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  1. Super Mario Galaxy

    Thank god i thought i was the only one with sensor issues. Mine hates the top left of my screen, and is fine on the Wii menu and everything else. Even though I've no reason to go up into that corner very often, it's still rather annoying.
  2. HDTV Thread

    Right! I want a 26" (possibly 32") HDTV for my room, what with halo 3 coming oot. But i want a good one. Fist use is for my 360, i want it to look fantastic. Second, I'd like my Wii to look at least playable on it. I have £600, and i am not bothered about spending the full £600, so no cheap crap So if anyone here could recommend me a TV that fits the bill, I'll shower them with love. Virtual love.
  3. Peep Show.

    Everything comedy should be, it's awesome beyond words. Bought the series 1-3 box set from HMV for £25 a while back, such a great deal!
  4. Halo 3 Beta Thread

    I wasn't a fan of Halo 2 online really, but I'm gonna give this a go. Maybe I'll 'get' it more this time, or enjoy it more with more new players. One thing I've heard many sites say is that it looks just like Halo 2.5, which annoys me because Bungie have been saying that for months now.
  5. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I had no problems at all with my update. Can i just say i love your achievement sig!
  6. Final Fantasy X or XII?

    Couldn't agree more, the game is a chore to play, and the battle system is overrated, too. X really is amazing, with a brilliant storyline that makes you care about what happens next, XII doesn't. I'm still shocked at how much i was let down by XII.
  7. Minutes To Midnight

    Downloaded this when it leaked onto the net, first listen i was a bit disappointed. But it really, really grows on you and i think it's a really great album now. best tracks for me are 'Shadow Of The Day' and 'No More Sorrow' Music doesn't always need to use the most skilful playing to mean it's good either.
  8. Final Fantasy Dissidia

    Jesus christ, i wish Square-Enix would just make a good proper Final Fantasy. They've lost the plot (literally in FF12s case ).
  9. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I've had mine for about 7 months now, and the only problem it has is it refuses to read Pro Evo 6 sometimes, saying it's a DVD not a game, and it sometimes comes up with 'to play this disc, please insert it into an Xbox 360 console'. But my brother plays that, so it's not a problem for me! But I've never had any console destroying issues.
  10. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Eeek! I bought it without reading that post. Never mind, i get paid soon. Thanks for trying to warn me, though! I bought it for £30 second hand. is the Halo invitation built into the game or is there a special insert with a code on it? If it's the insert, i'm taking it back and exchanging it for a new one.
  11. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I downloaded the Crackdown demo a few days ago to see what all the fuss was about. I hadn't had chance to play it properly until tonight. And what a fucking game it is, I thought it was some GTA clone, but this game is so much fun it's untrue. I will certainly be buying this when i get paid. How fast do skills progress in the actual game?
  12. Game songs

    Not all music in games is bleeps like Mario.
  13. Game songs

    I bought the Final Fantasy X soundtrack, and downloaded VIII and IX, too, because i can't find them anywhere online.
  14. If i spent that much on a Graphics card and they announced another one, I'd go into a blind rage for about 3 days.
  15. Scars!

    I have a scar near my Gentleman's area from when i had a hernia. You can't see it anymore due to...growth of hair.