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  1. Mario VS Metroid

    I chose Galaxy, as I still haven't actually bought MP3. Played a bit of it and liked it a lot, but if it's anything like the other two games (still have yet to finish the second one!) then that might well be as far as I get. I'll probably still buy it when I've got all stars with the spoiler character.
  2. Failure? Hah! You walk into a shop in England right now and try and buy one. What do they say? "You can't. We're sold out." Try and buy Halo 3? "Halo 3? Sure, we have tons of them lying around!" Seriously, so many of the best Nintendo games are just gone now. It's got so bad that Game had Bratz as the no1 selling Wii game when I went in there the other day. I asked the attendant what they were on about, where's the actual good games. He said that they technically weren't lying, as Bratz was the number 1 selling game at that precise point in time. Mainly because they'd sold out of everything better and so people resorted to buying that. If you call "sold so many that shops have sold out" compared to "We got a whole load on launch that we still haven't sold" a failure compared to Halo 3, then yes, it's a failure. I'd then proceed to call you an idiot.
  3. Think they will send us anything for Christmas?

    Quite frankly, I consider the Wii Points Card shop to be my present from Nintendo this year.
  4. Wii Points Card Shop

    I'm going for every Wii point I can get my hands on. I'm not particularly fussed if they bring out any hardware or software available on it, as it's not like I won't already own pretty much all the decent Nintendo made stuff. Models and things do not interest me. However, Wii Points allow me to buy games for free. Such as Lylatwars, which I've had a craving to play for a while now. That has been satisfied thanks to free points. The rest (should have about 3000 Wii Points when all my stars are converted) will be saved for WiiWare titles.
  5. Wii Points Card Shop

    More cards are available now. Go quickly.
  6. NEW NoE Site is up!

    I think I already lost some points last month, as I remember having over 10,000 on the last website, and I started off this one with just over 8000. Only just added my Wii and assorted games, so I'm back over 10,000, but still.
  7. No DVD case for Wii Sports in new Wii's?

    Upping production by a large amount (300,000 a month wasn't it?) takes more than just whipping your workers. Dvd box cases won't be made by nintendo, they'll be made by a different company, who then ships them to Nintendo factories. Then the game is put inside of them and they're put in the Wii box. Say that Nintendo can only fit 1000 dvd box cases in their factory at once, and they get a shipment once a day. Upping production means that they want to make more than 1000 Wiis a day, which means they've run out of boxes for Wii Sports. Getting cardboard sleeves instead means they can fit 10,000 sleeves in the same space as 1000 dvd box cases, which means they can make more Wiis in a day. You can't make factories work harder by magic. Sometimes shortcuts must be taken.
  8. Wii Points Card Shop

    That's annoying. I just noticed that Sheikah said he bought 2 cards today, so I went off to try and buy some. There were about 200 cards of 100 points left, so I go to purchase, go to confirm... sold out. About 20 seconds too late. sigh.
  9. Wii Points Card Shop

    Unless he magically edited it without the edit message appearing, he didn't mention the Wii Shop Channel. But the stars catalogue is actually relatively well stocked at the moment. I reckon they'll add more point cards in January though, after the deadline for point expiration.
  10. Any reason I shouldn't buy a second hand Wii?

    The shopping channel information (such as what games you've downloaded and what nintendo-europe club nintendo account your attached to) can be changed/deleted rather easily. Just go into settings on the shop channel. If anybody here does get a second hand Wii, if they've downloaded any games then ask them to not delete their account. There's no information kept on the Wii (like credit cards) from what I'm aware of. There's no point in deleting games you might like.
  11. NEW NoE Site is up!

    So, now all the Wii Points cards are now sold out, how long do people think before they put some more up? Because the three I managed to redeem all started with 133*, I'd say there's a certain range being used up by these cards, and once enough of them have been redeemed on the Shop Channel Nintendo will put them back up. If that's the case, then we might see more cards online next week. I think that the more likely scenario is that we won't see more cards until January, after some points have expired. Because the more Wii Points people get for free the less money Nintendo gets from people buying Wii Points, which means less money overall. They're basically giving us free games in order to encourage us to actually buy some more. So naturally they want to reduce the amount of free games given away, while still actually giving away some games. If my horrible grammar (it's 2.30am) makes sense anyway.
  12. What games do you predict to reach top 3 this Christmas?

    I don't know, Pro Street looks to be the best one since Most Wanted, mainly because it's in daylight once again. I cannot stand playing racing games like Underground where it's night time all the time, and vehemently boycotted all of them. I'm considering getting this one though.
  13. Wiis, sold out online?!

    This is why I bought my Wii in February, when there's actually some in stock that you don't have to beg the store manager to get. That said, to get it I had to ring up 5 different shops in Reading daily to find out if they had any, then when I finally got one I dropped everything and went to get it. Skipped three lectures that day... totally worth it
  14. You know you're a Nintendo geek when....

    ...when somebody starts ranting about how their console is better than yours, you think of at least 8 intellectual reasons why their talking out of their arse. Then ignore all of them in favour of just shouting back louder.
  15. Spore Hero

    While this looks like one of the most amazing games to have ever existed, I cannot help but feel that it's own ambition would destroy it. It seems to me that to program this to be as truly organic as the game wants to be (i.e., be able to design/develop your race as you truly want to, with no limitations other than survival) would be such a huge task to program as to be ultimately impossible. Seriously, the are supercomputers working on tasks less complex than developing this game.