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  1. Adele is awful.


    I like Muse, one of my favourite bands, but their last album or two are pretty average.


    I also like Coldplay, despite the reputation they get around the web. Last couple of albums don't compare to their old stuff, though.



    I hate hate hate hate hate Sam Smith with an absolute passion. Everything about him, I think the world would be a better place without him. A bit harsh, maybe, and perhaps I shouldn't count him as a thing that I should like but don't, but any opportunity to say how much I hate him and his music, I will :p


    I also don't get the hype with Ed Sheeran. His music is totally inoffensive, but something about him annoys me.


    This also. He's so painfully average and safe with his music, but he's just shite.

  2. Wow, i don't really know what to say to you all but thank you.


    Every single person on this forum has helped me become who i am today and i wouldn't be who i am if it wasn't for this forum and you guys. It sounds silly but it's true.


    You all make the world a better place.



  3. I think Leicester's "easy" next two home games Norwich and West Ham will determine whether or not they can do it. Can they win these games when the pressure is on, and when they can't play their counter attacking system? They couldn't beat 10 man Bournemouth at home. Let's see how they play with teams not letting them do what they've been doing.


    I agree with dazzy completely. The so-called easy games will do them in, the pressure will really build and they'll finish 4th.


    My final prediction


    1st - City/Gooners (can't decide :p)

    3rd - Spuds

    4th - Leicester

  4. I got a letter recently saying my bill was going up from February.


    It actually works out great for me as I'm moving at the end of the month and have 10 months left on my contract. Now I can get out of it for free. :D


    Oh that's bullshit, I don't mind paying a tiny extra £4 any ways but it's pretty shady. :shakehead

  5. Not quite free when they increase the prices by £4 a month next month.


    They said they'd notify me if they'd be any change and said nothing of the sort when they did. :confused: :p


    Virgin Media have doubled their speeds two or three times for us in the past couple of years. I'm quite happy with them.


    Speeds are always very consistent as well. Even now I'm getting just over 70 Mbps at this time. Always been very happy with them. :)

  6. Yeah we may need another striker after all. Its a shame Charlie Austin keeled over and died in the summer because he would have been ideal but never mind.


    Starting to think mitro may be a dud. Or not developed enough for a relegation scrap at least.


    By the way is Oxlade always that shit these days? He was great last time i saw him play...


    Still scored 10 so far this season, I'd still say he'd be worth a punt at a decent price.