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  1. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Hey all. Long time no post. Life stuff and all that! A fascinating approach from Nintendo. Consolidating their handheld and home offerings into one unit using industry standard tech and development tools is very smart. Putting all of their major titles on a machine that can be taken anywhere for local multiplayer is also smart. Local Splatoon, Pokemon, Smash, Mario Kart from Nintendo amongst third party competitive titles will be fantastic for the teen crowd; and adults who have less time to play on a traditional TV set up. I'm also hyped to see what further unveils remain. The VC will be fantastic if we can play every console on this (including GameCube) And what about Nvidia Gameshare? Would be a nice extra for PC gamers. Accounts/touch for mobile/DS/3DS ports and motion control for Wii B/C will surely come. Can't wait until New Year now!
  2. House buying is the worst

    House buying is the worst...when trying to decide how to store everything. As others have said, think I'm just gonna have boxes of stuff unopened in the garage at this rate. Having a MASSIVE clear out - but my gaming stuff...damn it's emotional to make these decisions. I have a PS2 just for Burnout games. Things like that gotta go I reckon...
  3. Star Fox Zero

    Sat down to play this last night and just couldn't be bothered after a mission or two. As much as I love Star Fox and have finished the campaign, the whole idea of a fast paced shooter with two screens is just "exhausting" when all I want to do is sit down and play an exhilarating, decent looking shooter. I think this game truly reflects my issues in general with the WiiU. The unnecessary complexity of control for many games and having to use the large GamePad.
  4. House buying is the worst

    So I move into my new house (with GF) in like 10wks! Exciting times for sure! Saw it early Dec and we loved it so wanted to part-ex the GF's house towards it. They gave us 30k under the Estate Agents valuation (we knew them both so they told us what they offered), so we told them to sod off. The house remained on the market and thankfully dropped by 15k (and sat unfinished as on a new estate!) Because of this I figured I'd just get it on my own due to savings/decent job and H2Buy being available. So I approached them and cut a good deal to include all turf/appliances/carpets/tiles and £500 toward legal fees. All sorted and agreed/reserved. Now just gotta meet the mortgage broker and my bank this week and get shit dotted and crossed off. Exciting times...but waiting for the hidden costs etc. And GF needs to sell her house. Thankfully it's getting viewings (and it's lovely and only 2yr old.) Here's the house we're getting. Looks onto fields too (sloped fields meaning hopefully no future building!) so over the moon. Already agreed that I get a Miyamoto Shrine in the garden and a games room...until triplets probably happen...
  5. Star Fox Zero

    Im regards to the controls @dazzybee I turned off the motion in the options. (It only comes on when firing). Made a massive difference to my enjoyment, making it shoot where the reticule is initially pointing like SF64. Then started missing the flexibility that the 'always on' gyro controls offer. (Some of the enemies are clearly made to be defeated via gyro aiming). Learning to love the controls now...
  6. Star Fox Zero

    Hardest end boss! Really relying on your mastery of the controls to succeed. Was immensely old school and nice to see a tough end boss! Watching the end I was a bit misty eyed for the N64 version! For me it wasn't as good as the N64 outing but I figured I was comparing it to my first real love of the series. Then a truth dawned on me: Nintendo will never recapture their glory days when reimagining their previous 'perfect' games. Nothing will beat my first time. No new Mario, Zelda, Fox, Metroid, Smash... But to a new generation this will be "their" StarFox and they may love it as much as previous entries. A shame then that WiiU has sold so poorly... For all of its dexterous challenge, I can't wait to jump into co-op mode with my younger nephew and sell him on Fox and co. Thanks again Nintendo. Now keep on giving us Cranky Kong types new franchises...
  7. Star Fox Zero

    Nintendo should have made WiiU disks take Wii owners to their store with a £50 discount on the system. They might have sold more WiiU's then.. How fiddly are the controls in this? Nintendo should have given me a Pro Controller (Cranky Kong edition) control setup at least! Although I've zipped through a chunk of it (having just finished the defend Great Fox/Missile Star Fox Command-rip level). I've not died but it's definitely harder due to the controls. So much for accessibility Nintendo... I am loving how tight/good the Star Fox gang are in this (Slippy isn't as annoying - so far!) and although it's a total SF64 rip plot wise, with the gyro etc. it feels a bit more like a 'Thunderbirds' inspired game. It's nice to see a game like this come out in the current gaming landscape. I just hope the controls click with me a bit more.
  8. Miitomo

