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  1. Virtual Console Promtional Image

    Is this the original artwork, done by the original artist (who appears to be the guy on that forum from that link, but you can't find the completed work there). Or is that Wii logo slapped op by a fanboy? I'd like to have it without, if this isn't the original. Anyway it's awesome. You can look at it for hours in a "where is Waldo" kind of way. Does anyone know who the cat is, the one between de mario squid, the tanooki pacman, the piramid and the pokey? It seems familiar. Somebody asked about the letter that Arthur is holding.. It's obviously not from Animal Crossing, it's from Super Mario Bros 3 (exactly), the letter from the princess after clearing a world where you get an item. The starman in the sky is also from Super Mario Bros 3 specifically, after clearing a level and getting your 3rd star card (starman fireworks).
  2. Nintendo Collectables!

    Hmm. When I saw the newsitems of those collectibles on this site, I thought the designs looked terrible for the Zelda series. I have mixed feelings now I see actual pictures. I took a look on their site (first4figures) and their other work doesn't look spectacular as well, at least in my opinion. The Metroid figures look good, but I think their design lend themselves more for good looking figures. I think the Feirce Deity Link looks awful, but to my surprise, I thought Sheik was pretty decent. I'm still curious what they they all look like, when they're finished though. They should've gone to some Japanese companies for their figures though, they're good at that stuff (check out your favorite animes on http://www.hlj.com for example), or if they want an American company, McFarlane. Their stuff looks excellent. Still, I hope these things sell well, hopefully we even see more merchandise in the future. I was looking for Metroid merchandise some time ago, and the only thing I could find was a horrible Samus action figure. There don't seem to be many collectible figures of Nintendo characters.
  3. P.N.03 Music

    Hmm, I might still check this title out some day.. It was on my wishlist from the very beginning, I had my eye on the game (Shooting stuff with a sexy lady doesn't sound wrong, especially done by Capcom), then I read the IGN review, and read about the poor controls? I don't know, I usually decide for myself, and I guess it's still on that wishlist, but it has a lower priority.. PN03 is a game you can still find easily is stores, unlike some other titles on my wishlist.. For example, I intend to do my first Amazon marketplace purchase, to buy Ikaruga (als Golden Sun by the way, which I also can't find anymore). What is the music like buy the way? I'd imagine some techno influences.. Allthough, "game techno" isn't exactly (allways) "real techno".
  4. Maybe Wind Waker is a bit short on the main quest, but it's tedious with some of the sidequests.. I haven't really touched the game anymore since the final boss. I think I have 3 figurines, and the thought of collecting others makes me cringe.. Decorating the island is another thing. I love the water temple in OoT however.. And even though the water temple in MM is my least favorite one from the 4 main ones, I still think it's generally good. In fact, I think they should make a ultimate water temple rmx for TP, with elements from all previous water temples, and 4 times as hard, just to piss off some of the people here :P.
  5. What was you first EVER game?

    I.. Can't remember. It might have been Zelda Game & Watch. I also think I had the 2nd hand VecTrex before I got my (new) NES, so my first games would be Bedlam, Soccer, and a few others. With the NES came Super Mario Bros. 2, and I played Super Mario Bros. 1 & 3 in the store before that. The first thing I bought myself (from my own money) is the N64 I think, with Super Mario 64. Damn, that's a magical memory. I remember I played for a few seconds (not too long, I wanted to fully enjoy it at home ) in the store, and my Mario kept running in circles as I tried to get used to the analog stick .
  6. Animal Crossing Wii-sh List (sorry, another pun)

