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  1. EDIT: Keep in mind if you are using it for a night out you probs dont want an expensive phone. I dropped mine so many times!


    IMO the N95 will get you the best phone and the K850i will get you as good a camera but a not as good phone.

  2. This is what I do too. I usually have a few courses in mind that I want to have a run through so I vote for them until they are selected.


    Whats the hidden corner in Rainbow Road? At first, I had problems seeing the very last corner before the finish line, due to the way the track was actually curved. For some reason it looks to me like its going to head left and come back round to the finish line, but I've since gotten used to the track so its no longer a problem. Is there another corner that has given people bother too?


    I'm pretty sure the hidden corner is the one you're talking about.

  3. ...Are you the Almighty God of Gaming, or something?


    Well I have only done 50cc's on Star or above so I haven't tried it on any 150cc or anything. But it seems easier than before.


    I haven't fallen off the hidden corner any more either which is good.

  4. DK snow mountain, Koopas cape, wario mine, coconut mall are the only decent tracks. DAISY CIRCUIT?? YA GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!!!


    Rainbow Road is quite good and not so easy to fall off this time round IMO.


    The only problem is the hidden turn that I missed twice, once was because of blooper to be fair though.

  5. Need some more background information. How does his computer currently connect to the internet?


    You won't be able to connect directly from a phoneline unfortunately as the Xbox doesn't have a modem in it, only an ethernet port.


    Can't remember what it's called, HomePlug maybe? But it lets you create a network through your power plugs. He could use that.


    This thread is now dead since he has decided to take a U-turn and get the wireless adapter.


    Thanks for all those who have helped.

  6. My friend wants to get Xbox Live, but he has a couple of problems:


    1. He doesn't want the wireless adapter

    2. He has no computer in his room


    What he does have though, is a phone line in his room. What could he get to connect his Ethernet cable to his phone line without a computer so that it would enable him to play xbox live?

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