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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    Red hot chili peppers, Tell me baby
  2. This is when we find out, it's a hidden web cam, that the frind doesn't know about... :wink:
  3. Post your random pointless fact here

    *tries it out* hmmm..... how strange
  4. Exam Results Thread

    I hope I did well if so I may go to uni, if not well....I tried, so I have nothing to regret. Edit: I need BBC for the course I am intrested in.
  5. Job Hunting Woes

    I registered with a employemnet agency today, over 1hour of interviews and paper work everything from my weight/chest size/foot size, and hieght to past experince and qualifications. I had to sign tonns of paper work, and do tests and stuff, but they seem to think thery will find me work in the next few days.
  6. Rate your lunch!

    some mini (asda), butter flapjacks......hmm jummy.
  7. Giant Enemy Crabs!!!

    .......Ridge racer!!!
  8. * SNK delays support for PS3 until 2010 *

    DAM those peskie space pirates
  9. This Shit is F**CKED

    Would be handy if you liked fishing, all the bait you could ask for, but other wise yeer... ...let em' burn!
  10. N64 kids is selling his N64

    I recon it's him, otherwsie how would he get family pictures from the same day? and yeer $1000, is crazy high.
  11. Your Top 3 Books

    My top 3 are probably all Tom Clancy books. My favourite has to be: Without Remorse (Basic plot), *minor spoilers* Without Remorse is the first book time wise in the Ryan-verse series; a series of books focus on and around a character Jack Ryan. Though he only appears in this book in once short scene, his father does play a large part in the book. The main character however is John Kelly a former US S.E.A.L. who served in Vietnam, who after a tragic accident losses his wife. His life however changes one day when he meets a young lady, Pam. Pam has run away from her life of abuse from drug dealers. He learns to love again; only to find out the horrid past that Pam has went through. John Kelly decides that he must take revenge as the local police are almost turning a blind eye to the drug dealers. At the same time however a high risk operation to save troops from a POW camp in Vietnam is being planned, Kelly is faced with 2 dangerous missions. Why I like it: Tom Clancy (the author) covers the topics so well, and in no way does it ever become a James Bond style fantasy type book. Everything is extremely well researched so although the book is fiction it is made very believable. The book shows both sides to every person, and covers dark subjects such as cold-blooded murder, torture and even rape and is a hard hitting, at first it surprised me. The book is never a cliché' and is always following new directions. Trust me, once you start reading it you will become obsessed, and will not put the book down. The other Ryan-verse Clancy books (that I have read) are all equally as great, with "the hunt for Red October" being another favourite of mine.
  12. Cadburys Caramel Rabbit...Whats the Deal?

    Funniest thing I have read in a very long time. :laughing:
  13. Difficult question...

    Well God said (depending oin translation, Im using a NIV): "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it".. (Rule over fish and other living creatures...etc). Edit: I think some translations say "go forth and mulitply/be fruitful etc".
  14. Difficult question...

    I believe God made us and our purpose is to be obedient to him.
  15. Post your random pointless fact here

    Just the 80's....(?)
  16. Post your random pointless fact here

    Nice.... (I was just bitting my nails while reading this)-I know horrid habbit.
  17. Post your random pointless fact here

    If time is just a measure of change, if there was no change (ie somewere far away with no matter) would time still pass, and how would anyone know?
  18. ITV play The Mint puzzle

    I make it to be 25...(?)
  19. The new Debit Card Monopoly.

    I agree, and also half the fun, was trying to pay off a hotel visist with a station or watter works and get out of jail card.
  20. Post your random pointless fact here

    Ok some more good-uns': -A snail can sleep for 3 years -28.1% of people have/do wee in a pool -An octopus' testicles are located in it's head
  21. The new Debit Card Monopoly.

    So no more cheating -Yeer I agree having the notes was kinda of cool, surley it should also allow you to get into dept being a credit card.
  22. Male or Female?

    Flameboy are we close (being both) or is the answer something really odd?
  23. Male or Female?

    It's the eyes (plus eye brows (spelling?) ) that look female.
  24. Post your random pointless fact here

    I feel stupid now...
  25. Male or Female?

    I would say female Though because you say "if you know the answer..." I'm guesing it's either both or a airburshed monkey or something.