    Like I stated in one of my ideas. I've thought about it, and have take capacity and privacy stuff into account. You have multiple cities, not just for fun, but also to limit the amount of players on a server. A city can deal with its residents, and a number of visitors (say up to 16). Then there's the city's surroundings (the countryside I mentioned), which can deal with 16 more. If an area is "full", the game will give you a lame in-game excuse as to why you can't enter a city, gates will be closed. That's why you will also still need other places to meet eachother, like your hometown in one of my other ideas, and just like how Wild World works now. Privacy stuff: Nintendo will need servers dedicated to logging text messages for a certain amount of time. If a another person is harassing you, you can report him/her to a policeman NPC, this will notify Nintendo. They can check the logs, and deal with the situation. People should not be able to enter your house if you don't invite them, and people can't steal your stuff, unless you deliberately drop stuff on the ground. To be honest, I think, in general, a MMORGP Animal Crossing community will be very pleasant, it's not a game that particularly invites hostility, it's not, say, Quake online or something. People who like Animal Crossing are bound to be pretty mellow I think .
  7. Animal Crossing Wii-sh List (sorry, another pun)

    I.. Think this is gonna be a long post (many, many many ideas). Basically, it should be a MMORGP. I've noticed people in the Pokemon for the Wii thread, screaming it should be a MMORGP, while I don't see the point.. You're mainly going to battle eachother, so all you need is a online lobby. This game however, in my opinion is perfect to be upgraded to MMORGP. Keep in mind, I haven't played the Cube (or N64) version, and haven't played Wild World very long. - Not everyone's going online or use connect24, Nintendo's obviously has to cater to them. If you don't go online, you have limited options as to venture or communicate outside of your own village island. - You start off in a little village or island, and you can choose what kind of region your village is. Imagine living in a mountain or desert region. - Fish and insect hunting hopefully return. With different regions, you now can also have region specific fish and bugs.. - Village and ehm, let's call it the "country side" will be separated. You don't fish or catch bugs inside the walls of your village, you do it outside. There will be a field around the village, not too big, but a lot bigger than your village. With rivers, forests.. Beaches.. This will also depend on what your region is. If you chose an icy region, this might be a tundra for example. Think of Clocktown and Termina field. - In the "countryside" you can also encounter other NPC's. A much needed farmer for example, who grows grains, which can be bought to sell (you follow?) to your local bakery, which of course bakes bread. You gotta eat, don't you? - You can visit other villages, which, just like your town, are randomly generated. You only get to choose/see one for every region (to get a chance to catch the local wildlife for example). - To accomate you on your tavels, towns will feature a hotel. - NPC's will have a better understanding of their environment, and will have a (better) memory of some sorts. They will also be completely random generated, making for unique NPC's everytime.. - Your village will have a local traditional clothing. In software this means when your village gets generated, it will also generate a random image to put on the clothes. - Better trading system. Villagers can give you stuff, so why can't you do the same? When you standing in front of someone, and open the menu, some (most?) items will have the options to "trade" or "sell". When you choose trade, you can view the other person's (/NPS's) current items, and choose one. Then you both have to agree on the proposed trade. With sell, you determine an amount, and both have to agree. - 3rd person view.. Something like Zelda. For several reasons.. I like the sky in Wild World, but your TV doesn't have an extra screen. Just looking up would be the best solution I think.. On new year's eve, you wanna go see the fireworks you've bought don't you? Also for weather effects and day/night cycles like Wild World. And I can imagine a target lock would come in handy when catching bugs. Also such a view would make things like simple hide & seek possible. You now can actually hide behind trees and houses. Ok, so you're ready to go online? It's really where you can get the most out of your game.. - Ready to move out of your little town, and move to the big city. The big city in this case, being a real community, with actual players living there, say, up to 16.. It can vary, maybe their are cities of various sizes. Cities will also have more and better shops and services. You can choose your city on a map of available ones, in various regions. - Cities have actual streets. If you give people your member profile (which hopefulle will be used for every game etc), for Animal Crossing it will mean people get your actual address (and some other stuff). - Depending on the city, you have different options for public transportation. Take the train to another city, and see what's going on there. - Cities will have different local customs. One's holding a market on saturday, the other on friday. Another one has shops open at night on thursday. Different events etc. - Cities are in complete control of Nintendo obviously, they're hosted on Nintendo servers, and they can easily change content, events, etc. They can start new cities as demand increases. - So you have the adress of a friend? You can go to him/her the hard way, and travel by bus/ship/zeppelin, depending on how far away your friend is, and how his/her city is connected. Bigger and more important cities will have better public transportation connections. Maybe you can't go directly.. When you finally arrive in the right town, check the actual adress and number. You've finally arrived! - Ah don't like the hard way? Of course their still should be some way to instantaneously travel to your friend.. So, pick up the phone, and call a cab. A cab's fee will be more expensive than a bus fee though . - Speaking of the phone.. A friend's member profile also contains a "phone number". Pick up the phone for voice chat (if your friend's online that is)! - Remember the unique NPC's? When you go online, they can opt to also move out of your little hometown, and move to a big city. Maybe they tell you where they go, maybe they don't. Maybe you can visit them in another city, maybe you'll find them by surprise online (and they'll recognize you), maybe you'll never see them again. The fun thing is their memory. When they move to a different city, they can tell other people about you, what their hometown was like, and they will still wear their traditional clothing.. - Online, in the cities, your old hometown is anonymous or something, they don't have a concrete place on the map, they're literally in the middle of nowhere. Only you can still travel back to your hometown, its informations is stored on your system only. You can take other people with you however. In fact, you can go online but still live in that town, if you don't like the idea of a MMORGP. You can still give out your member profile, and other people can still visit you that way. - More customization.. Paintings and music won't be just things that's already on your disc (or downloadable content), you can make those things yourself. Museums will have paintings done by actual players. If you're quite good with making paintings, clothes, music etc. go to the market and try to sell your stuff there. Maybe there are players who appreciate your "art".. - When you buy a radio player, you can actually listen to a radiostation. People can send their stuff to the local radiostation, and it will be a collection of player created content.. - Festivals. Mainly only Dutch people here will know when I speak of Mysteryland and Dance Valley, so I'll mention "Glastonbury". You will be able to visit non-city places.. Like a festival that's held every year. It will be announced on a flyer on your bulletin board, and on the day itself, public transportation will have an extra destination option.. You can meet people in a non-city environment, maybe even "perform" yourself by playing your own music. - Another example of a non-city environment, imagine a themepark.. - Cities will have a nightlife, and other stuff to do like I mentioned, for example, a club, or a restaurant. I keep hearing about a restaurant in Wild World, now you can actually go there. Maybe take someone out on a date. And, like I also already mentioned, you gotta eat don't you. - Like Harvest Moon, you will be able to court a NPC or real player (take on a date like I mentioned) and maybe even marry and live together. Oh well, I'm gonna leave it at that.. For now . I love some of these ideas posted above too by the way.
  8. Gamecube's last stand

