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  1. amiibo (NFC)

    Boo Amiibo. Fuck yes.
  2. PS4 Pro

    Yeah I think GAME employees are going to be barraged with a lot of annoying questions if that's the logo.
  3. PlayStation Meeting 7th September 2016

    A quality conference would've looked like this guy's. [tweet]757012114460569604[/tweet]
  4. PlayStation Meeting 7th September 2016

    You're a prisoner to your own expectations Ronnie, or rather NeoGaf's. Before the announcement we expected the Neo to be a Playstation 4 capable of 4K gaming. After the announcement that was confirmed to be the case. The 'half-arsed' angle you're going for is informed by childish console rivalry debates which most people on n-europe have no time for anymore. There's nothing stable or inevitable about the generational cycle of consoles. Technology is always changing. The Pro is what it is. Sony never made it out to be anything more or less. Others were able to see the product and say it wasn't for them, you can't seem to do it without reducing the discussion to a kind of point-scoring, and one that isn't even subscribed to by the rest of the forum.
  5. PlayStation Meeting 7th September 2016

    I do. One of the strengths of this forum is that it's less reactionary. You however seem keen to paint this as the death knell for Sony. It's an absurd position to take.
  6. PlayStation Meeting 7th September 2016

    For a product as sensible as the Pro to be this controversial, you really have to hand it to gamers for being one of the dumbest and angriest demographics of people around. I feel dumber for having read some of this thread.
  7. PlayStation Meeting 7th September 2016

    CBA to quote everyone individually but here's my three cents: PS4 Pro is the perfect name. Doesn't appeal to me but then that was never the intention; from a marketing perspective it's targeting the self-identifying 'hardcore gamer' who can't bear to own a (perceived) lower-end product when there's something new available. I hate to break it to everyone here who complained about the notion of the Pro in the months leading up to the official announcement, but you were part of that target market; idiotic gamers suffering from severe FOMO who can't wrap their heads around the concept of hardware evolution. That you made your decision early not to endorse the product on principle matters not one bit – the sense of jealousy and entitlement provoked by it proves its appeal, whether the appeal is voiced begrudgingly or not. The other part of the market is made up of wealthy people who don't mind paying a bit extra for an upgrade because they already have 4K TVs. Returning to the name, Pro taps into the same thing CoD did with the Elite subscription. It's fucking obvious. Price difference between Slim and Pro: again, seeing as you only benefit from having a Pro if you have a 4K TV, why would you waste that extra £50 on the Pro? You could buy a game or two for that. And it's logical if you think of it in terms of popcorn pricing. Say a small popcorn is £4.00, medium £4.40, and large £4.80. You get a good mark up on all of those sales, but the prices are just close enough to make some people buy more than they need (i.e. you can tempt a customer to purchase a Pro over a Slim even if there's no benefit to that customer. It's the classic sales pitch in Curries when you're encouraged to buy a camera with new features that you'll never use. Same idea with the Pro: you're getting people to invest in a 4K future they won't be able to take advantage of until the PS5 comes out, once 4K TVs are standard). It does seem odd that they compromised on ultra blu ray playback. I'm guessing they were under pressure by Microsoft and had to rush the system a little. Cost is clearly more important to them than ultra HD functionality at this point. The salient point here is that Sony is releasing their intermediary console before Microsoft, as Goron pointed out (a huge lesson learnt from the PS3 failure with regards to RRP and launch date), and if there's anything this generation taught us about consoles, it's that games are still king. Who's going to buy a Pro AND a Scorpio? Very few. There's a sufficiently large gap between their respective launches to make people impatient for whichever upgraded system comes out first. Can't see S.C.G's suggestion of further iterations making any sense. It was hard enough to position the Pro. Ronnie - professional troll or not, why you're linking this announcement to Nintendo is beyond me, if tediously predictable at the same time. If you haven't grasped the huge divergence in target audience between Sony (/Microsoft) and Nintendo over recent years, then you've got a screw loose.
  8. The Tomorrow Children (PS4)

    Maybe they had to scale back on features? Or maybe it's only natural for Sony's expectations to be tempered by the fact that it's a user-generated castle defence game with a strong Soviet aesthetic.
  9. No Man's Sky

    But Tales, have you seen Daft in the flesh? Bro digs deep.
  10. No Man's Sky

    Not much then! :P
  11. Battlefield 1

    If you're in a half decent squad you'll see plenty of action (whey). This video doesn't demonstrate that but it does show why BF is more rewarding than any other FPS out there.
  12. NieR: Automata (2017)

    More gameplay way back from E3: This game deserves more interest. It's ridiculously Japanese insofar as the environments look stunning while also remaining a bit lifeless, non-interactive and overly videogamey, but that's a reservation that can apply to most hack-and-slash games. I don't generally delve into the genre because of that unsatisfying feeling of disconnect between the erratic, hack-and-slash style movement of the characters and their apparent grounding in the environment; if the characters aren't bounded by the world's physics, the sense of scale between them and their surroundings is thrown off, and that's when you feel detached as a player. But less of that bullshit, what I came here to say is that Nier has nailed that 'old-school with a fresh lick of paint' vibe, and is basically charming and fun and deliciously similar to Furi. Y'dig?
  13. Bound (PS4)

