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  1. Captions 2.0 (56k)

    The ensuing children were mercilessly taunted. or John never did figure out why everyone was so surprised. or Believe it or not, that walking ham is indeed a person.
  2. Captions 2.0 (56k)

    John had never seen a woman with that many breasts. or Peter is so unoriginal. He always makes that face when you kick him in the crotch. or As it turned out, those funny looking rocks were crocodiles. or That would be the last time Howard used a live badger as a loin-cloth.
  3. Captions 2.0 (56k)

    Ya rly!
  4. We Have 10 Years To Save the World

    But, what is our promise? The entirety of human civilization has only had one goal, making life better for ourselves. Even people who try to protect the enviroment do it to save the world for future generations. People who try to protect animals do so because they feel bad about what is being done. Ending the suffering of animals makes them feel good-improving their situation. Ultimately, everthing in the world has two goals, self-betterment and reproduction, which is self-betterment in a sense. Why do animals eat? To remove their hunger. Why do plants grow? To grow seeds and reproduce, sending on their genes. No matter what is done, who does it, or whatever, the thing is done in the hopes of improving the situation of the person, or thing, that did it, it just depends on what each person thinks is an improvement. I personally think survival is important, so I vigorously support animal testing.
  5. Captions 2.0 (56k)

    When you see the graphics, you will say "Wow!"
  6. We Have 10 Years To Save the World

    I would personally kill every chimp in the world, with my bare hands, to save one street junkie with AIDS. See Penn and Teller. It's not really relevant until about the twelfth minute, but you can watch the whole thing if you want. I'm not trying to say you're in PETA or anything, just that this is the best pro-animal testing video I've ever seen. Not that this is off-topic or anything.
  7. Photoshop Reggie

    This isn't mine, either. But I saw it somewhere a while ago, so I tracked it down.
  8. Photoshop Reggie

    I'll contribute the original picture, because someone who started this thread didn't. That's the most you'll see out of me. I'm balls at photoshop.
  9. We Have 10 Years To Save the World

    Your conjecture is no better than the scientists'. I don't like them because they have a tendency to make sweeping generalizations, like this one I'm making here, and exactly like the one you just made, except you added a "can" in there for no apparent reason, unless you had the intent to make my head rupture with the confusing nature of your post. All generalizations are false, even this one. Moving on, you do make a good point-Almost all the crap scientists predict is complete bull***t. Scientists should stick to science and keep their grubby little fingers away from prediction. All scientific fact is based upon scientific study, the kind that includes controlled variables, which is just the thing scientist can not calculate when predicting the future-Variables. Most of the theories on the future start off by saying something like "If we continue on this course..." Well, no ***t we won't stay on this course! They assume the unassumable, that things won't change. Things constantly change, but they just go right along with their half thought out plans and bullheaded stubborness. *A message to anyone who thinks that they can predict the future.* GO AWAY.
  10. Ah, that sounds good. It looks like someone agrees that the graphics are awseome. Of course, I don't think you can really trust the credibility of a place called "The Hylia". It may very well be that good, but I'll wait for the big boys' reviews.
  11. Ha. You actually came in here. Anyway... Have a look at It's a collection of old Ninty advertisements set to music. Basically supporting the idea that Mario rules. I hope this hasn't already been posted. But, whatever. I haven't made a thread in forever anyway. The video's a bit long, so be prepared.
  12. Nintendo to Spend $200 Million on Wii Marketing to Battle Sony

    Wow. Just... Wow. Is Nintendo finally getting their marketing act together? I guess it doesn't really affect me, I'm already buying a Wii, but... Any news is better than no news, I suppose.
  13. Holy hell! What is in there?!? You know what, I'll find out when I've finished the game. Until then, that thread is dead to me. DEAD!
  14. PS3 vs Wii - Apple Style

    Man, I really, really hate people saying in before lock. Not just you, but anyone. It's spamming of the worst kind. I wish death upon anyone who ever says it from this point forward. Death upon them and their families. Anyway, this has already been posted somewhere. Come to think of it, if i remember correctly, the title is almost exactly the same. *creepy music plays* Edit: Here's the video. http://n-europe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9339 Here, too. http://n-europe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8448 I think that there are others, but I did too much work just tracking those two down.
  15. Zelda: Twilight Princess Discussion (SPOILERS: BEWARE)

    That's it. I'm not using the internet anymore until I have completed Zelda. Or... at least... I won't go in here anymore.