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  1. Voice Actors Needed!

    Bee penetration: caused so much trauma in 2006 alone that the government had to ban the widespread ownership of beehives. Shevrin is my character, like crazy and a 'mo - basically me. Hes pink too, which may be too stereotypical for my liking.
  2. Sexuality Thread

    What he said ^. I'm 97.3% gay, 2.1% bi and 0.6% Straight. Don't even bother asking me how I know it correct to one decimal place.
  3. Smoking

    Realistically smoking puts me right off
  4. The Official 2006-2007 Exams Thread

    I have GCSE Latin tomorrow. I don't know the passage AT ALL yet, so I'm going to be working my socks off tonight.
  5. Rate the last film you saw

    Her ma's an African princess though.
  6. Rate the last film you saw

    My favourite film in the world. I've cried every time I've watched it lol. Thandie Newton FTW!
  7. Voice Actors Needed!

    LOL! I love.
  8. Voice Actors Needed!

    I know, chairdriver is like 4/5 years old. Like having shape change and being really crap; realistically. I need a new name, like Honey/lemonPHD.
  9. Voice Actors Needed!

    A.k.a Me. : peace:
  10. Voice Actors Needed!

    I'm getting so excited about it ReZ. My famous quote "I like balls"
  11. Smoking

    Lol the ironic thing is that most of the gay guys I know smoke.
  12. The Official 2006-2007 Exams Thread

    I publically screamed when I got to the end of a geography question and realised I knew nothing about an area of high population density for the case study, so I made up some crap about Rio De Janiero.
  13. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    I love that pic, its almost artistic in nature. 9/10
  14. Voice Actors Needed!

    Beyonce Ball is my favourite lol. We need a diva to play her.
  15. This is a thread where you post song lyrics that have realistically changed your life. Don't post the whole song if some bits are irrelevant, just post the real bits. Okay I'll start! "You've used up all your coupons, and all you've got left is me. And somehow I'm full of forgiveness- I guess it's meant to be." Underneath It All - No Doubt Like actually the song I have to play at my wedding/funeral.
  16. Rate the last film you saw

    Mean Girls I love. One of my favourite movies of all time, it achieves a perfect balance between humour and drama. It has some amazing one liners, and the plot is quite clever. I think it builds upon previous films in the same genre. Rachel McAdams was a great choice for Regina Geogre, despite being about 10 years older than the character she plays, and you get from Lindsay Lohan what you expect from her. Its rumoured theres going to be a sequel aswell, could be funny seeing it. Best bit in the movie "We have a new student today, shes come from Africa" *addresses a random Black girl* "Welcome to the school" "I'm from Michagen" (Lol its much better on screen.) 9/10
  17. The Official 2006-2007 Exams Thread

    I'm really good at maths normally, I do additional maths, but somehow I am really bad at non calculator. Last week I forgot what 7 times 8 was lol.
  18. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    Lol I'm new to this whole Xbox thing. I love the woman in your sig picture though, her facial expression is more fun. Like could in a stray RPG and noone would notice. 8/10
  19. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    Would be cool if I knew what it was. I hate the colour of it too. 3/10
  20. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    7/10 It would be funnier if I knew who the girl was and what that crazy graph thing meant.
  21. The Official 2006-2007 Exams Thread

    Also when you want to rationalise a denominator where the denominator is a surd, you have you multiply the fraction by 1, or the surd which is the denominator over itself. Ie. to rationalise 3/(square root of 5) you would multiply that by (square root of 5)/(square root of 5). Then that would simplfy to 3(square root of 5)/5. Lol I wish I knew where the square root symbol was on my keyboard.
  22. Balls - New Cartoon

    Lol I think the tag line is great. "Balls, bouncing into your orifices in 2007!"
  23. Balls - New Cartoon

    I have to perfect my "Hey crackie!" line lol.