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  1. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Same, pro controller here. All alone, taunting me on my desk!
  2. What Have You Bought?

    To get me in the mood for Zelda!
  3. New TV

    That's the one I've been looking at! Reassured that you're loving it
  4. I'm definitely planning on enjoying this in full tv mode on the switch. Like others have said I may do some side quests on the portable but will try to limit this
  5. Mario Kart League 2016

    My bad, completely forgot! Sorry, guys.
  6. Will you be getting a Switch at launch?

    Yep, my pre-order is in. Like virtually the entire world the whole setup does seem over the top price wise. But its new Hardware with new Zelda!
  7. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Was there no sign of pikmin? And where on earth is animal crossing? Thought that would be a dead cert
  8. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Looking forward to the portability of this. Was a real disappointment in the first couple of days of my experience with the WiiU when I realised I could only go around 4 feet away from the console before losing the portability. All this off-tv play never happened for me.
  9. Nintendo Collectables!

    I think its certainly too big. Its a shame as it could fab but not many would like the lurking at them in that size! Their figures seem to be getting larger and larger- I bought the wind waker boat one but sold it on as it was much larger than I anticipated!
  10. Mario Kart League 2016

    I prefer Thursdays but can be flexible if theres a few of us.
  11. MerrN-E Christmas and a Happy New 2017!

    Merry Christmas one and all! Hope you've all had a fab day.
  12. Dragon Quest Builders

    Tempted but feel I may play it more on vita. Seems to be that type of pick up and play game.
  13. House buying is the worst

    I love a happy ending! (Especially at Christmas )
  14. PlayStation Experience 3rd-4th Dec 2016

    Stoked for Ninokuni. (Loved the first one so much I bought the Japanese PS3 edition console!) Also locoroco is an instant buy
  15. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    As I am work all day am I right in thinking I should be picking up Moon instead of Sun?
  16. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Cool, where did you pick them up from?
  17. I think a delay can HURT. For example, you can't help but feel The Last Guardian is heading for a fall: - some of these initially interested will have moved on - it cannot now meet many peoples expectations the hype has built over the years (it may well lose itself in the Christmas rush too) For many of us on here who are Zelda fanatics there is past evidence that they DO get it right with time- so I'm pretty cool about the situation!
  18. Job woes/wins

    I'm 41 now - been head for 8 years now. Can be such a a great job, rewarding but there are times when it seems a thankless task. Can be lonely up top too! I worked my way up through the school- class teacher, deputy then Head. It happened really quickly for me. Felt I wasn't ready really- too young etc. but when the new owner took over it was kind of intimated to me that he fully expected me to apply! Sounds like you've made a sensible choice mate- creating that work/life balance is really important. Couldn't bear to spend hours in my car travelling to work each day. Turnover of staff is never a good sign too. I took on a NQT last year who was offered a job at another school initially - better money, fast track to management potentially. But I persuaded her to choose us as we had the reputation and significantly greater stability with staff turnover.
  19. Mario Kart League 2016

    Me too!!! Bummer
  20. Job woes/wins

    I'm head master! The big cheese! We're only a small prep school (142 on roll) but having freedom of choice on curriculum, testing etc.. is a bonus
  21. Job woes/wins

    As a head at an independent school mate I would never go back to state - too much bureaucracy I appreciate you have to be happy at the end of the day though!
  22. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Well, I'm still intrigued to find out what it is. At least there's always some bloody mystery with the big N! To be honest I'm neither optimistic or pessimistic- just waiting and a teensy bit hopeful.
  23. Your favourite Smash, Kart & Party

    Mario Kart 8 It would have been the snes version but thats nostalgia calling really, 8 is just so so good (- points for battle mode, grrr). Love Zelda and AC add ons too. Super Smash Bros N64 Never really got in to this series too much but again, nostalgia wins this time. Party ??? Not sure I've played one, certainly never owned one!! To my shame I do have the animal crossing party game though. Sports Toadstool Tour- no contest!
  24. RFN- still enjoying it but Syrenne continues to annoy me when she is on. Her knowledge is without question but man, its SO tiresome to hear how many hours she has played on a certain game i.e finishing it on every difficulty. She comes across as boastful- a trait I can't abide. Annoying!
  25. MadDog Marathon; Online Mario Kart Tournament

    Just donated - very happy to do so. I'm in for the karting!