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  1. Do any of you people who regretted any metroid games feel like posting them to me? I'll even take wave race, pikmin, ikaruga or anything else you couldn't handle.
  2. Snakes!

    My first proper encounter with a snake was in the woods when I was about 7. I saw a baby snake by a tree, called my friend over (who was nerdy that way and would know what type it was). I thought it would just be a grasssnake or whatever, but no. It was an adder, which as we all know are the most poisonous snake in the UK. So we dropped a rock on its tail so it couldn't move. Damn that made it angry. Don't like snakes, never have done.
  3. Ha, wrong. Did you never play any text-based adventure games on pc? I thought the comparison was quite accurate, actually. Some people only play games with good graphics/story, some think it's more or less irrelevant. But improvements in story/graphics will always be nice. ---- To anyone who thought Prime had a bad story, you probably didn't scan anything. But it isn't a traditional story really. Most games will present you with some dialogue to set the scene, then you fight someone, then you get more dialogue to advance the plot. Prime's story was far more immersive- the story was formed by the events happening to you.
  4. The wii is still a powerful machine!

    There's no way you can judge without looking at the games. Everything on consoles is heavily optimised for better performance- for example, if you had a PC with the same specs as a Cube, it would run very few things because of a lack of optimisation. The cube has about a 500MHz processor, about 40MB of RAM- just imagine if your PC was that bad. Proof is in the pudding- ie TP, SMG MP3 all look awesome.
  5. Order of the Ph-wii-nix! (Sorry)

    I've wondered about this. Since a speaker and a microphone are essentially the same thing (try plugging some headphones into the microphone socket in your computer if you don't believe me), the wii might be able to use microphone functions as it is. It might damage the speaker though, or be less functional...
  6. I guess I'm the only person who got the bonus OoT disk with the wind waker, and couldn't play it through? I loved the epic feel, etc etc. But I didn't enjoy it enough, because I'm used to modern 3D games, where camera control doesn't suck (often) and everything is much more refined. After playing TWW and being able to play the game without the technical side getting in the way, it was a letdown. Thus, TP will rule as it combines the best of both worlds and throws in some new stuff to boot.
  7. Is it really that tiring?

    Er, what? You can get tired using a regular controller? They've already said that you can play games with small or large movements (MP3 had an 'expert' mode for that IIRC). This is even true for wii sports, but frankly I'll be smashing furniture with my sick moves. Besides- it can never be more tiring than the real-life action that it is trying to imitate. If you can't lift a remote, you can't play tennis for real either- in which case you are obese and deserve either death or a gym membership.
  8. What is a casual gamer? (mini-rant)

    There's a difference between low-rated games and bad games, simply because the reviewers will have likes and dislikes. For example I like bust-a-move more than tetris, so would consider it a better game, even if it has worse reviews. It's not a BAD game though, like elf bowling. Also- if you thought mario sunshine was bad...I'm guessing you wished it had been more like 64. It was a great game, but not very true to the mario thing. For people like myself who played it without having played the previous mario games, it was awesome. Back to the topic- a casual gamer isn't the kind of person who'd visit a gaming website unless they got stuck.
  9. Development kits for as low as $1,732 !

    True, but this is sony. Think rootkits and all the things sony put on music CD's to prevent copying. They snuck things on that damaged the computer and were illegal. I just hope they've changed.
  10. Inventions you want to copyright

    I only ask as what you are mentioning seems to be possible right now- breaking particles from a nucleus happens all the time, particle accelerators can presumably handle it, vacuums are available and lead...well everyone has some lead. If you just happen to be some physics boff with a PHD, then I'll leave it.
  11. Development kits for as low as $1,732 !

    $1,732? What's that, like twenty quid these days? I reckon the community at RE should buy one collectively and make a forum game.
  12. Inventions you want to copyright

    Out of curiosity, why aren't the particles affected by moving one of them to mars? How is any of this supposed to work? My idea- superhero conversion kit. Consists of miniaturised kangaroo boots (these are the things that let even fat people frontflip over the world highjump record), a cape, gloves and shoes that stick to most surfaces, such as the sides of buildings and a posing pouch.
  13. Need for Speed: Carbon

    QFT ...and word count minimum...
  14. Need for Speed: Carbon

    Well, at least it will not look ugly, like MW did on GC. Apparently, high res textures wouldn't fit on a GC disk, so the good folks at EA said: who cares? and released it anyway. It could have looked really sweet if they had mushed all the terrible cutscenes to save space, but no. I'm not a graphics whore, but I can't play a game that is so damn ugly. They also better sort out the police thing too. It was so annoying that to complete the milestones, you had to play easy with the first few cops so as not to lose them, it went against common sense. MW had so much potential, but sadly most was wasted. NFSU2 was nice though, even if the city was too bare.
  15. Adverts That Blow 2006

    Do not mock barry scott. He is a legend, practically an urban myth yet he exists. But anyway, nothing can step to the citroen C4 ads with the robot.