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  1. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    hey a lot of people have commented on how TP's end sequence is "almost as heart wrenching" as link's awakening's. i started LA but im stuck where you have to move the walrus thing cz it just wont fucking move. so could somebody please tell me this emotional scene? in spoiler tags of course. thanks
  2. Your First Love...

    i dont care about these people who say teenage relationships arent real or whatever. i am 16 and im in love with a girl called ashleigh. she moved to florida about 3 years ago (i live in england) and everyday kills me. i speak to her most days on msn, but its not enough, i want to be with her to care for her and be there for her but 3000 miles is such a fucking long way... also she just started going out with some dude and although im happy for her, it depresses me so much. i literally want to cry sometimes...
  3. Things that you do that annoy you

    ah lots of things really. although i cant think of any right now.. odd that :/
  4. His Dark Materials... the movies

    yes the magesterium is in the book
  5. His Dark Materials... the movies

    from what ive seen of the film so far it looks ok. i cant even hope that it will capture the magic of the books, but i hope it doesnt fuck up the books like with harry potter. the only complaint i have so far is that asriel looks NOTHING how i imagined him from the books. i always imagined him to be much taller, with some kind of large hat type thing. il draw a picture for you some time lol
  6. His Dark Materials... the movies

    nice pics bard, and that one before of mrs coulter (i presume)
  7. His Dark Materials... the movies

    oh cool. i dont know how my mum got a hold of the american version of the book then i live in the uk and so i have the northern lights version so i just hope they keep the name for the uk. it'll be easier for this than harry potter as this is just the title of the film and not actually mentioned in the film like the philosophers/sorcerers stone is.
  8. His Dark Materials... the movies

    Hello everyone. All of you, as was I, were extremely disappointed and angry at the news of the film being called "The Golden Compass" as opposed to "Northern Lights" and complaining that it is due to americans illiteracy. I will now quite happily tell you all to shut the hell up! I just found out that Northern Lights used to be called The Golden Compass so it is not americans but Pullman himself who has named it this, and in fact if you're a hardcore fan of him, then this new name should be a good thing. If you don't believe me about this I would have happily posted a picture of the book with this original title because my mom just happens to have owned a copy (this is how i found out this information lol) but she gave it away apparently so i shall have to prove it with this link instead: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Golden-Compass-Dark-Materials-Paperback/dp/0440238137/sr=1-8/qid=1168460058/ref=sr_1_8/203-4374955-3055120?ie=UTF8&s=books. Just thought i'd clear up this mistake and hopefully this can be my grand entry into the n-europe forums as an informative member etc.
  9. annoying words or phrases!

    lies i use 'indeed' all the time and i dont think im 'cool' for saying it and im not really a 'sophisticated' member of society. i really hate when chavs say 'chh-chh' , trying to imitate the cocking of a shotgun i believe. its very annoying when said person is sitting behind you inan important exam and the fucking teachers do nothing about it
  10. Official Bread Megathread.

    i love bread too, the warbutons white 'toasty' bread is the greatest loaf (thats the one in the orange wrapper) allwhite is good and wholemeal is awesome too, but not whole grain. i dont want any seed crap in my bread thanks.
  11. So you think you're a gamer?

    72%.. it was very hard though as im not a pc-gamer and most were pc questions EDIT imayhave got 76% i forget and closed window early lol
  12. His Dark Materials... the movies

    i hope they dont because that would ruin everything.
  13. His Dark Materials... the movies

    i love these books. i read them all about a year ago and i always thought "i think these could potentially make a great movie" and today i find there is one being made. i got confused earlier in the thread so please someone answer this: what are they trying to change to "the golden compass"? the alethiometer or the actual film title?
  14. Sign up for this bitches

    thanks for this link 'dork
  15. Eat Fresh

    i just get sub of the day and all the extras i can get they are all delicious !!!!!!!!!!! and non-toasted bread ftw