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  1. What does your name literally mean?

    Traveller/bearer of Christ - Polite/Courteous (Considering I'm not religious I'll take the Polite Traveller option)
  2. HDR Video

    Wow, they found a way to make real life look more like half-life 2.
  3. I has a laminator! I r old.

    I love my laminator, I use it all the time to laminate students work for the wall so it doesn't get tatty, or laminate those colour printed resources you've used your entire printing budget to get. Plus its unbelievably soothing to sit down after an annoying day at work (even more common this year as every last period is now 1/2 hour teaching PSHE to my wonderful form) with a glass of wine, watch TV and breath the soothing laminator fumes as the pages slowly roll through.
  4. Calling All Teachers - More Stuff Needed

    Send me a copy. Give me something to do between mark coursework.
  5. Nerves

    I recommend throwing yourself in the deep end. Join a beginners dancing lesson and force yourself to dance with people you don't know. You don't really have to talk to them, because your concentrating on the dancing.
  6. Another Antec 900, This one doubles as a dust/pollen filter for my room. Also, night shot. Annoying green printer light ruining the LED co-ordination.
  7. Stop That Pigeon...The One Faster Than The Internets!

    Depends on the mass and aerodynamics of the fash drive in question, I suppose if two pigeons were carrying it, tied to both their legs, they could go faster.
  8. Stop That Pigeon...The One Faster Than The Internets!

    It's not really fair. The pigeon is only half duplex rather than full duplex. And latency is appalling. If I filled and lorry full of hard drives, I could send hundreds of terrabytes of data in a few hours anywhere in the country, faster than anyone can send data via existing networks. Even throwing a 8gb flash drive across a room is faster than networks can send it. Pigeons routinely fly an average of 30mph over long distances during races, 40mph if well bred. 60 is far too fast.
  9. Exams 2009!

    This year is amazing, I get to set and invigilate them rather than doing them. Bonus.
  10. Jade Goody Dead

    We had one of those when she was in the big brother house.
  11. How much do you spend on food a week?

    Shopping only, about £30 for myself. However If I taking into account any take out, or other meals I buy during the weekend (pub lunch etc) probably comes to £60-£70 a week.
  12. Snowing

    I really want it to snow, and you got my hopes up that I'd have a day off on the first day back. Snow = no work. Damn this warmer south climate.
  13. I'll Have 4, 12, 87 and 163 Please.

    Assuming that is a polynomial sequence, I'll take whatever is number 174. On my menu that is giant prawns in Hong kKong sauce, eww. Much prefer duck in plum sauce.
  14. Writing Dissertations

    6000 words. That's what, a weekend?
  15. Branded Condoms

    Promotional Oblivion Alton Towers Condoms (which actually existed): "Don't look Down"
  16. Most overrated songs

    "I am the one and only" not only is it massively overrated, but also the perfect definition of irony, a big crowd of people all raising their hands and in unison singing along to the lyrics in unison. Cracks me up every time.
  17. Graphics Card Time

    Id probably go for the 8800GT (about £96 from ebuyer), can be found for cheaper than the 9600Gt. Its also much better than the 9600gt and offers decent competition to the 8800gtx even though its half the price. I have one and it hasn't let me down yet. The 4850 looks pretty sweet though.
  18. Pokémon Cards

    Why is it everytime I go to post something, you've already written exactly what I wanted to say. My problem with magic was it was massively skewed to whoever had spent the most money on it. My favourite card was "living dead":- everyone swaps the creatures in their graveyard with their creatures in play. fun times.
  19. The whole reason people pirate music is because they don't want to pay for it, so why do they think this is a good idea. Surely people will just find a way to download songs without paying the £30. However we should support this. Think about it, if you legitimately buy over £30 of music at the moment, this would save you money.
  20. An odd question, but I need your help.

    no? I'll keep looking Ninja'd by chris the great
  21. Web Comics

    No order of the stick? tut tut
  22. Nice

    I'm a teacher, practically everything I do between 8:30am and 3:00pm is out of the goodness of my heart because they aren't grateful. That and a pay-check.
  23. Visitors

    I think they're all a tad shy and afraid of the commitment. I'm like that with relationships, so I'm sure people have the same thing with joining forums.
  24. Games That Scare You

    Alien versus predator 2, the first marine level.
  25. IT Although I am still a little freaked out by clowns