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  1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    I've started reading The Last Wish. I'm only about 30 pages in but it's good so far.
  2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    There's a lot of games on the pc that look nowhere near as good and run much worse. They've done a superb job optimising it on the pc
  3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Just finished playing for a couple of hours, and the combat has really clicked. Because i'm using a mac keyboard on my pc i couldn't really use alt as it was positioned awkwardly, so i reassigned dodge to left ctrl and it's fucking incredible. I thought i could just roll my way through it, but this has made everything better. dis game tho... Also, Patch should be out in 5-7 days apparently.
  4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    I've had one crash on the PC version, i was moving stuff around in my inventory. I'm playing on the 2nd easiest difficulty and i suck really bad. How can i be good? :p
  5. Football Season 2014/2015

    I'd always thought Ibe had a higher ceiling than Sterling, but there's no denying Sterling could become a world class player, which is what I'm worried about if he leaves. If he goes I really hope it's abroad.
  6. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    I have the R9 290 overclocked. Oh and 1080p. Galaxy looks nice, just wanted to squeeze every last fps out my pc. :p
  7. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    I ended up uninstalling it through GOG Galaxy and just used the GOG downloader. This game is stunning. Playing on Ultra settings and get 40-60fps solidly. I just got to the witch and i spent about 10 mins hitting her and doing like 10 damage, totally not realising i was using the wrong sword... I'll slay her tomorrow.
  8. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    1 hour 50 mins to go. SO HYPEEEEEED.
  9. Football Season 2014/2015

    Who would people actually take for their team given the choice? De Gea or Courtois? Courtois easily for me. Looks very likely Sterling is going. He isn't worth the money he wants, and he is certainly replaceable right now, it's just worrying that he might actually reach his potential elsewhere.
  10. Football Season 2014/2015

    I rate Courtois and De Gea as stand out keepers in the PL, Lloris and Hart are not even close. Courtois and De Gea elevate their team, while i can't say the same about the other two. Robben is a special player, he's everything that Hazard might be one day, but i wouldn't say he's there now.
  11. Football Season 2014/2015

    I'm amazed that people don't rate Neuer as the best keeper in the world. He's spectacular. Hazard for Robben? Really?
  12. Football Season 2014/2015

    Messi Ronaldo Suarez Neymar Neuer Lahm Robben Modric I'd put them all above any PL player. Then there's Bale, Iniesta, Ibra, Ribery. I could go on. Just look at the English teams in Europe. Chelsea - Comprehensively outplayed over 2 games vs PSG. Arsenal - Knocked out by Monaco, who are 3rd in Ligue 1. Liverpool - Less said the better. :p City - Got knocked out by the best team in the world, but they've been poor in Europe since forever. It's an exciting league, but there is a lack of individual and team quality in my opinion. I worded that last sentence wrong, there's a lack of world class quality.
  13. Football Season 2014/2015

    Would you put any of them in the worlds top 10 players? I'm not sure i would.
  14. Splatoon

    I've got this on preorder, but I'm torn whether to keep it. Even at £25, I just don't know if I'll get enough out of it. As it's coming out half complete, it's probably better to wait.
  15. Football Season 2014/2015

    I do think the general quality of the Premier League has been the lowest it has for as long as i can remember. I mean, how many Premier League players would get in a top 10 players in the world list? I don't think they'd be one from England in there.
  16. Football Season 2014/2015

    As many European cup medals as your entire club. That was so emotional, I was really struggling to hold back the tears. A legend of the highest order. Going to miss him. :'(
  17. Wii U General Discussion

    In more ways than one.
  18. Project CARS

    I'm not keen on them either, maybe that's what they're like irl? I've no idea. :p When you put it all together they can be shit loads of fun, but that's a hard ask. Otherwise they can be frustrating.
  19. Football Season 2014/2015

    As good as Pogba and Vidal are, I can't see them matching Iniesta, Rakitic and Sergio. Really want Barca to win, just for Luis. :p
  20. Mario Kart League 2015

    Added you @BowserBasher
  21. Mario Kart League 2015

    Is it ok if i join? Who do i need to add?
  22. Football Season 2014/2015

    Suarez up against Evra again... Hope he does this to him. :p
  23. Project CARS

    You can change your HUD on the fly. If you're using a pad, it's left on the d-pad to cycle through them. Maybe that's why stuff has disappeared?