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  1. Expanding a wireless network

    Yeah that is an option, I might have to go down that route. There isn't anywhere in the house that it can go other than where it is..and I want to be able to play my DS in my room :P
  2. Vista Thread

    Here be mine: I want to upgrade my graphics card, I can either buy another 7600GT and run them in SLi, or I can get something else completely. What are those new 8800 things like? What about in SLi?
  3. OMG, you ARE me! FF7 - Last disc, stopped playing FF9 - Last boss, died once, stopped playing FF10 - Last boss, died once, stopped playing OOT - Last dungeon before Ganons castle, stopped playing Although I have completed: Half Life 1 & 2 Golden Sun (the first one) Day of the Tentacle Munch's oddysee Strangers Wrath But my proudest acievements: 97/99 Mudokens on Abes Oddysee 288/300 Mudokens on Abes Exodus I wish there was a website where you could keep track of your achievements and upload photos and stuff, that would rock. Especially if it had a rating system etc!
  4. Naked PC Pictures.

    My beast: Bit dusty, it lives on the floor instead of on my desk these days and I think sitting or carpet makes the dust worse.
  5. The N-Europe Forum Awards 2006

    Gratz to everyone who won an award, well deserved
  6. Help my brother!

    Guys and girls, something quite exciting is happening in my family, my brother has made it to the final seven out of thousands auditioning to play a main role in the new take that muscial, please please please can you take a second to vote for him....I wouldn't normally ask for help like this but I know how hard he has worked to get to where he is, and I really think he deserves it. Click here to vote for GREG HERST! It won't take a minute and it would mean a lot to me and my family! Thanks everyone!
  7. Help my brother!

    Hey everyone, if you have voted, thank you!! I have been so impressed by how many people have supported my brother so far, the face book group has nearly 500 members! If anybody is an active member in other forums, reposting for me would be awesome (I'm only active on this forum, it would be better coming from a well established member ) Thanks for the support people!!
  8. Help my brother!

    Trustori Greg's face book
  9. Help my brother!

    Yeah I don't really know why the Sun has anything to do with it, but just hold your nose and you can't smell it!
  10. Help my brother!

    Never mind lol! He's in the lead, its open for a week, so I'll probably bump this next wednesdayish if it has died out before then (which it probably will have!)
  11. Help my brother!

    Thank you all very much! (He didn't apply to Joseph although I told him too!)
  12. Friends of N-E

    I've been IRL friends with Lintendo (who seems to read but not post) for about 12 years and I have known Johelian for about 5 years, although she doesn't come here too much anymore, she told me about it back in the C-E days. I have met Fuzpoy who used to come into Game when I worked there, I think that's all of them.
  13. Your area

    Cobham eh? Not far from me, I live in Camberley!
  14. Hey guys and gals, myself and fellow forumite Lintendo and planning a holiday to Japan/Tokyo for October so I have come to ask some advice. I know some of you have been and some of you want to go, so here are some questions I would like your opinions on: If you have been, where did you stay, what parts of Japan, and where abouts in Tokyo? Where did you go when you were there, shopping, entertainment, etc, or if you havent been, where would you like to go? What was the weather like, we are planning to go in October, which according to my research is a good time to go. Anything else we should know? We are still in preliminary planning stages atm, so anything you can tell us will be great, thanks in advance!
  15. Ok, as some of you may know from the meaningless thread that I have been working overtime the last few days to get my dissertation finished. I went to uni on Wednesday to check the cost of getting my dissertation bound and when the print shop would be open to do it, the woman behind the counter said they were open until 8.30 tonight and that if I wanted it bound by 12 tomorrow it had to be there today. Guess what....they're closed, 10 minutes ago, that pisses me off!!!!! So what do I do? I have to hand in two professionally bound copies by 12 tomorrow. Do I get here in first thing in the morning and hope that they will do it? Do I print four copies (it's not cheap to print) take two to a binder off campus and bring two here in the morning, or what? And does anybody know the names of high street companies that do this sort of thing? I thought it was all online these days Heeellllppppp
  16. Help, dissertation issue!

    But did she say 8.30 or was I too tired and only heard 8.30? I can't really prove it either way.
  17. Planning a holiday in Japan/Tokyo

    Well said that man, thanks chief!
  18. Can you not use something like this?
  19. It just fails everytime, even though I run as administrator (which works on everything else).
  20. That did the trick' date=' thanks! Dont know why I didnt think of that
  21. Planning a holiday in Japan/Tokyo

    You will have to remind me closer to the time, infact, depending on what people ask for I might bump this thread closer to the time incase people do want stuff, but we'll see
  22. Coursework motivation

    Guys I really need your help, my dissertation is due in on Friday and I have got sooo much to do, but I just can't get motivated! Any tips on how you get motived to do coursework, I just find there are too many distractions :/
  23. Wow, awesome photos, looks like you had a wicked time!! I think Takeo would like it there
  24. Meeting Women

    This thread made me LOL in the computer lab at uni, especially these ones: Sorry I have nothing constructive to say to the OP.
  25. Coursework motivation

    7456 words done so far...Not long to go!