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  1. Login!?

    have you tried deleting your temp files and cookies etc. last time i had that kinda problem deleting temp files and cookies cleared it for me =)
  2. i was a hardcore PSO fan back in the dreamcast days so me personally i found this game really weird, and kinda a let down =P all that aside it is deffinately a good game to play and i was pretty disappointed to find the EU servers constantly empty, playing with our friends in Japan is fun but hard when you cant actually communicate.
  3. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

    slipknot , metallica, iron maiden christ this is sold to me already can you even imagine how difficult enter the sandman is gonna be on expert mode =)
  4. Xbox360 DNS Failure

    i would sugest setting it up so that the gateway is your PC (one with ICS running) then having the DNS setup as the routers IP address. it SHOULD beable to find it as it would look towards the gateway and the gateway will beable to find the router =) (from a technical point of view that sounds right although ive never set up an xbox using ICS, mine plugs straight into the router =D)
  5. if you dont wanna pay for it... AVG is by far the best solution as it IS reguarly updated. if you dont mind forking out a bit of cash i would deffo suggest Kaspersky =P very reliable software =)
  6. Formula 1 2007

    there is no reason at all to be forced to support a specific driver. i for one have ALWAYS followed Michael Shumacher for christknows how long and was very sad to hear him go last year. it does make me laugh how pretty much everything boils down to racism now adays tho, its racist to not support a british driver if your british now? LOL
  7. What's on the menu?

    christ this is torture thismornin i woke up late and had to skip breakfast before work. reading through this thread all i can hear is my stomach moaning at me *cries*
  8. sounds like a giggle count me in