    I'll still buy plenty games 'till the Wii comes (?). I have plenty (older) titels on my wishlist now, that I still have to buy, but don't have the money yet, like Ikaruga, Resident Evil 4, Fire Emblem, Odama etc. And there are the new releases like Baten Kaitos: Origins, Super Paper Mario, and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The last one I mentioned though, will probably my "farewell game", since it's coming out same time as the Wii anyway. I still consider this a Cube game, allthough I'll buy both versions, and suspect I'll even prefer the Wii version, but I need to buy and play this game on the Cube. I hope they will be bundled though. If, for some reason, they don't bundle this game, and it doesn't even come out here, I'll go as far as importing this game, and the corresponding Cube to go with it.
  9. Majora's Mask

    Heh, yeah the funny Re-Deads . Off-Topic: I like your avatar too btw.. Well, not so much the avatar, but more the movie itself . I probably should turn on my N64 again and play some Zeldas.. There are few games I've actually completed, and I don't think I even have all the heart containers in OoT. I'm missing quite a lot in MM as far as I can remember.. Not that you need them, since the bosser are all very easy. Dunno why some people here apparently find them hard? Even fighting Majora's Mask as a kid (as oposen to Feirce Deity Link) is a joke. Allthough they're a lot of fun.. Rolling around in that cave after the second boss . 2 of them actually get harder when you play as Feirce Deity Link . Fighting the Twinmolds is fun.. I remember the first time that Takuri bird (?) stole something.. A bottle I believe.. I was "WTF?", got mad.. Went to the store, and got even madder, and hit the reset button. Even though I didn't save for some time, and could easily afford the price for my bottle. I'm a man of principles . Ever since that incident, I go hunt down that bird just for fun (well, and the money ). MM only has 4 main dungeons, and several mini dungeons.. Even though OoT has more, this game has a lot more atmosphere (allthough OoT obviously has plenty as well). I always like to wait to the very last second before I turned back the time. Walking around town (or elsewhere) in those last 6 hours.. Talking with all the scared people. That really emerges you in the game.
  10. Your first Virtual Console download?