    The latest update took AGES to load in the app (iOS). Anyone else find this? Anyway...none of my friends are using this which is disappointing. I thought my folks might use it at least as they are on social media and loved their Miis on their Wii's. Have tried to get them on it but they aren't interested. I can't help but think that Miitomo is another example of Nintendo's bizarre, obtuse naming policies effecting their image (Like with WiiU). They should have called it MiiSpace/Miitup.
  9. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    I think it will depend on my circumstances. The PS4 hits the sports/racing itch I have. I've just picked up a Logitech G29 wheel for Driveclub/Project Cars and there's still Dirt Rally to buy - so well happy with that. FIFA/PES scratch my sports itch every year too. The WiiU will be a great household/multiplayer console for Mario Kart/NSMB/Wii Party etc. and the Wii back catalogue. When NX delivers the goods in regards to software I'll probably jump in. I'm just very dubious about buying another console seeing as the combined catalogue of PS4/WiiU currently gives me enough to game on. Unless NX delivers another social experience that will benefit the household (like Wii/WiiU does), I'll be waiting this time*. Sad too as a new Nintendo console launch purchase is usually something I really look forward to! *Note: unless I crack!
  10. Star Fox Zero

    Promised myself I'd wait but ended up picking the game up. (Need to use my WiiU!) Couldn't refuse when I saw Fox staring me down across the store. At the till the staffer asked me if I owned a WiiU. I confirmed I am one of the twenty in the UK. He then told me has was asking everyone as a few people have been asking if it plays on the Wii. Nintendo just need to put a bullet in the WiiU (or their WiiU marketing team). Can't wait to get home and play this. I need some 90's throwback gameplay in my life.
  11. Pocket Card Jockey (eShop)

    Will download when home.
  12. What Happens NX?

    @Sheikah who knows! Interesting to discuss. If the power jump is obvious more existing FIFA/CoD gamers may jump platform for an improved experience. There is hunger for a PS4k/XBone 1.5 so maybe that would be enough to allow Nintendo a slice of the pie? Just how big that is, is impossible to tell but will be interesting to see. The home console market is very volatile as a new IP can change the market massively. I would say Nintendo are still able to pull masterstrokes now and then. I think the overarching message is that Nintendo cannot afford to miss out on whatever is the current 'blockbuster' title(s) that draws player interest. Just look at how GTA crippled the GameCube in the eyes of the consumer.
  13. What Happens NX?

    Interesting points regarding EA. I bought a PS4 for PES16, FIFA, Uncharted 4, realistic racers and anything else will be a bonus! (Lots to choose from!) In the UK FIFA 16 sold 2,516,079 copies and Call Of Duty: Black Ops III 1,928,813 last year. To miss out these huge hitters almost renders Nintendo irrelevant. Like a cinema not showing the latest blockbuster, the majority of locals would eventually start going elsewhere everytime a big film hit town. Eventually they would forget that little cinema even existed. Nintendo NEED these games if they want consumer mindset (and parity) with the other boxes on the market. Cross platform play could also be important to appeal to players on the fence. "Play against your friends, no matter what console they have, for FREE!" Would be a party line worth shouting about. NX needs a HUGE, culturally relevant game at launch to propel it off the starting line. Anything else and it will be another tough generation for Nintendo.
  14. Miitomo

    If folk keep using it and dropping gems like @dazzybee dad being at his Titanic date; rather than asking crap like what's your favourite bread - I'll keep enjoying it for the lols. More fun questions Ninty... And as @RedShell noted, throw in some tomodachi content. Customise my room/play Nintendo tunes on a stereo etc. Sign me the hell up. If they won't drop their OST's on iTunes/Spotify etc. put them here at least.
  15. What Happens NX?

    *saves article to read later* Looking forward to it. Nintendo's third party sizzle reel for WiiU peed me right off. Heck they even had Codemasters Dirt 3 on it. Along with the EA content it looked like Nintendo were in a decent place. The fact that games like Dirt and Battlefield never came and the rest launched in bad condition (eg: AC3) or with delays (Mass Effect 3/Rayman/NfSpeed) or got cancelled altogether (Dirt3), meant I felt Nintendo had utterly failed to launch a console effectively. They had time after Wii's successes to time things right. Instead they rocked my confidence in them. And with no AAA deep first party game hitting the system (other than one launching later and entirely made of Lego), It felt like they had been dicking around with their Gamepad ideas instead of crafting a great out of the gate title. Here's hoping NX has more to offer long term. At least zelda will be there day one of the rumours are to believed. In my opinion Nintendo (just like Sony and MS) need their own big hitters to drive their hardware identity and subsequent marketing and third party adoption.
  16. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    I agree. I've 6 draws full of consoles/games and it's starting to annoy me. In this digital age there should be an improved means of accessing back catalogues. Obviously there are liscencing issues (that N64 isn't going anywhere for Goldeneye and the PS3 for Burnout3 aren't budging!) as well as hardware/software issues - but for some reason we're still far off. Hopefully Nintendo crack it and the NX is a system that can host their back catalogue effectively.
  17. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    In this digital age surely they can build effective backwards looking catalogues effectively anyway. Nintendo are mad. They have a stable of games that their rivals would love to have yet they trickle them out as if they are allergic to money. Get a proper VC from NES to WiiU and offer it day one. Get a company to just do the VC catalogue/creations. That's a selling point day one for a new console. All that nostalgia = more sales. Then just focus on the new stuff as their other dev gets their VC/Nindie stuff underway.
  18. Nope. Refuse to on PS4 so would prefer Nintendo to continue as they are. In my opinion they need as many aces up their sleeve as possible and this is a quick win against their competition. Although they could offer additional purchases like party chat/discounted VC games aka PS+pricing and it wouldn't impact everyone too much. I think giving the consumer choice is important here. Like some games should be free to play online after a set amount of months. Let the developer decide.
  19. Hyrule Warriors 3DS

