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  1. Sexuality Thread

    Yeah. They say 10% of males are gay. If only there were 8 openly gay guys in my year of 80 boys... I'd be having a field day lol.
  2. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    3/10 Its too hard to see what it is and I hate the colour green. I could need to change my avatar soon.
  3. I dislike Poland. It's very homophobic, I've heard.
  4. The Official 2006-2007 Exams Thread

    I just had my Latin exam (papers 3 & 4). One of the easiest exams I've sat IMO.
  5. Sexuality Thread

    I don't know how it works for girls, but essentially I get hard thinking about men.
  6. Sexuality Thread

    When did you all know that you were gay/bi? (lol I'm talking to people that are, in fact, gay/bi) I think I was 11 or 12 when I first realised, I always knew I was "different" before that though.
  7. The Music Thread.

    I am actually starting to fall in love with Tegan and Sara. Not Tonight is an amazing song.
  8. Sexuality Thread

    I just don't find the whole trackies + burbery cap tilted at 47 degrees thing appealing. I suppose if he were sweet and caring underneath the thugish veneer, then yeah.
  9. Sexuality Thread

    I define a chav by how they act, not how much money they have. If someone is an anti-social thug, I will call them a chav. (not to their face obviously)
  10. Sexuality Thread

    Lol gay chavs are the funniest. I was talking to one (don't ask how, long story) and he was trying to chat me up, and I was like "nah, mate".
  11. Sexuality Thread

    No, because having watched 8 Mile and knowing Eminem has done duets with Elton John, I know Eminem is not homophobic at heart.
  12. Sexuality Thread

    Who else thinks that the way that Dolce & Gabbana deal with all sexualities is great? I mean, I know they must be doing it to sell more clothes to a certain extent, but its great that they actually aknowledge that gay couples exist.
  13. Sexuality Thread

    Some people naturally have very "look at me!" personalities. For an example see any overly camp man or Charley off Big Brother. Britain is a shite country is some respects, in others its great. I just thank god it isn't like Poland.
  14. Voice Actors Needed!

    Yeah, I'm like voice recording king. Ever realistically heard a not-welsh Welsh accent?
  15. Sexuality Thread

    Oh yeah, when typing in the gender field when filling out the form when you sign up there is only enough letter space for "female" ie 6 letters. That means you cannot have transgender or transexual as a gender option, something I think the mods/administrator/head honcho should address.