    Just like others have mentioned above, my focus will be primarily games that have been unavailable in this region, or I simply never got the chance to play. As I'm a bit of a collector, I'll just buy the games I know I want in their original form.. Maybe I'll also download a few games which I don't know what to think of, so I can playtest them. With that in mind, my first downloads will probably be Sin & Punishment, and Megaman VI (never released in Europe as far as I know). I'll also try to hunt down the typical quirky Japanese Famicon games I've played at a friend's house, allthough I'd like to own a Famicom myself one day.
  11. How to follow up Baten Kaitos on Wii

    Hmm.. The prequel isn't out yet, and we're already discussing a potential sequel? Oh well. Of course there's little to say about a potential sequel if you don't know what Baten Kaitos: Origins has to offer.. But, the simplified battle system this game's supposed to has does have me worried a bit.. I thought the battle system in the first game was good, allthough could do with some tweaking, but simplifying it? I wouldn't want to lose defense cards for example. But like I said, without knowing how it'll actually play, I won't comment on it further. For either the prequel or potential Wii sequel, I would like some better management with evolving magnus cards. In the first game, you had a magnus card who would keep track of the evolved cards, but the card itself would evolve also.. Not very practical. So give us a card that doesn't degrade, shows us what cards have evolved, and maybe even give us a warning when cards are about to evolve. Descriptions of cards should describe what cards they will evolve into, what cards they're evolved from, and what cards they will combo with, as soon as the player has discovered those abilities during battles for themselves. Also, give us more in-game hints as to what cards will combo with eachother.. I didn't discover many combos even when I finished the game. Further, I'd like to see some more variations on attack animations. The characters generally use their personal attack cards to attack, for example, Kalas uses his swords obviously, but even though their are plenty sword cards for Kalas to use, the attacks look pretty much the same. Some grander effects to differentiate the various elemental attacks, and simply more variation in the attacks themselves.. That's what I'd like to see. Well, that's all I can think of now.
  12. Pokemon Battle Revolution

    Hmm. I'm actually looking forward to this now. The last time I really played a Pocket Monsters game was about 10 years ago (.. Damn), it was Pokemon green. I never played the console versions, so I couldn't get bored with them either. If this turns out to be a "Stadium" game, it'll be good enough for me, as it'll still be a fresh experience for me. Fighting your Pokemon team against other Pokemon teams, in 3D, online, with melee attacks actually being fysical, yeah, that gets me excited. Allthough I guess it wouldn't hurt if this does turn out to be a full fledged Pokemon RPG, but it doesn't seem likely.
  13. So if you're Cube is plugged in, even if it's turned off, it is fine (and will charge the battery)? Because mine is usually unplugged. It shares a electricity outlet (ehh thing? English term?) with my other consoles and devices, so it depends on what I used last.
  14. New Tales game to be unveiled soon!! for Wii??

