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  1. What is tethering?


    It's when you turn your phone into a portable wifi hotspot (essentially you convert the 3g connection your phone can use into a wifi signal). Any wifi enabled device will see your phone as a wifi point and be able to connect to the internet via the phone. Depending on your smart phone 'flavor' and carrier, some devices allow this, others do not.


    Normally 'rooting' or 'jail breaking' your phone will allow you to run an app that will let you do this even if you carrier blocks it out of the factory.


    When you do this it will allow you to use the phone as normal (calls and sms) but obviously it can't connect to wifi at the same time, but it does use more battery juice and can eat into data usage depending on what you are tethering.


    The advantage of this is that you only need one data package (on your smart phone) that you can connect all your peripheral devices to (such as the Vita, an iPad, iPod touch etc) and you can also buy the normally cheaper wifi only variant of said hardware.


    (Hope that clears that up :))


    For me, getting the cheaper wifi only model is no-brainer. I have a wifi/3g iPad and have never put a sim card in it. I can't justify the cost of a second data plan when I have such a good plan for my phone that I can share.

  2. I was about to call you out on being absolutely insane, but then I look at the fact I have two PSP's because I bought the 3000 to be my dedicated Phantasy Star Portable 2 machine.


    And by some luck, shortly after that the 3000 got hacked.


    EDIT: Urgghhhhh even though I really don't want it at launch, every time I fucking see the thing I just want to buy it. I'd need to buy 2 memory cards to overcome the PSN account shit and I think Sega isn't offering UMD support for Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity.


    Hey man, I literally just got a PSP for PSP2. Looking into getting Infinity but I'm worried about the language barrier. This is totally off topic so maybe PM me if you wanna chat :grin:

  3. It doesn't happen often but I sometimes get Street Pass hits late. My friend at work has a 3DS and so whenever I go to work I get one off him but the one day I was casually playing Mario Kart at about 1am in my room and got a Street Pass off him.


    So I'm guessing it can sometimes be late (or he was just sneaking into my bedroom, uninvited)


    Thanks dude, good to know this does happen sometimes!

  4. Hi guys! I just opened my 3DS to find I met someone via street pass apparently 5 hours ago. The thing is I was at work 5 hours ago and the 3DS hasn't been out the house for a few days....did someone with a 3DS come in my house whilst I was out or is the timing not very accurate? :hmm:

  5. I'm a bit bummed to have paid full price, but equally pleased that I'll get some free games especially as there are a few in there that are missing from my collection that I wanted to get.


    I may have missed it, so my apologies, but is there a date when the games will be available?

  6. Hey all,


    Sorry for the bump! Just wondering if people are still playing this game online? I ordered a copy from amazon yesterday as it was only £23! I have always wondered about the Japanese obsession with Monster Hunter so now I get to find out if I like it.

  7. Well I'm getting into the Christmas spirit early this year as it is the first Christmas I have had my own place :santa:


    Here is our tree, sadly it isn't real, the Mrs wouldn't let me have a real one, but we did get a bargain at B&Q.




    We're missing one more bit of tinsel as we didn't buy enough, but it's nice to have the tree up, feels Christmassy in the flat :grin:

  8. So i take it Mario Kart has gone?


    If so how much for NSMB?


    Yeah Mario Kart has gone, sorry. NSMB - £15


    How much for Castlevania and Advance Wars individually?


    (Sorry, I'm no good at pricing things myself!)


    Castlevania £15, Advance wars £12


    How much for Tetris?






    Any of the games with no interest are now going on ebay. Any that people have asked about will be going on ebay at the weekend if they don't want them or if I haven't heard either way.


    Thanks all.

  9. I'm interested in the Naruto xbox360 game, I think, not sure if its rubbish.


    Also Phoenix Wright, Ninja Gaiden 2, and Starfox Command.


    Not sure how many I would buy, but a pricing would be nice please :)


    Phoenix is gone now, sorry! Naruto = £15, NG2 = £10, SFC = £15


    How much for Fallout 3? (It's still stupidly expensive in the shops)



  10. £30 for Halo Wars and Fallout 3?


    I'll do Halo Wars for £20 but I can't let fall out go for a tenna, sorry.


    Which Castlevania is it that you have on the DS? I'm looking to acquire one of them to see what their like (haven't played the series since Bloodlines on the Genesis).


    Dawn of Sorrow


    How much for World Ends With You, Phoenix Wright and BWii? (seperately)


    TWEWY - £15, Phoenix - £10, BWii - £20


    How much for both FF games delivered? (And what's final fantasy 11? FFXI if the MMO)


    £10 each. Sorry meant XII - Revenant Wings


    How much for Metroid Prime 3?


    Really sorry, that one is already pending sale to a friend, I'll take it off the list.


    how much for gears of war?




    How much for Ouendan and StarFox Command?


    EDIT: £10?


    Too low i'm afraid dude. Considering ebay/import costs for Ouendan.


    How much for Fallout 3?


    Also Fable 2 and GH3 both together and seperate?


    Fable 2 - £20. GH3 (with controller) - £30




    Judging from the prices some offered I can see that you might have thought I was going to be selling them cheap. Please don't be offended at thr prices I am asking, this is my entire collection going on sale. The money is to be used to fund a tour of Europe this summer. If you think I'm asking too much that's fine, you don't have to buy them, I'm only asking what I think is realistic.


    I offered them up here on N-E first as they are all MINT like new and I know you guys will appreciate this.


    For any games sold here I will include P&P in the quoted price.


    Cheers all.

  11. Ok folks, I need to make some money fast, so I'm selling my entire game collection. Below is the first batch that is up for sale, if there is anything you want, please make an offer it will take too long to price them all up myself first. Please bear in mind that I need to get some capital back from these so I'm not going to let them go for stupid cheap prices.


    As these are all from my collection, they are all in excellent condition, in fact many have only been played once, if at all.




    The World Ends With You - Sold

    Pheonix Wright - Sold


    Mario Kart DS - Sold

    Super Mario Bros


    Advance Wars




    Any of the games with no interest are now going on ebay. Any that people have asked about will be going on ebay at the weekend if they don't want them or if I haven't heard either way.


    Thanks all.