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  1. Smoking

    Also, to actually answer the question in the OP. I started because I liked the smell, I carried on because I enjoyed the act of smoking. From the lighting to getting the last drag. It is, for me, enjoyable.
  2. Smoking

    I wasn't referring to you Sheikah, more Dazz. Who has the 'they' going on. Stereotyping makes you sound ignorant as shite.
  3. Smoking

    What I don't understand is why you're lumping smokers into one big group. I smoke. I don't stand in doorways, I don't blow it in peoples faces, I don't light up in queues, I don't even like smoking indoors. What gives you the right to lump me in with people that do all the above?
  4. Smoking

    Ok, the term you guys are looking for isn't 'smoker', it's 'asshole'. Even if there wasn't such a thing as smoking they'd still be assholes. Get over yourselves.
  5. Your Sayings!

    "This [object] is the bes [object]" Usually talking about crazy shit like music that sounds like it was created while candy tripping mixed with speed or something.
  6. Ughhh, I've not had any time to set my tactics etc. It's pretty much get up at 6am, get home 6pm crash in bed sleeep. !_!
  7. Photography.

    Get flickr account. Saves them better than FB.
  8. N-Europe London Meet Sat July 24th 2010

    Argghhh, woke up late, leaving in like half hour. you guys better still be there about 1/2'ish.
  9. N-Europe London Meet Sat July 24th 2010

    Can't wait. It's gonna be epic. Got a bbq on Friday aswell
  10. Photography.

    Shooting fire is hard. These are the only usable shots out of ~150 taken.
  11. holy shit. 6-4. We either both played awesome, or both played horrendously.
  12. Shit me, I did poorly against Recall. I forgot my tactics again, and the default goalie is a shit 3-skill with poor form.
  13. The Television News Thread

    Hulu is apparently paid now, with only the 5 most recent episodes available free :/
  14. The Television News Thread

    It's not just they shut it down. But they're messing with sites from other countries aswell, including the UK :/ http://www.allheadlinenews.com/articles/7019176708#ixzz0sZhPBT1i Also RIP ninjavideo I loved you
  15. How was your day?

    Just got my results... 59%, which is both and >_< at the same time. because I have no retakes (a couple of my exams make me shit myself thinking I'd have to take time out of my placement to do 'em again) >_< because 1 fucking percent off a 2.1. EDIT: Though thinking about it, there's still some dispute over a question on one of the papers, so I may still get those extra percent
  17. Aaahh, first game is against Domstercool. Don't like first few matches of the season, 'cos you can't really predict how your opponent is going to play. Change reports change EVERYTHING122111!ONE.
  18. So what changes do I need to look out for since I left, ie. what is DV O_O
  19. I only got one training cone in my new team
  20. Year in Industry

    Starting my YII in July. Soooo excited, I'm one of only 4 people who got offers out of about ~30 who were on the sandwich course. They expected ~30% to get placements XD
  21. ok fuck it, i'll join the new league now exams are over, but it may only be for one league as I'm starting my industrial placement end of july
  22. Photography.

    New lens new lens new lens It's really cheap quality but at least I now have 75-300mm covered Taken from about 5m
  23. How was your day?

    My day has been long. Though it has been awesome so it's all good. I think half my photos are underexosed >_<
  24. Photography.

    So much HDR !_!