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  1. How to run a Wii night??

    I'm running a Wii bowling league in my local pub for anyone to enter with cash prizes as there will be an entrance fee. Winner takes a cut. I'm sure it will be a 'bit' good so I'm looking for your ideas as to the format...Anyone have any ideas about teams or if you think it is better for ppl to go alone? I've so many ideas and was thinking it would be teams of three, randomly selected and the games would be one game only with the loser being knocked out. As this will be a one off event I want an outcome there and then. If popular it will become (hopefully) a league format with a long running design. Any ideas please present...I want this to be huge and want to start doing more pubs in the local area. (North East UK).
  2. Tapedecks game music

    wow! High praise indeed. Can't say how happy I am you would hold it in regard to ghouls and ghosts and Goldeneye. Thanks :D :bowdown:
  3. Easy games

    Easiest game ever = Yoshi's Story on the N64. Great game if going for 100% has challenge but just collecting copius amounts of fruit to get to the end was an absolute SLAP! in the face to all those who played and loved Yoshi's Island on the SNES.
  4. Snes Recommendations?

    Shooting: Doom aint a bad choice but is done better elsewhere. There's a light gun game called Lethal Enforcer on the SNES too. Digitized characters etc...Pretty decent too
  5. Name That Game

    The pre-rendered temple of time looks real. Fab. Forgot how gorgeous that looked! It was a nice change of direction having a pre-rendered town. I know some that were miffed that it wasn't 3-D but I liked it.
  6. Super Metroid!

    I'm so jealous about those who haven't played this! It's so good it hurts. If you like sci fi and the thought of immersion and being alone on a planet this is it for you. I adored this game for years and held it on my best game ever radar all through my early teens. (Until the N64 arrived). It's crafted to perfection. I've never really liked the recent Prime series as this game perfected Metroid so much for me that I just wanted more 2D games. Fusion was good though Well worth the download. Infact, it should be a no-(mother) brainer.
  7. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    It may do a Goldeneye and spread due to word of mouth. But who are Nintendo going for with this game? Hardcore gamers who know and love the Metroid series and PC gamers who doubt the control schemes of consoles? (Different to casual gamers they are happily focusing on right now.) Seems like Nintendo think this will sell regardless. And with Galaxy, Fit, Brawl etc will get all of their advertising dollars. But what are they going to advertise here over Christmas? Seeming as we are only getting Galaxy and Metroid this year I think it may be a different story this side of the Atlantic. As opposed to the US where Brawl will probably get top billing. Just like always we will have to see what happens over here.
  8. SD card game saves question?

    It will only be a matter of time before we see an updated Freeloader. Other than that Datels freeloader is buggered.
  9. How to run a Wii night??

    All posters have now been dispensed. Game and Gamestation were a bit arsey with me. Game said they would only put it in the staff room because advertising in store was a no-go. Gamestation asked me why I was bothering to do such a thing then said they may put it up in store after a POS (Postion of sale) change on Thursday. They said they get money for ads (?) so I'll see if it's up after Thursday. (Doubt it). Another Gamestation put it on the counter though (in a nice frame, oooo). The manager is always decent with me and my fiance in there anyhoo, so it was a nice gesture. Many more posters out and about but ppl don't seem too interested. We will see who turns up. Some little ads placed in various spots. See pic attached: I've also started a practice night for bowling which happens every Wednesday in the pub. It's been going well (2 weeks in). People are reluctant to try but then when they do they are entranced. All go. No reply from media nor Nintendo themselves who haven't replied to any of my e-mails, letters nor have they called me back (they said they would). I've been hassling them too...Maybe TOO much lol. I thought they would jump at the chance but apparently not.. All go though. I'll update as and when required
  10. Super Metroid!

    Super Metroid: Whadda game! Really felt like the Alien franchise in the way suspense and being alone on a planet was conveyed. Sublime. Gumpei Yoko will forever live on through this piece of pure genius.
  11. Something I Wrote...

    I wrote this when I lived in Cyprus. In the winter there was no-one around at all. So I was frustrated. In many ways lol. I was also listening to some rolling stones that day and decided to write a song around a simple riff with a simple drum beat behind. Lyrics below and I may pop up the tune to follow. If people like the lyrics! Touch me (song by Tapedeck) Played over a sweet riff around A and F chords. Chorus into G,D,A. Touch me, in the morning 'coz am horny and I got no time oh, and I need it, wanna feel it Wanna go to the place where my minds at rest. Somewhere in the future, is my suitor and I got no time oh, and I need it, Wanna feel it Wanna go to the place Where my minds at rest CHORUS: I get by on what I need I get by on what I feel And I feel you. We're here in the summer What a bummer that the sun don't shine I wanna feel it, God I need it Wanna go to the place where my minds at rest CHORUS x3: I get by on what I need I get by on what I feel And I feel you.
  12. What do u think

    red Very red. BUT! Smooth as butter!
  13. New Wii Wrist Straps

    My wiimmote has gone through windows, doors, down stairs and on skin and bone in a violent manner...They still work..My stairs are crooked, door smashed, window buggered and my mate has a lump on his head...But hey..these things can take a fair beating. I'm needing these new 'motey straps coz my epileptic buddies seem to get waaaay into their wii sports sessions. Manic Mcenro style. And with my upcoming wii night at the local pub, I'm gonna need these even more as the slippy slidey straps currently available are just pap. Remember: Some. People. Are. (Born) Clumsy.
  14. Wii Firmware update: 3.0U/E