    If it's for the Wii, I can add another must-buy to my wishlist. I loved Tales of Symphonia, and I can really do with another RPG in the style and the universe of the Tales series. Allthough I must admit I haven't played Tales of Phantasia much, but I blame that on the semi-manual mode .
  15. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    That's actually what I think is one of the biggest differences with the 2D versions. Lack of speed and mobility.. You could really blast through levels, especially later when you have the speedboost and screwattack. I love the 3D games, but this is the thing I feel is missing in those.. Samus is pretty slow in 3D. They should increase her speed a little, or give the option to run.. She's fast in the 2D games, and most if not all FPS games have a running ability, so it would be nice if they included it. How'd you like this: You can run, in 1st person view, while still being able to shoot stuff. If you go faster, they could include a nice little blur effect as one of those visor effects. If you're at the highest speed, you're visor would glow or something, and you can run through most enemies. Then, when you activate the shinespark, you switch to 3rd person.. Where you quickly determine your direction before you ehm.. Launch. I can imagine it perfectly.. Too bad I don't work for Retro .
  16. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    I agree more or less, but I still think a 3D Metroid Prime should be (primarily) a FPS. I really hate 3rd person shooters, I never really enjoy playing them.. I didn't like Jet Force Gemini for example, and I'm probably in the minority here. I constantly used the 1st person view in that game, which is hard to do as you have to push a button (R I believe) contantly. First of all, I just like the presentation of it.. Looking in 1st person view is cool in a lot of games, in Rogues Squadron for example, it's much cooler to have a view from behind your cockpit. In the case of Metroid, the visor is just awesome, and is a very cool way to implement a natural looking hud and interface. Secondly, shooters feel more natural for me in FP view.. That's why I can't play TPS games.. Shooting feels akward. So why do I generally agree more or less? It's only gameplay involving shooting where I can't play in 3rd person, things like platforming, Mario for example obviously, is best done in 3rd person. In Metroid, you change fluidly from 1st to 3rd person when you go in morphball mode. Doing morphball stuff would obviously feel akward in 1st person (I wouldn't even know how they'd do that). The screw "attack" was also in 3rd person, and should be, but they indeed should give you more control over the screwattack, and make it more like the original one, like said above. And I's also like to see general walljumping (not just on dedicated walls). Allthough I think this could be done in 1st person.. I even think it would be better that way. The rest of the game should be (and stay) in 1st person however, in my opinion. To summarize: The game's perfect as a 1st person shooter with 3rd person view elements, getting in and out morphball mode is done perfectly. They just should work some of the more advanced moves, like the screwattack.
  17. Elebits!

    Don't mind the graphics (and I think we can expect them to improve anyway), this game looks to me to have a similar appeal as Chibi-Robo!. Chibi-Robo!'s graphics also weren't that great, but the gameplay was fun. Exploring the house as a tiny robot was fun, as you could discover any nook & cranny (I think that's the expression right?). That also seems to be the case with this game.. I haven't seen any videos of it, and you aren't a tiny robot, but this game will also have a similar feel of exploration I think. Lifting up every small or big object, just to see what's beneath it. It'll be easy to miss the small objects, if you're focussing on big things, and vice versa.. This is a launch title right? This is probably going to be a must-buy for me at launch, next to the Zeldas & Metroids..
  18. I think I might have a slight problem with it also. Recently I had to adjust the time, because it was some minutes behind.. And I'm sure I've set it up correctly when I first turned on my Cube. Just like my computer's internal clock seems to fall behind.. Is there something wrong, or should I simply leave my Cube turned on for some time as suggested above, to power the battery? I can't find much info on it in the manual or various Nintendo sites..
  19. Chibi Robo

    I had to too. The bit involving the aliens for me (I'm guessing for you too?). Most of the stuff in the game, the game gives you hints, and will repeat them if you talk to the corresponding character. But this one.. The hint is given only once. I didn't think much of it, when it was.. And I forgot all about it. Too bad, that's something that definately could've been ironed out. Ha ha.. I said some things in the game were plainly wrong.. But that's what makes it great . I haven't seen such wrongness since certain Rare games . Thanks for the tip, I hadn't tried that before, so I immediately checked it out. And if you think that's wrong, try the Nectar .
  20. Not too long ago, I bought some retro stuff for the first time. I usually had other priorities (buying new stuff that is), and in my direct vicinity, there are no good 2nd hand shops anyway. There is one shop now, but it's pretty new, and it's owner is a Sega fan, so most of the retro stuff there is Sega, no Nintendo. But I had luck when there was an event for retro gaming, on walking distance from my house. So I stopped by, wasn't expecting much of it, and it was small, but there was so much stuff to find.. I had my first experience with the Virtual Boy here. This time, I couldn't go home without some Retro stuff. I never had a SNES, so that's one of the things I looked for. In fact, I made a picture which I posted on another forum: Unfortunately I don't seem to be allowed to post my picture of the stuff, I'll just write it down then: - SNES - Parodius - Super Ghouls & Ghosts - Zelda LttP - Metroid 3 - Super Mario Bros 3 - Ducktales 2 - Megaman 4 That's the stuff I bought, for € 210,- more or less. As you can see all of them boxed (except the Mario/Duckhunt, which I actually got somewhere else), most of them with booklets (except DuckTales 2, the Metroid booklet's missing the cover, Zelda has the map included). Megaman 4 is probably looking even better than my Megaman 5, excellent condition, as is Parodius. I'm not sure though, if I should regret not getting Parodius NES version. From what I've been told by another dealer, the Super Ghouls & Ghosts with box & booklet for € 10,-, is a very good deal. Also too bad I came very late, all the good RPG's were gone. I saw 2 Chrono Triggers, but both of them US.
  21. Your favourite Arcade games

