because have you not got anything better to do). On the first day, three kids were walking past the store and one of the kids who was White (which is important to the story) ran in the shop and shouted "Curry! Got curry? Curry!" at me in an Indian accent. It was at me because I was the only one in the shop. So I said "Wrong race, you thick bastard!". His two mates were like "Ooooo, he owned you! He got you!" and laughed. With that, he said something else which I genuinely can't remember so I basically told him to get out of the shop. About a day or two later, he came back with, no joke, about 8 other lads (three of which were Black) and I had myself and two Indian customers (a dad and his 14 year old son). They were hanging out the shop and I heard them shout "Oh look, it's the Taliban, blud!" and laughed. I wasn't sure if it was aimed at me again, the two customers or all of the above but I didn't want them to get harassed. I don't think they heard them but I told my manager who was in that day and said they'd probably listen to him over me and I kept the customers busy to ensure they didn't feel bad or get any shit if they left and never told them. My manager got them to leave the front of the shop and basically told them politely to hang around somewhere else. When the customers left, I watched them to make sure they were okay and they left in their car. After that, me and the manager spoke about it. I kind of had the vibe that he's never really been around racism before or anything so we had a chat about it, which was nice. At first, he was a bit like "Are you sure it was made because of your colour?" (before anyone says anything, he wasn't saying it offensively, which a couple of people said he was being which I find bullshit) and I said "Well, yeah. I mean, do you honestly think they'd say it to you?" and he didn't say anything to that. I assured him that the comments weren't really bad. I mean, their intent probably was but I've been called much worse and have had worse shit attempted at me. We spoke a little about my experiences and stuff and I just said "Honestly, it's the world we live in. I've had it in the past from school throughout my life but they're just stupid twats. The thing is, shit like this happens and sometimes, you'll have to expect it. It's sad to think that but it's true. Sometimes, it'll happen and I have to be careful to either not lose my shit or say the wrong thing or be at the wrong place" and we were having a good talk. He reminded me of the security protocols and told me to phone the police if it got worse. He told me to phone him if I ever needed another person in if I felt unsafe, which was nice. It's good to have that support.