    From videos I've seen it looks like they have more difficult 'speed-run' routes which open up after returning to certain worlds (also affected by the order you complete them in). So if you're after more of a platforming challenge after a standard playthrough then it might be worth looking into that.
  14. The Conscientious Consumer

    I've been vegan for a year now, which I've been pretty happy with as far as life decisions go, but I've failed to become a conscientious consumer in the other ways you've outlined. There aren't many high street clothing outlets that take ethical approaches to their products for example, and I haven't taken the time to seek out alternatives. It's bloody hard to be a good consumer in today's society. I'm not one for advocating an ascetic existence whatsoever, but there's definitely a more delicate balance out there waiting for me. Seeing others lead socially conscious lives does renew my confidence in the good these actions can achieve collectively though, so I'll strive to keep learning and pick up ideas here and there.
  15. Help a dwarf in need!

    Whatuuuup Knee? As some forumers might know already, next month I'm heading off to Burkina Faso in West Africa to participate in some volunteering projects. Out there I'll be promoting human rights, improving access to health education, and helping local women to gain some financial independence in an area where women are traditionally excluded from civic life. Terrifically excited about going and hopefully I'll get some personal development out of it too (hot topic of the moment I see). And for any doubters, don't worry - it's not voluntourism. Met my fellow volunteers on some training days up in York recently, all of whom were as lovely as you'd expect. The organisers ran a few ice-breaking games to get everyone acquainted on the first day, one of which was Ninja. I ended up winning the game in a group of twenty, so I'd like to dedicate the victory to the N-E MEAT team as without their teachings during the meets I wouldn't have been sharp enough to rinse everyone like a propa ledge. (Pointless detail: deployed a filthy Maradona-esque tactic of pretending to ask the group about a technicality in the rules when it was actually just a ruse to eliminate the organiser to my right with a snide lunge. PLAYER.) Anyway, to go on this volunteering scheme I've been tasked to raise £1500, money which will allow international development charities to send more volunteers around the world to do good work. I've raised £1100 so far by running an ultra-marathon, selling cakes, doing a bucket collection at a train station, and this week I'm hosting a charity quiz in my village. I'm hoping to raise a few hundred quid from that, but in the meantime I need a couple more donations, however small, to make sure I hit that target. If anyone here would be interested in supporting me that would be bloody splendid! Even if I'm only able to winkle a fiver from the forum the thread will have been worth it, so thanks to anyone who can spare a few bob. My fundraising deadline is next Monday btw - any donations before then would be ideal. My JustGiving link is thus: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Matthew-Cole64 Thank you!
  16. Help a dwarf in need!

    Danke schoen Ash!
  17. Might be difficult for me to make it this year, if I do it'll be off the cuff.
  18. Virtual Reality

    Most of the stuff I've seen for VR looks 'neat'. Dreams is the one game that I think could be made excellent with VR, but it won't be supported at launch.
  19. Virtual Reality

    Sony closed down Studio Liverpool a while back, so no more Wipeout. Dumb fucks. I share Blade's scepticism about a VR podracer though. Eesh.
  20. PlayStation/Xbox/PC Bargains

    Yeah bud the controller's in great condition, comes with the controller charge cable, HDMI cable, earpiece, power lead and the PS4 box it came in. Does your mate live in central London by the way? I'll be down there on the 5th of August and could drop it off personally somewhere, even if you just wanted to collect it for her on the day. Same price as I've given but it just ensures it gets there safely. Would rather take a tube and save a few quid on extra packaging. Not had any interest elsewhere and I'll make sure to prioritise you guys.
  21. PlayStation/Xbox/PC Bargains

    If someone wants a black 1TB PS4 with Fallout 4 for £220 including postage (I've only had it for a few months and it's in excellent condition with the cables/earpiece etc) holla at me. Tried to sell it on eBay a month ago but the buyer didn't cough up, so I may as well cut out the middleman now. That site is fucking shite yo. (FYI I'm selling because I need monies quick. Will probably get another one at some point next year.
  22. EU Referendum - In/Out?

    We've fucked it. Solving huge issues like the refugee crisis and climate change are now going to be tremendously difficult, especially with the cabal of cunts about to assert their authority in Westminster. Had this referendum taken place 10 years down the line, it wouldn't have swung this way (there wouldn't have even been one).
  23. good stuff thread.

    Wait, I thought you asked me to mention it in this thread?! Loljk
  24. good stuff thread.

    So @Dannyboy\-the\-Dane, who I've only met in person once or twice at meets, just donated a stonking £50 to a charity thing I'm doing. Completely out of the blue. We've got some keepers here at the forum. Thanks Danny
  25. The Last Guardian

    Climbing the colossi was terribly unresponsive and frustrating for me - movements and actions often had to be made with pinpoint precision otherwise they didn't register at all. Maybe the controls were acceptable back then, but they don't hold up well. You rarely hear of games having poor controls these days but if ICO's games are structured in a similar way to each other and the team still hasn't nailed down that aspect of their game design, who's to say there won't be problems with TLG? Like everyone else I want the game to be good, as much out of respect for the hardship suffered as anything else.