    Much appreciated @Glen\-i that makes the game make a lot more sense and I don't have to trawl the web seeking answers. What do the Fairys do? IE are they worth it etc. Now to get back to the game
  20. Hyrule Warriors 3DS

    This game has me so confused in the retro adventure mode. I have candles, the eye of truth, bombs etc. And I basically do quick boss rush modes. Seems like a quick way to unlocks though? I haven't even found the fairy 3DS feature?! So much content I'm lost lol
  21. N-E Show StarFox memories

    I never really got into the SNES version (other than the amazing graphics and music) as I found it too hard to get through the latter stages. In my teens I picked up the N64 version in the giant box with the Rumble Pak. Trying to explain it to my grandmother was fun. I was glad Nintendo named it as they did... The game was a hit with me and all of my friends. It hit the Star Wars nerve that the late 90's brought when the Special Edition VHS re-releases landed, and had an arcade-like addictive quality due to the hit points and quick play nature. The local multiplayer was also good for a quick game, offering a tight dog-fight setup, further cementing the N64 as THE console to play with friends. What was really great about the game was the cinematic nature; specifically the voice work. Equally cheesy as it was cinematic, the writing stuck with all of us. Before the Internet had hit the mainstream we were all doing barrel roll nods to each other during school. I'll always remember sitting in the school canteen and bursting out into the following speech with my mates across the table: Caiman here... no problems... Caiman: Do you copy? Emergency Maneuvers! Falco Lombardi: Too late. Game over, pal! Fantastic memories!
  22. Wii U General Discussion

    Same for me at the moment. I've got Wooly World, Splatoon, Mario Maker, Bayo 1&2 and ACreed IV sat half-played for the system. Genuinely have only enjoyed a few games for the WiiU. The issue for me has been the lack of buzz around the system, which has continued to cripple it in the long run from my own POV and the industry at large. I've enjoyed a few games and still maintain that Nintendo are vital to the creativity and scope of the games industry; but this gen has felt flat. Nintendo half-assed the VC side of things (IE: the DS should have been there from day 1), the more mature titles they produce like Metroid and Zelda were missing/remakes and...the console just felt lifeless at times. Strange considering the Wii felt full of life. The issue may not be just Nintendo's though. It could be mine. I picked up a PS4 to fill in the gaping hole of sports games WiiU created and that system feels dialled in to me - other than the social features which feel unique. There are fantastic games but many sub-AAA games are few and far between. I have enjoyed Firewatch/Unravel but they do lack the finesse of top-tier games. Firewatch in particular launched with a shocking framerate. And with the rumoured PS4k, I'm not too happy as a consumer in the games industry at the moment. Thinking about the last few years, to me only Splatoon has felt fresh. I just wish it had included a more substantial and fleshed-out solo campaign. If it had, I'd have been much more content with having played something engrossing yet unique this gen.
  23. Hyrule Warriors 3DS

    Still waiting for my game to turn up from BASE. £24.99 was the best price I found online. Loved the demo (New3DS user). Can't wait. Skipped it on WiiU as don't have the time to sit and game but this felt like the perfect portable title for quick bursts of play.
  24. Nintendo NX & Third Parties

    After WiiU, I'm not sure I'll be buying day one consoles from Nintendo soon. Best to wait to see if their promises (same every gen), of learning their lessons come off. Here are a few things that they have to do for me and to entice third parties/consumers back... Most importantly: Image. Design it to look sleek and modern and give it a good name. WiiU was abysmal. Controller parity with other systems to ensure all third party games just work. Virtual Console cross-buy with next handheld system. Have a dedicated team that support third parties in getting their old games on their console. Games Nintendo players may have missed from this/last gen. Cross-platform online gaming available day one for third parties. Allow EA to put their EA Access offer in their store. Improved, faster GUI that replicates mobile. Parity with current gen (at least). Improved toolset for Devs. More sports/racers that appeal to western audiences. ...IE bring back WaveRace, ExciteBike/Truck/1080 and more Ubi/EA bundles. More Nindie promo/bundles on their store. Begin building new relationships as the next 'minecraft' could emerge from it. Do crossovers again like NBA Street V3. Disney Infinity / more Skylanders Amiibo deals?
  25. Firewatch

    On day 44 on PS4. Slowdown/framerate is awful at times. I like my games polished to a shine. Looking forward to updates. Really enjoying the story so far though. The banter is superb and I like how you can play it straight/funny etc. Wildlife would have been nice to flesh the game/environment out (IE: submit pictures of animals/flora fauna to a database) but characters rule here. A beautiful game and one I don't want to end!