    Hmm. Here in The Netherlands, Arcade machines are just fables, like elves and unicorns (gnomes however, live in trees here). So my experience with them is very limited.. Playing fighters was always cool though. I played StreetFighter a very long time ago, and fought my brother with Tekken and StreetFighter 3, on the very few instances we encountered arcade machines in our lives. I don't have many to choose from, but my favourite is absolutely without a doubt Asterix & Obelix. It's also a beat 'm up, in the style of Turltles posted above. Obelix had very cool moves, enemies were cool, and playing with 2 players was amazing (as always is with these sorts of games). I didn't get very far, but the first boss was a very cool small legion of Roman soldiers. If I have the money, and I can find the machine, I'll buy it straight away.
  22. Games you regret getting...

    I love PD, but I have to get back at it someday. I love FPS games in general, but I'm pretty crap at them . I've completed Perfect Agent only up to the Chicago level.. I've got 2 expansion packs. I bought one with Turok 2 (which I also have to get back to someday, even though I'm less motivated to finish it all the way, but I don't regret buying it ). The second one I got shoved down my throat when I bought Donkey Kong 64.. I don't regret buying the first one, I just wished they didn't include one with DK64.. On the GameCube.. There are no games I really regret buying. I really hate Mario Kart, I already didn't have any hopes for it, and it still managed to disappoint me. But since it came with the Cube, I can't technically regret buying it. Maybe I should have bought the Resident Evil pack though (but then I had to find me a regular faceplate). Of the other games I have, Starfox Adventures is the biggest disappointment. I don't think I regret getting it though, it still has it moments, and it's the last Rare console game after all. Too bad they didn't make Dinosaur Planet though.
  23. My thoughts on Metroid Prime 2...

    I guess what's hard for one is easy for the other.. Golden Sun and other RPG's aren't that hard often in my opinion, you can just go level-up if a boss is giving you trouble (which I why I'm not good at FF8 because it works differently.. Leveling-up doesn't do you any good). I think I find Prime 2 harder, the game in general is harder I think, allthough maybe most of the bosses are easier than in Prime 1. Allthough some bosses did give me trouble in Prime 2.. The boostball boss (the first boss in the dark world I believe, where you don't have any beacons to help you), the spiderball boss (can be a real challenge if you're not perfect on bomb-jumping etc), and ehh forgot the name, the giant robot. I really liked Prime 2 (allthough I still have to properly finish it). It has a great (Metroid) atmosphere, which is one of the most important things in a Metroid game in my opinion. It's a bit different though, in the same way both GBA games differ. Prime 1 is more mysterious, and 2 is more scary. It's the other way around with Fusion and Zero Mission. Another typical Metroid thing for me is the way the games make you nervous to fight a boss, they really set the mood before it. Metroid 2 was the first Metroid game I played, and there's this room with two of those giant Metroid eggs. You just know no good will come from those, and I was really hesistant to enter that room again when I had to go back . In Fusion (The first Metroid game I bought), seeing Serris's skeletton sets the mood right away. And the first time Nightmare came flying in the background, he scared the hell out of me . There are plenty of these moments in Prime 2, which are great. When you fight the Alfa Splinter for example.. It's just sp cool when you see those Ing things move towards it.. You think "aww poor Splinter" and "Shit, I have to fight a possesed Alfa Splinter!" at the same time.. It was also great to see that ehh forgot the name, the big fish thing, in it's tank, before you actually go in it.. And again the giant robot thing.. When you're in the light world, in the room before he boss room for the first time, scanning those huge robot parts doesn't bode any good.. I really love those moments. I do like the level design by the way. Especially the fortress.. I do like the dark world (great atmosphere). I didn't enjoy looking for keys that much, allthough I wasn't too bothered by it either. Metroid is "find x weapon to blow up x type wall/door etc" , finding several keys to just open one door is a bit forced. I also didn't like the dark suit. It's the ugliest suit I've seen (actually the only ugly suit I think..). It even gets uglier with the jetpack. The light suit makes up for it though, that one's really.. Shiny. The weapons overall are cool, didn't mind the ammo too much (allthough I of course prefer the normal non-ammo way for beams), but some didn't get much use (the charged versions). And I'm probably in the minority here, but I didn't like the screw attack. In it self, it's pretty cool, but you don't get to use it as an attack.. Space Pirates are too smart to just let you screw them, and step aside.. Which basically makes the screw attack the original space jump more or less, as you use it to get to places otherwise beyond your reach.
  24. Chibi Robo

