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  1. Grudge Match: Vote Now!

    I don't even know who either of them are? I'll wait a bit and vote for the one with the most logical and witty argument.
  2. The Killers - Sam's Town

    I quite like some of there stuff in there new album, I'll probaly download a few tracks, rather than buying the whole album.
  3. European Wii Preorders

    I'm ganan pre-order mine tommorw, will go to GAME first, but if they have a big pre-oder list and can't 100% say I will get on lanuch day I will go to gamestation and if they can't there is a good indie games store which I could trust to hold me one.
  4. project Almost Famous

    huh? Prodject? Famous? 50 cent? Blondes? ..........
  5. 100 greatest cartoons on channel 4

    Some of the stuff on there was a joke, but at least it was no were near as bad as channels 5's film count down. The problem is, that if that let people vote, most people will remember recent stuff which they liked, but really is kind of naff, such as monster inc being to high in the cartoon lsit, or james bond:dad being high in the film list.
  6. Happy birthday Mr.Mokong! and Bowser57

    Happy birthday to all
  7. I'll try to get everything, but as you say everything is just not practicle the first time around. I was 2 hearts short of everything in ww (and a few figurines short), I got basicaly everything in lttp (think I was 1 heart piece short). I think I'll get a good amount from it, as I'll take my time injoying it and exploring.
  8. GAME console returns

    I wonder if people get a game and use the stars and return in within 10days? I think it's good news anyway as GAME is well out of line selling a game whch has been used for 10 days as new, thats why I only buy games from them that are still sealed.
  9. Wii blue light gone?

    I liked the blue light...
  10. 9 Dungeons is a big amount, but lots of play out side of dungeons would be neat. I hope the include lots of secret iteams which reward searching like ww magic armour or lttp invinsible/invisble clock.
  11. There could be truth in that, because left handed people have a right hemishere bias brain, were as right handed have a left bais. And one side of the brain does creative stuff, were-as the other does stuff like maths, language etc. Or so I read in my readers digest book of intresing and random facts.
  12. 2GB Wii SD Memory only £18.71 (ex vat)

    I agree with DCK, by the time I actually need one, could be over 1 years time, they will be much cheaper. I'll wait untill my wii is almost full then order.
  13. One friend code per system

    It has it's down sides, I scared me, when I relised at one point that I was doing over 30 hours of counter strike a week. Yeer I think it's a good thing to be able to keep track of time played and stuff. Also one code = very good. It's just me who will use it, as long as the let multiple people play online at once (using one wii), I'll be happy.
  14. Wii VIP pak.

    I got the VIP pack and I though it was well worth it, a ds early and at the same cost as shops. 1000 stars for the postage seems fair enough for me, if that keept it at 1000 at charged £180, I would be happy (or even £220 with zelda).
  15. It's Friday night, what are you up to?

    I found out my work clothes were dirty at like 12, and so had to wash them and stick them in the dyer, then my dogs work me up about 5 times in the night, wanting to go outside, then I had to get up at 7 to iron said clothes, I am going to sleep for at least 12 hours tonight.
  16. The Siege of Nintendo Webcomic

    Quality stuff!
  17. Happy Birthday Mr Odwin!

    Happy odwin day! Have a good un'
  18. Revenge of the Great NE Quiz!

    I'll do a round as well.
  19. Fishing

    Sadly the biggest I myself have caught was a 4lb or so bream. Though I did cath my dog once; I was fishing off a day boat in the Norfolk broads with my friend (shown above), and we hadn't got anything so were going to move on. When I reeled in my hook, I placed it beside my tacle box, and my westie eat the octopous flavour bollie, with 3 pronged barbed hook and tracer line attached. This meant an expensive trip to the vets, and a operation for the dog.
  20. Fishing

    I really like fishing. I got myself a liceince for this year, but havn't used it enough. Have had some really good times fishing with friends, night fishing can be very fun. I got myself a feeder rod not to long ago, which I havn't used much yet, other than that I use a carp rod. I remember once going to a carp lake, me and a friend spend 2 days from 6:00am to 7pm without leaving the lake. It was worth it though, checkout this beuty my friend got:
  21. Revenge of the Great NE Quiz!

    5, matrix. murphus said it to neo.
  22. Revenge of the Great NE Quiz!

    1, -------- 2, -------- 4, -------- 5, the matrix 7, -------- Edit: sorry, should have read the rules properly, I'll stick with 5 then.
  23. Rate the last film you saw

    Since by last review, I have wathced (again) the extended twin towers and return of the king, both get 10/10 of course. Also the extended rotk is well worth it with 50 mins axtra, much more to offer than the extended fotr.
  24. Lost - Series 3 [spoilers]

    I am glad someone else feels the same way I do, every roll I have seen her in, she has been annoying.
  25. Happy B-day conzer16!

    Happy birthday