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  1. I've got the same idea as you @nekunando. Turned it on every day, and I think I have about 95 badges now without spending REAL money. But the novelty wears of, the loading times are long and I don't feel like changing my homescreen so often. Right now I have a pretty basic one with some Mario Christmas badges on my folders. Goes well with the free give-away Christmas theme they are running now in the Netherlands (which has an awesome Christmas style Mario theme song going on!).

  2. Might be a bit of an unusual question but does anybody also have buggy badges?

    Like some badges I have display "??????????????????" instead of the badge name,

    and every time I reboot my 3ds those badges are gone and need to be placed in my home menu again.


    Minor complaint, but still a bit weird :confused:


    I've had this same problem, where sometimes badges would disappear, leaving me for example with half a Mario.





    But it does not happen all the time though, I haven't had the problem for some time.

  3. Got a full Splatoon set with the 3 free tries, plus an extra 4 tries out of the practice machine (got another retro Mario set), so today was a good day. Compensates for yesterday, which was my first day without grabbing any free plays.


    And nice job on posting your homescreen here @Mike, I love to see how everyone is using their badges!

  4. Got two free tries today and grabbed the Splatoon system icon set! So all in all you can get quite some things for free (sorry guys...). Just hope my need to complete does not kick in!


    What disturbs me more though is that some badges just disappear after turning the system on again. My Mario got displayed a number of time, missing the bottom part on my homescreen. Anyone else got this problem?


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  5. I should really start grinding up to G rank, because that is where the fun begins. Currently doing 6* online quests so I am getting close. :D Offline I have to go after frenzied Jho, but decided to first finish all unfinished business since for example I missed the Dahren Mohran and Kirin urgent quests. Once I'm G rank I wouldn't mind teaming up with some guys here to do some of those DLC quests!

  6. Does anyone know if you can stock up your tries which you win in practice play? After getting bonus plays through the practice machine you immediately get send over to the real deal. But can you leave there and for example stock up 10 plays or so? That way you could stockpile a bunch of free tries to use when a set comes around which you really want.

  7. I don't have much to weigh in to the discussion, but it reminds me of when Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen came out. Suddenly, all the gamblers were renamed gamers and the slot machine minigames disappeared. And now Nintendo brings out its own carnival game which costs actual money.


    I am not too supportive about this one. It should use the same format as the home themes, where you can buy full sets instead of hoping to grab every piece, which still brings a factor luck (although not a too big one) to the table.

  8. A very very enjoyable game indeed. I don't own it myself but I borrowed it from a friend. And I've finished it while he is still stuck in it ^^ But the wind changing should have done different indeed, something like holding Z (or where you put your windwaker) and then use C to immediately set the direction instead of playing that tune all the time. But for the rest a very good game, especially the dungeon where you get the mirror shield!


    And about Jabun, froztyman might be right because I also was kinda disappointed that he just gave you the pearl, an underwater dungeon would have been cool.

  9. Wow that's a nice list, many theme songs which I like since all the original songs are covers. I still enjoy Donkey Konga 1 though, it holds great songs like Tubthumping and All The Small Things. And off course Don't Stop Me Now! :D I still wanna buy part 2, but at the moment 40 euros without a set of bongo's is a little expensive, I'll prefer to buy a DS game instead. Anyone knows were you can get DK2 a little cheaper???

  10. Hmmz as I said in the N-Europe news topic: bad move I think... They've built a great concept 'round the bongo's and now they're moving this big franchise to the Wii. I think this is one game which they could make work on both the GC and the Wii, so they should release it on the GC and players who want to play it on the Wii can do so. I mean, this game is obviously not about graphics, and also not meant for revolutionary Wii-controls since it should be played on the bongo's... So let's hope that it can be played by the DK bongs!

    By the way can the bongo's be used on the Wii? I actually don't know...


    By the way, after reading several years at cube-europe, revo-europe and n-europe, I finally joined the forum ^_^ hope I'll get a warm welcome! :laughing: