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  1. How was your day?

    So it seems aas long as my ticket arrives I'm going reading ^_^
  2. Simon Cowell

    Oh cool I got namedropped on the forums
  3. Exam results 2009

    That's because it's amazing here, having 6 bars and a nightclub on campus is sweet. Though this year I have to live not in parkwood which makes me sad
  4. Exam results 2009

    Any of you guys joining me and dom at Kent?
  5. Exam results 2009

    Remember if you don't get in to RING THEM UP AND BEG. It's how I got onto my course
  6. If my computer is on, I'll be in there.
  7. Xpert Eleven: Season 10

    Not entirely sure it's possible for me to lose this next match, Vikings only won one game last season O-o
  8. Which Friend are YOU?

    "The miserable apathetic cynical bastard who's always in a good mood" Is how I've been described by more then one circle of friends.
  9. User Image Gallery

    Rummy, while Reggae Reggae sauce is awesome, downing it straight must be ugghhh !_! And Slaggis, what is a magical chupa chup?
  10. Xpert Eleven: Season 10

    Woop new thread. Hopefully this season I'll be able to actually advance :V
  11. How was your day?

    I just realised what I need to do to successfully juggle. I need to remember to chuck the ball in the catching hand. It sounds silly but this is a big revelation!
  12. Fact x Importance = News

    http://www.ibdeditorials.com/IBDArticles.aspx?id=333933006516877 Apparently if Stephen Hawkings was English and went to an English hospital he wouldn't get treated because he's a cripple. :facepalm:
  13. How was your day?

    There's a wasp in my room, but I don't find it. I've tried tempting it out with a glace cherry, but no luck. I don't really mind wasps if I can see where they are, it's the not knowing that scares the living shit out of me !_! Glaicer Cherry was a success, I hope the landing crushed the bastard ¬_¬
  14. Xpert Eleven Season 9

    Are change reports out yet? The last few games totally demolished my form (since I went on holiday it seems) and I want to train.
  15. Xpert Eleven Season 9

    another lost, but luckily form is rising despite 3 players being unplayable. I think I should manage high form for the end of the season
  16. How was your day?

    So I somehow just slept for 18hours. I went to bed at 10pm and got up 4pm. WTF!
  17. Xpert Eleven Season 9

    My team is in a dire state atm, 2 Majorly injured, a lightly injured, a red, and a shitton of yellows. Also, none of my form trends are even straight, all pointing downwards in some fashion.
  18. Xpert Eleven Season 9

    Haha, despite not being able to set tactics for the last week, and being asleep today. I won 5-0 against Vikings.
  19. Photography.

    Then when do we get to see them (As in not hubble, but shit like the the moon rover)
  20. Photography.

    They need to send like an SLR or something on one of those long distant sattelites just to take some nice ultra hi-res images of a planet or something. Yeah, it may take a long time to transmit the images (I don't know the bandwidth of the datalink they have) but it'd be /so/ worth it.
  21. Women Are Getting More Beautiful

    This has nothing to do with the topic but i'm feeling a tad pedantic so whatever. It isn't evolution at work making people 'more beautiful' it's like selective breeding. Like what you're taught in school about choosing the cow with the best milk produce, or the juciest tomato to reproduce.
  22. How was your day?

    Apparently I owe rent for a house I haven't even moved into yet Need to phone up the place and ask how much. I hate phoning places
  23. Alton Towers Mini-Meet!

    Argh, If I could drive i'd be there in a flash. Unfortunately I'd have to convince someone to drive me, and I only know once other rollercoaster friend and we went not that long ago :/
  24. N-Europe Summer Meet

    Blargh, Sounds like I shoulda stayed with you Rummy. We ended up walking to buckingham palace and trafalgar square looking for a pub. By the time we actually got to one I had to go anyways :/