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  1. Hey I just found on the shiny-new gamespot.com in their weekly rumour column yet another listing on the Revos spec. Apparently an "insider from Factor 5" has got his greasy (and possibly lying) mits on details about the Revos specifications.Click the link below to read them. I'm not a big tech guy, but what is intresting about the article is that gamespot claims it's a plausable spec sheet, but reiterates that we'll still have to wait and see before we have any godd idea about the Revos performance. Any thoughts?
  2. Revo spec rumours - but still just rumours

    The question isn't if their genuine, the question is wether or not they're PLAUSABLE.
  3. REVs Graphics to be more powerful than THe COmp??

    Anymore of this tech-jargon, and my frontal games-lobe is going to start bleeding.
  4. Tell us about your friends.

    My three best mates - Jonny a.k.a. "Nobukado" - Adoring fan of the Metal Gear series and active socialist. He enjoys video games, Warhammer (all varities) and deep philsophical cognintation. His icon is Che' Geuvara and his favourite band is The Manic Street Preachers. He wants to help the world some how, but doesn't know how. Usually wears a surplus army jacket and Che' style cap or Che' patterned head scarf. He is also a big Arnold Scwarzanegger fan and loves really bad kung-fu films. Enjoys traditional Japanese culture and artwork. Ricky - a.k.a. "Rikmaru" - Currently a major fan of Japanese popular culture, particulary of the most recent manga craze Naruto. He has a great deal of artistic talent and particulary enjoys drawing manga style characters. Sports brilliant blonde-hair and blue eyes. He hopes one day to become a cartoonist, possibly in association with his even more talented friend Kieren. Prefers the humourous music of comedy performers such as Weird Al' Yankovich and MC Paul Barman. Usually wears a light comfortable shirt and Naruto bandanna. Particulary enjoys the Mario sports games. Uncanny, Ninja-like ability to sneek around without anyone noticing at all. Martin a.k.a. "The Martinist" - A more mysterious member of the group, he's one of those cool guys who just likes to go with the flow. Is soon leaving school and intends to attend flying school. Hopes one day to become an airline pilot. Remains surprisingly well taned throughout the year. Sometimes quite quiet. He enjoys video games across all formats, but is a particulary big Burnout fan. Also enjoys the Love Hina manga series. Usually wearing a dark t-shirt and comfortable shoes. Damn proud to be Scottish. Damn proud. We all like Halo and Halo2. We all also like Nintendo. We love to play Halo2 and Super Smash Bros. together. We also like amusing flash cartoons - the "Decline of Videogames" series in particular.
  5. Nintendos Strategy in full.

    Dudes, I just found this great article written by a game designer called Danc floating around the web. I totally agree with just about everything he says, and it's a facinating read. Here are his conclusions and you can read the full article HERE Conclusions Nintendo’s strategy of pursuing innovation benefits the entire industry. It brings in new audiences and creates new genres that provide innovative and exciting experiences. The radical new controller is a great example of this strategy in action. Surprisingly, this also benefits Microsoft and it benefits Sony. As the years pass, the hard core publishers that serve mature genres will adopt previously innovative genres and commoditize them. Their profits will be less, but they’ll keep a lot of genre addicts very happy. Everybody wins when a game company successfully innovates. I see both of these strategies as a necessary and expected part of a vibrant and growing industry. Industries need balance and Nintendo is a major force of much needed innovation that prevents industry erosion and decline. On a slightly less analytic note, I for one can’t wait to play the new games on the Nintendo Revolution. With all the new game ideas that will be demonstrated, it is certainly a great time to be a game designer. A couple years down the road, I suspect that this will also be a great time to be a gamer. :-)
  6. Revolution's Graphics

    Iwata keeps saying that the Revos graphics will be great, if not quite as good as the opposition, and I am fully expecting to be reasonably impressed once we start seeing some Smash Bros or Metroid Prime 3 footage.
  7. MP3 better than Metroid Prime?

    i think it deserved the hype though, didn't it?
  8. Revo spec rumours - but still just rumours

    It certainly the consensus that the rumoured specs are at least plausible if not accurate. I'm confident that the Revo will significantly more powerful then the GC, if not as powerful as the 360 or PS3. Iwata has claimed that "when you see the graphics, you will say: 'wow!'" and "there will be no significant difference between the Revolution graphics and it's competitors on a regular (non HD) TV screen", and I am confident that both those statements to be fully justified by Revo's launch.
  9. MP3 better than Metroid Prime?

    I wonder if the Revo will get some kind of cool version of Counter Strike or something, with it's controller being the first able to rival the precison control of a PC mouse. This is of course just wishful thinking, but imagine say, a disk with Counter-Strike Source and Day of Defeat Source on it. Hell, valve could quickly knock it off, flog it for £20, it would sell loads! It would also rock.
  10. MP3 better than Metroid Prime?

    Actually, I'm also positively slavering at the though of an online Chrystal Chronicles. The GC one was good, but awfully fiddely to set up (not to mention expensive). With an online version, you've got a game thats easier to get into with plenty of people around (the world) to play with. And I think Super Smash Bros. goes without saying. PS. Before anyone starts, all the games mentioned in the last 2 posts are all confirmed Revo titles currently in development, as a well as some kind of Donkey Kong game. Which should be cool.
  11. Well, yeah, it will be. Microsoft have paid their pound of flesh (and a bit more besides) and now have a sizeable beach head in the industry from which to press their attack. Like I said - next gens gonna' be different.
  12. MP3 better than Metroid Prime?

    Hay, don't forget tha MP2 was shown to journalists as a demo with the Revo point-and-shoot function, and apparently it actually improved the control system. I loved both Metroid Primes, and I will be definitly be purchasing MP3 with my Revo, possibly at launch. Also, did someone say they actually didn't like metroid? WTF is WRONG with you man? Start playing, before I bust a cap in yo' ass with my controller!
  13. Soul Calibur?

    Actually, Namco have hinted that SC3 could very easily come to a variety of next-gen consoles - the GC version of SC2 was the best selling one after all. Here's hoping...
  14. I don't agree with a lot of analysts around today. Many base their predictions on current trends, which shows a lack of understanding on how the industry actually works. A large number of qanalysts claimed that once PSP had launched, the DS and PSP would become relatively redundent - the PSP has sold strongly, but both the DS and even the GBA remain themselves very strong, and have shown that superior performance just doesn't win the console war (and it never has). Further more, I believe that many have underated GameCubes performance this gen. While many seem to believe that the console has been thourghly beaten by Xbox, this just isn't true. Gamecube has sold at least as many as Xbox across the world, and has remained highly competitive in all markets, even the currently hostile Europe, with Nintendo making a tidy profit. Also I honestly don't think that anyone can make anykind of accurate predicition until we know more information about all three competitors, including pricing, games and market strategies, which for the first time are likely to vary wildly between the three console manufactures. However, I do predict that all three will make a LOT of CASH.
  15. Battalion Wars 2 on REV hinted at!

    Apparently Batallion Wars is good, but needed a multiplayer. An online Revo Battalion Wars with, say, with a mech-assualt style conquest mode would be ef-ing sweet.
  16. Gamecube a Letdown?

    God, I love normal, civilised discussion, don't you?
  17. RAF

    Three things 1.The RAF is a millitary fighting force - what are people expecting? They're not forcing you to join anyway. 2.I hear the RAF offers some good benifits now - full training, decent pay, minimum 5-yr contract 3. I don't agree with complete disamament, but I'm totally opposed to UK nuclear weapons arsenal - we just don't need it in this day and age, and it costs a truckload money.
  18. Rate the above users user name

    Laguna? I like it - like some kind of lizard who isn't bothered by it's body image, lounging comfortably by the ocean. Maybe I think too much. 9/10
  19. Skies of Arcadia Official Thread

    Arrrgh! I've been trying to get my hands on this game for a while, but it seems to be becoming quite rare. I've been in love with it ever since i borrowed off my friend for a while. Now I have a half-finished Skies of Arcadia save on my memory card, and it's driving me nuts! I ordered off amazon, but they didn't have it in the end. I've bought a copy of an Amazon marketplace seller, but it hasn't arrived after almost a week! I sure hope he rememebred to post it/hasn't screwed me over/it hasn't been nicked by some thieving postie!
  20. Gamecube a Letdown?

    Err, yeah Ok. Going ALLLLLLLLLLLL the way back to the original topic, I seriously can't believe that people consider the choice of Gamecube games to be a dissapointment compared to the N64. Sure it had Mario64 and OOT as well as the RARE games, but not a huge number of great games. Also, game releases of anykind were few and far between and typically quite expensive. Once people put on those rose-tinted spectacles, you'd think the N64 was made of solid gold and had rainbows bursting out of every cart. But it didn't. It's games took ages to make, had very little third-party support and lost Nintendo it's dominance over the market The Gamecube though has had more then it's fair share of great titles - everything from Mario Sunshine, Zelda and F-zero to Resident Evil 4 and Harvest Moon, along with enough third-party support to keep it ticking over. I don't care what anyone says, N64 was good, but Gamecube was a definite improvement. PS. This is a video games discusssion forum. Stop trying to "own" each other. To officially own someone you have to be in hand-to-hand combat, or at least playing Counter Strike/Chess against each other. So hush yourselves.
  21. RAF

    They're the RAF reps, wadda you expect them to say? "Well, you COULD join up if you really wanna', but it's a bit naff, the food's rubbish and you can get some crappy postings. If i were you I'd go for that computing degree in your local tech college instead." Besides it's not just pilots they're after - cooks, engineers, security personelle, technicans, maitanence staff, computer nerds etc. We do need an airforce you know.
  22. Revolution hardware - the real revolution

    As for the original post - I'm really not convinced. If the Revo really could outdo xbox and Sony at a fraction of the cost, that would be like a dream come true. And there is the problem - it's probably still just a DREAM! Although I believe Iwata when he says that Revo graphics will at least be comprable to rival-consoles graphics (which I actually doubt will be as good as "seen" at E3 - see below) http://www.penny-arcade.com/view.php?date=2005-09-12&res=l
  23. Funny Rev video

    I think it's great - it just works so great, given current circumsances. I'm not saying it's AMAZING or anything, it's just difficult not to sit there and listen to it without grinning. You just wouldn't expect the final speech from the matrix to make such a fitting introduction to the Revolution. Somebody should probably make a flash based on this or something.
  24. Skies of Arcadia Official Thread

    Tell ya' what though, get this game while you still can - it's starting to get a tad hard to find. I ordered a copy of amazon a couple of weeks ago, and they're apparently trying to fish a copy from somewhere. I've got a feeling Skies of Arcadia could end up being one of those really rare titles not too far from now.
  25. Who wants ports anyway?

    If nintendo can keep devlopment cheap like they said they would, hopefully we won't need ports! Still, for ports and stuff they're releasing the "traditional" controller shell, so porting third-party games to Revo shouldn't be too much of a problem anyway.