    I really love this game. I bought it few days ago, with my very last of my money, and even though there are stil some (older) games that are on my wishlist (Resident Evil 4, Fire Emblem amongst others). De style is very cute (or "chibi"), sometimes weird, sometimes even plane wrong (check Jenny's panties.. If you dare. See, that already sounds very wrong). But that's the humour of this game, and makes it very fun. The graphics could certainly have been better, without compromising the style of the game, but it doesn't really matter. It's fun checking out every corner of this huge house as a tiny robot. It's also a very musical game, with some items even producing weird music (toothbrush). It's also full of little details.. I'm a bit stuck though. I'm at rank 2, but somehow I think getting to rank 1 doesn't advance the storyline.. Telly keeps telling me Jenny has a crush on him, and I have to tell her it's not going to work.. But I don't get any different reactions from her (or the other family members) at this point. I also have no clue where to find Giga Robots leg, or the last 2 frog rings (they don't show up on the scanner). Also, the spacescrambler race is damn hard! Oh well, I still have some things I know I can do (like finding all the Chibi doors for the second time and ranking up). And who looked up Mrs. Sanderson's skirt the first time in the kitchen? Come on, we all did it :P. Bit disappointing though, you'd think after Natalya in Goldeneye, they can model a real skirt .
  25. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    I had the exact same idea about Mario.. The tanooki statue would be cool. Allthough I don't know what to do about the other characters either. Kirby's stone ability would certainly fit, but I think it would look too much like his actual stone ability (you'd have the attack & defend stone ability at the same time). Oh well, they're gonna change the movesets anyway.. Donkey Kong would very obviously use a barrel. Samus.. Hmm. Maybe that one supermove from super Metroid? The one that refills everything. Oh, and of course Krystal's hot . I prefer her outfit from Adventures rather than Assault though . And her voice too by the way (which can't be said about the other voices in Adventures, they're all parodies.. But that's Rare for ya . I think she'd make an excellent addition with her staff. Ganondorf should return (obviously), but with moves he actually had in Zelda games. Personally I'm thinking of 2 fireballs, a fast one other players can return (with swords, maybe Smash attacks even), and a slow one that can't be returned and is more powerful. Ganondorf would be able to deflect his own fast fireball easily as well. The fireball could get faster and more powerfull with each deflection (see who wins ). And he definately should have some sort of sword (or two). The way I saw him block my parry attack in WW for the first time.. Just way too cool. As for 3rd party characters.. Sonic would be a very realistic option I think. But as for the other 2 (-ish), I really have no clue. Megaman would obviously be cool, and make some sense. He has great Nintendo history and already has some fighting experience.. But somehow, I don't think it's a realistic possibity. Oh well, I think I'll just forget about it, and let Nintendo pleasantly surprise me once again when they announce the other characters (allthough.. it's sure fun to speculate and fantasize ).