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  1. 7/12/06 8PM : Friend comes round and we prepare the room for Wii. 11PM : Head off to ASDA to see if we can get a Wii for my friend without a preorder. If we get one from ASDA and I get the games and accessories I want then we shall keep on playing into the night and pick up my preorder sometime tomorrow afternoon If not then we shall get some sleep then set off at about 6AM to the GAME where I have a preorder and wait for the opening. Then rush home and play. Then school at 9AM but luckily its my day where I finish at 11AM. Then in the evening having about 10 friends over for many multiplayer shenanigans. Can't wait!
  2. European Wii Preorders

    Just bin into my GAME where I preordered on 27/9 They have told be I will get one on Friday although refused to tell me how far down the list I was. They are opening at 7AM which is a slight disappointment as I really enjoyed their GameCube midnight launch. Also no preorders for games or accessories as 'we are getting almost none in' Hope that is useful to someone
  3. Just to reassure others. I haven't had anything from GAME either. Not sure what number I was on the list but I went on the 27th September which I think was the first day they offered pre-orders. Here's hoping we all get a positive letter soon.