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  1. Okay then, that blows. Dell really sucks when it comes to desktops.


    But still, a Pentium D doesn't add much value to your computer.


    Might not bother upgrading anything other than another 1GB ram, since I'm not sure If I'd want to get a GPU.


    Dell don't really suck that bad, they just made a gay decision just to not give out another BIOS.

  2. No, the latest BIOS only supports up to Pentium D.


    It is Dell who have made a business decision not to release a BIOS which will let a C2D run on their Dell Optiplex GX620's with Intel 945G Express Chipsets.


    So Dell have just chosen not to let them be compatible. Yes, usually they are, but not on these Dell Computers.


    Also I'll probably just buy a Pentium D since I don't plan on switching computer for as long as I have too. I might as well make use of it rather than can it 5 seconds after I got it.


    Really, actually I have the choice between a Pentium D and a Graphics Card.


    Not sure if I can use a graphics card, since apparently the limit is 25w in the PCIe slot according to Dell, but other people seem to say otherwise. I'm pretty sure I'd need a low profile card, but I know where to get a low profile 8600GT, it's just the confusing 25w limit.

  3. If it doesn't you'd be FAR better buying a cheap motherboard bundle imo.


    That's a complete waste of money...


    So you think I should just leave my processor as it is? And install another memory stick. Fine I guess.


    Then I suppose if I decide to get games and manage to find a GPU that fits I'd have enough of a PSU.


    Just checked and looks like my computer will only support up to 25w PCIe cards so looks like I won't be getting a graphics card unless something weird happens and I end up with the Mini Tower Dell GX620 instead of Desktop or Small Form Factor version.

  4. The motherboard / chipset does not support any processors better than a Pentium D.


    So it would not support any Intel Core Processors.


    If anyone wants to check my chipset is a Intel 945G Express.


    Otherwise of course I'd get the Intel Core!


    Also on the video it's using the Intel Pentium D 925 and I want to get the 930. The 930 is probably better because it supports Intel® VT, but I'm not sure what that is. But I do know that the computer will support it.

  5. Where the hell did you think the CPU was? :p


    Well obviously that sounded a bit stupid but in my old laptop the heatsink/fan was screwed in my now I understand that they are now glued on.


    Anyway my friend said he'd help me if I needed it so I will have no trouble changing the cpu and fan/heatsink.

  6. Ok I understand now.


    So if I exchanged my CPU then I'd have to take the fan off to get to it anyway? If I had to do that I suppose I might as well fit the new one.


    I could get my friend round to do this for me probably if I needed help doing it. I'd quite like to upgrade it really. I don't see how it would be loads of hassle.

  7. Thought XP recognised 3.5GB of RAM. And I thought that the rest actually still functioned, oh well I'm probably wrong.


    How is the processor a big job? I've made sure that the processor won't add too much load on the psu.


    I thought you just take the fan and processor out? And put the new one in.


    I've made sure the processors are compatible and everything. Just want to try and extend the life of the computer really. I might decide randomly to go gaming but I'm not sure what card I'd get in there with the dell PSU. (I've heard dell PSU's are annoying to exchange.)




    Here you can sell some upgrades that a person has done to his model. Although I think my model is the small form instead of the mini tower, so I'm not sure a 8600 GT would fit.


    Actually turns out somebody on dell forums is running PD 920 with dell stock headsink/fan so I wouldn't even need to change the fan! I could just sell it off. It'd be a matter of switching the CPUs and any software stuff you need.

  8. This morning I have bought a Dell Optiplex GX620 Small Form.


    This comes with:


    275W PSU

    P4 HT 3.0

    1GB DDR2


    Some random graphics (not bothered since this is XP.)

    XP Pro

    Intel 945G Chipset


    £125 Delivered :) Looking at an Iiyama 19" TFT with speakers. Also need a cheap but good keyboard, mouse and USB Wireless adapter (54mbps will do.) Any ideas for these will be appreciated.


    I have worked out that this is compatible with Pentium D Processors, which I probably will get one of.


    As long as I get the Pentium D 930 or below my PSU should be more than adequate, a assume that the fan for the D 930 will not be too big.


    Also it has 4 DDR2 slots with up to 4GB memory. I'll upgrade this with spare money I have.


    I don't think I'll get a GPU because really I don't do gaming, if I get into it one day I might just get a custom gaming pc off of ebay.


    Basically this thing will serve me a long time if I managed to upgrade the CPU and Memory. Will hopefully be quite nippy too.

  9. Are you buying the PC with the view to upgrade in the future or to just get a new PC?


    Not really I don't need to upgrade much, maybe memory if I feel that I need it. If I could, I'd upgrade to dual core but I'm pretty sure I can't do that.


    If I did want to upgrade, what sort of stuff would I be able to do?


    Turns out the memory is actually only DDR.


    I have found some ones with DDR2.

  10. Found I better system I'm gonna try go after.


    P4 3.0 HT

    DDR2 Memory

    PCIe x16

    40GB Hard Drive (Seriously, no problem for me, I use like nothing!)

    Windows XP Pro

    17" HP Monitor (Worth £215 new on amazon.)


    And it's a Small Form PC.


    Pretty sure I want this one.


    240W Power Supply, which I heard ain't too good for graphics cards.


    This lot is on ebay £135 w/ delivery starting price. Going to try get my Dad to brain wash him into a Buy It Now.


    But well I don't think I'd need upgraded graphics unless I mysteriously decided I like pc gaming loads.

  11. Good enough software for me. By the way it's on Vista Premium.


    The Graphics card is only simple. It's a very entry level 64mb thing as far as I can tell, unless he upgraded it.


    Unless it's been upgraded it's a Quadro FX 500.

  12. The computer and the monitor. The monitor is LG too.


    P4 2.8GHz

    1GB RAM - Will upgrade to like 4GB perhaps

    80GB Hard Drive

    A GeForce card.


    Vista Premium

    Good Software


    This and Monitor and Keyboard and stuff for £155.


    What you think?

  13. You can get bigger new for less than that. My 19" LG cost me £120.


    The computer and the monitor. The monitor is LG too.


    P4 2.8GHz

    1GB RAM - Will upgrade to like 4GB perhaps

    80GB Hard Drive

    A GeForce card.


    Vista Premium

    Good Software


    This and Monitor and Keyboard and stuff for £155.

  14. It really depends what sort of games you're wanting to play. You're not going to get a lot for £200 if you're needing a monitor too...


    A decent sized monitor will set you back £100 alone.


    Just forget the games, they will play on any ancient pc.


    Don't even need like a proper graphics card, just those graphics you get with any standard computer.


    My friend is offering about £150 for his 2 year old dell.


    2.6GHz P4 HT

    1gb ram

    80gb hard drive


    Just the tower.


    Don't know if that's worth it or not, not sure If I should get better specs.


    Might just save up with my bro for the rest of the year to get a better one. Unless my friend's one is any good.

  15. Right me and my brother want to buy a new desktop for our bedroom. We don't really need it to do much other than msn, music, internet, undemanding games.


    Not really sure on the budget perhaps £200 or so (maybe a bit more). I've been looking at those customs on ebay and they look good.


    Does anyone have any ideas of what specs I should get?

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