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    heya i jsut hd to share even though i havent relaly been on much since i started hear. diggin out my ds to start playing and to get some clues as to my stuckenss but i had t ottell u IM ENGAGED WOOOHOO getting married hopefully march in prague woohoo so who else on here is married atttached living together etc?

    yeah i am the one who ent to liverpool. sorry but it sucked. not the concert the concert was amazing and met hte band again but liverpool as a place...no thank you.. no offence but i was bored. we have liverd togethr for over a year anyway so he already steals my stuff!! thanks for all the congrats even though i dont post so much on here i was horrendously excited!! clues to my stuckness is a reference to the fact that i cant seem to get passed a certain point in all my games!!
  3. Liverpool Suggestions?

    heylo me and the man are heading to liverpool on 7th october to see disturbed and generlaly have a good time. does nayone have nay ides of what we can do b4 the gig and what would be a good place to go after the gig? thanks
  4. Liverpool Suggestions?

    hada look at the krazyhouse playlist type thing on their website and looks pretty cool so looks like ill be heading there thanks for ur help everyone!
  5. Liverpool Suggestions?

    sorry for hte capitals!!! yes i am well old enough to be pissed at 22. liverpool to b ehonest waasnt a concious choice but the only date of the tour we could make. is the day after my b/f birthday so want to make it memorable!
  6. heylo im new

    hiya i couldnt find an introduce yourself post so here i am. if i am in worng place please redirect me!!(just got spanked for putting htis on the ds section!!) my name is rocky and i love my pink ds (the fat one)! games i playing at minute are trauma centre (where im stuck), princess peach (where im stuck) and phoenix wright (yup u guessed it im stuck) gonna get some new games soon cause i completed tony hawks which rocked!! i want tetris too should get it soon and lots of others i want. hi to everyone!!!
  7. Universitay!

    boohoo i wannaa go back to uni. was at canterbury christchurch a few years back but got sick and had to pull out. thinking bout doing some courses now though and going to queens to do midwifery if i can ever afford it. my stupid ass mrotgage stealks all my money. goint to tech to do anatomy and physiology starting next week (tuesday nights after work) not quite as exctiing as doing uni though. i never ahd a freshers week when i went to canterbury cause we started our term in march and there was NOTHING ON!!!! IT SUCKED. WOE IS ME. I WANT TO BE A STUDENT!
  8. heylo im new

  9. Mountain Dew

  10. heylo im new

    lmao how do you know im not gay? actually i think my profile gives it away that im not!! anyway i happily attached so dont go getting no ideas. to everyone who told me to go to the walkthroughs thatnk yo uvery much but i am trying my best not to!!! though this trauma centre is giving me repetitive strain injury!!! u seem like a nice bunch anyway...not too crazy (well apart from one!) look forward to gettin to know ya
  11. Test the Nation-IQ Test

    its not available online any more grrrr jus the test the planet one not impressed!
  12. Guitar Hero 2 Track Listing

    hell yeah i will ahve to get this. i love guitar hero!!!!! not very good though. my boyfriend is better and rubs my nose in it. is it just me or can you not help but get into full guitar playing vibe when playing it??? im odd though so maybe jsut me