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  1. I was thinking the same thing. What type of tuner do you have? The tuner card is a 2-3 year old DVICO Fusion card. The sound drivers are onboard realtek hi-definition drivers on a ASUS motherboard. I was thinking the problem maybe related to the motherboard - something is obviously telling vista the configuration has been changed so Vista decides to reinstall the drivers. I installed the latest BIOS but it didn't help. This is so frustrating!
  2. Just an update, and it still keeps reinstalling every few times after a reboot.
  3. I have the exact same problem and thought it was just a "feature" of Vista at first, and then a bug that will be fixed. I searched google high and low for an answer but couldn't find anything. Almost everytime I reboot it reinstalls the tv tuner card and sound card drivers. So annoying as sometimes I have to restart the computer after the sound driver is installed to get sound. It's got to the stage where I simply keep it in hibernation when I turn it off. It's so much easier! It's been like this for 6+ months now. Anyhow I'm just reinstalling now to see if it changes anything, will keep you posted!