    No nick, everything is working A-ok. any problems do what Tyson suggested: Turn it off at the plug, wait a while and then retry. It should work fine then. Mine did after being a bit dodgy initially with the internet and news channels.
  15. Wii Firmware update: 3.0U/E

    The clock font is ugly and too big lol. But hey, can't please everyone I guess. It's nice to see more features though. Just WISH for an mp3 player section now. My internet wouldn't work neither. So I just went into settings onto my connection and clicked connect. Then it connected from there and all the channels once again worked. Hey presto! Still, wierd though.
  16. Zelda WW vs Zelda TP vs OoT

    Back to oracle of ages/seasons and Minish Cap... The oracle GB games are absolutely astounding. Emotionally developmental to a degree of such astounding depth that it puts the console games to shame. The way in which time and space is steadily portrayed also reminds me of Squaresoft's old FF games on the SNES. Capcom offer a fantastic twist on the Zelda format whilst understanding what makes the series so successful. Capcom seem to be able to turn their heads to most genres with success! I'm sure Miyamoto oversaw the Oracle games yet Minish Cap was Capcom going solo. And that's another fantastic game. The music is beautiful and the graphics are excellent. Especially when the size element is played upon. Normal objects such as rain even take on a new dimension. If done on a home console we would hold these games in the top tier of Zelda games. If you've not played them go out NOW and do so. You wont regret a single moment of these little treasures.: peace:
  17. Jungle Beat is a form of hypnosis when it 'clicks'. Drum left, clap, double slam, tap right, clap, clap. In game translation: Run, punch, jump, slide down wall, float over river, smash, grab and headbut. All whilst gaining a massive combo from never, ever touching the floor once (God forbid!). An astonishing game when it grabs you.
  18. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    In perspective Twilight Princess is still an amazing game but when put in context of previous Zelda games I was let down. I even begun thinking that I would have prefered a console remake of minish cap or something from the gameboy games as I actually enjoyed them more. I don't think the problem was the land being too big, I just think the way in which it was designed wasn't the best. The lake was too claustraphobic, the fields had vast black chasms sharply cut downwards (almost unrealistic) which could not be passed and kept you on a linear path. And the fields were also barron. - Something I felt would be reconciled this generation as it was my only gripe in previous Zelda titles. Outside of the dungeons everything felt forced on the player. Which direction to take, which order to tackle objectives in. Previous Zelda games have hidden this with so many options and elements of discovery and fun that it's nary been noticeable. Twilight Princess was a new Zelda, almost more mainstream. Areas felt self constrained and not part of a wider world. As many have said, it was almost linear and as many have pointed out - Easier. Getting from point A to point B has always been the format in a Zelda game. (Just like most games.) But it's the journey between that really counts. Nintendo seemed to forget that this time. Just like they did in Wind Waker. Still: What a game eh? :wink:
  19. Something I Wrote...

    Cheers guys...I dally, Quality isn't what I want though..More to follow lol. I'm writing a song about Suda 51's upcoming game No More Heroes (or is it just "hero's now?). No-one seems to really write about games, thought I'd attempt one.. Anyhoo, chorus: Hero's killin' hero's baby, hero's all their lives, Hero's killin' Hero's baby. There aint no more hero's around. And so on....Will post when done.
  20. New Wii Wrist Straps

    Guess you must have a firm grip on objects then...Plenty practice and all...:wink: lol Seriously though, the wrist straps are a brilliant idea. Some people are just born clumsy.
  21. New Wii Wrist Straps

    I actually prefer wearing a strap (around my wrist) as it seems to smoehow make me feel closer to the controller. - (Careful how I worded that!). The new straps look brilliant, much better. I wonder if these will be available through codestorm like the previous re-released ones.
  22. The Pro Evo series has owned my life since the abolition of ISS. ISS on the N64 saw me through my entire teen years. I played those games so much the electricity bill was horrendous. Along with Ocarina of Time and Perefct Dark- Obviously! On the GC I probably played Animal Crossing an obscene amount of time at one stage! Like every waking hour, every single day. And Burnout 2 was loved heavily. (Yay!) On the Wii it has been Wii Sports and The Godfather...If I add up all the play time on Wii Sports it would probably make me realise how addicted to that game I really am.
  23. No More Heroes

    green A button in one of those shots...Surely an old cube pic? Am I missing sommat...If everything is white why have the A button as green?...Style maybe? I'm looking into this way too much right? Was the game ever in gamecube development cycle?
  24. Is Killer 7 really that rare? In my local Gamestation there are 3 copies all for 12.99 each. What demo disks have you got Adrian...Some pics would be cool too
  25. Something I Wrote...

    Thanks stranger :¬) Link to my dodgyness tune of just the last verse of Gorons poem. http://www.zshare.net/audio/29309575fb98aa/