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  1. T-Wireless Gamepad (Wii)

    Does look like an imitation of the classic controller, just with the positioning all the 'normal' bits and bobs on it.
  2. Big Brain Academy Sold Out?

    I have had trouble getting big brian for wii. When it first came out i seen it in my local tesco but i talked myself out of it like ill get it later on. But come to past week i have been looking everywhere for it, the internet shops i go on were all on 'order from supplier' all supermarkets, i went to both GAME's at the trafford centre, cheshire oaks etc. Then eventually this morning when i started work i was walking through the games section and there was one copy on the top shelf! I quickly grabbed hold off it hehe. My local ASDA (also my place of work) has prevailed again! Also asda seemed to have reduced the price to £16.97 plus my discount on top of that! so a very cheap game indeed!
  3. Super Mario Galaxy

    I'm really looking forward to this game! But i dont know wether to have it as a xmas present or buy it on realise, but then there is the other titles of MP3, RE:UC. For the first time since i got my 360, my 360 may not be touched with all these games comin out for wii!
  4. Whats your Job!

    I'm a security/loss prevention colleague for Asda.
  5. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Yer i have been reading alot of people have had problems on xbox.com as well. Mine has been fine since the update though, must affect certain consoles for some reason.......
  6. Wii Firmware update: 3.0U/E

    Don't know if it is really part of the update or not but i noticed my wii shop channel loaded up a hell of alot quicker than normal. Will have to try it a few times though as it may just be a once off....
  7. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    I tried that Redshell but it didn't work. Thanks for your help anyway. Got a new wii console now which works fine!
  8. Wii Firmware update: 3.0U/E

    Must admit i like what they have done with the shop channel. I never really had a problem with it before but now the layout is just better and more appealing on the eye!
  9. Expanding the Gray matter.

    Very interesting post! I myself have just had nintendo consoles for the past 2 generations (N64, Gamecube) and was perfectly happy with them. Now i got the Wii for xmas but i ended up getting a 360 earlier this year. If somebody had said to me 6 months ago from then that i would have a 360 i would of laughed in there face. I got the 360 to expand my games, the 360 gave me my more 'hardcore' games such as GoW but i still love my Wii. I do feel though that my Wii has become my second console as i play on the 360 alot more. Nintendo have not lost me but because of the games that have come out i opted for a second console as well.
  10. City Stereotypes

    Whenever i tell someone i am from Cheshire they seem to think i'm some kinda posh person? I don't know why... I was born in shropshire anyway but there you go. Good question, my mums side of the family are welsh and they live in Cardiff. I hardly ever see them but i went down to Cardiff to visit them in January and i found that my cousins were using the word 'lush' an awful lot and i have heard some males say it too... I did ask them why they use that word and they just looked at me like what the fuck i'm i talking about(lol), must just be a normal word for them.
  11. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    I have noticed a very odd problem that has just appeared with my Wii. It wont connect to the internet anymore, when i try confirming the connection it either says 'cannot connect please check your settings' or 'no access point could be found' I just researched for my network server but it says it can't find it. I have checked the settings and my 360 is right next to my wii and it can pick up the access point fine.... Any ideas?
  12. Doctor Who

    Yer it does seem like a bit of an odd choice. I would of thought they would of gone for something different for this next series.
  13. Doctor Who

    wow, well that is a surprise. I couldn't see her joining Doctor Who properly! I'm going to need to watch the xmas special again, remind me off her character...
  14. Doctor Who

    Ah yes good point. Well The Doctor turned into a little creature with a big head so anything is possible!
  15. Doctor Who

    Just watched the repeat on bb3 (never get to see the one on sat). I enjoyed the episode, sad to see the series end though. That whole captain jack thing is bit odd. How can the human body evolve into the face of boe? A big head in a container? I'm a little confused though, what is the story behind the drumming beat in the masters head? I av prob missed something bu i dont really understand it?
  16. Doctor Who

    I'm not 100% but im pretty sure no mention of a time war was done before these new episodes started, the timelords existed back then i believe?
  17. Your Favourite Achievements

    I would probably have to say the crackdown ones. I had so much fun getting them! hehe
  18. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    I can see the multiplayer mayhem with that now..... hehe
  19. Mario Party 8

    I was very optomistic about this game but after reading Ngamers review of it i'm a little unsure now. I was hoping that with the wii mote they could of made this game feel new and fresh but the impression i have got from the review it has not done this........
  20. Doctor Who

    Lol! Possibly, i thought that kid looked evil already... Maybe he was just born evil!
  21. Doctor Who

    Yer i enjoyed this episode, can't wait to see the next...and last of the series. I find that drum beat quite catchy... I found myself doing it last night after i watched it (i can only watch the repeat on bbc3 as in work on sat night) and i was just doing it then...
  22. Stupid Things That Make You Angry

    The most common things that piss me off is things to do with driving. People who drive wrong like cut me up, move out infront of me, get in the wrong lane on a roundabout just to go cut me up and think they can drive faster than me. (there is a particular roundabout which happens quite often on my route to Chester and Cheshire Oaks) and they make out i'm in the wrong! I just feel like throwing the highway code out of my car at them! Oh and when my mum says anoying things to me as well.
  23. Rate the last film you saw

    Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer I didn't go in with great hopes for this film because i thought the first one was crap. Definatly better than the first in my opinion but not much. Bit more action and a few decent(ish) laughs, Jessica was hot, thats about it.... An 'ok' film. 5/10
  24. I don't know alot about things like this but could something have happened in your past that could of make you like that? I used to have a problem with being around other people and outside of the house but nothing to the extent of throwing up etc. Mine was caused by alot of bad things happening to me when i was out the house. Getting attacked in the street and in work(i worked in bakery at asda at the time). For a long time i wouldn't leave the house, i always got taxi's home from work instead of walking etc. It ruined my first holiday abroad coz i was scared to go to the pool etc. I'm not perfect now but alot better through counsiling sessions and just building my own confidence back up. I now work in security at the same asda store so that must say something! I'm also going for my second trip abroad in less than 3 weeks so things are on the up for me. Hope you can find some way of making your problem better.
  25. Leavers Day Thread

    Not many lovely ladies at your school then.... I can't think where my leavers photos are, seems like so long ago now.