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  1. Listen, I just got back from the UK and I brought back my original copy of Morrowind GOTY Edition with me...


    ...hypothetical question:


    If someone had bought a chipped Hong Kong 360 in China without a HDD, how would one go about getting that hypothetically illegally modified console to play his Favourite Game of All Time? considering also the potential fact that he has an Arcade console and no Live account.


    Sadly, he couldn't bring back the original Xbox with him due to power issues and the disappearance of all the cables somewhere in his parents loft...


    You need an update from Xbox Live in order to play the game.

  2. Kicking off in wolverhampton, lets hope it doesnt to bad. All I can hear are sirens.


    From what I can gather the new bus station is on fire.


    There have been rumours going since last night. I couldn't see anything on my drive through town, just police cars, helicopters, and ambulances. All the shops are shuttered. The car dealerships are bare.

  3. I just played Ocarina 3D in GameStation and was blown away. Was thinking about picking a 3DS up since the price-drop was announced. I am undecided whether to pick one up before Wednesday and get the 20 games or get one after the price drop. We'll see if retailers do a little price-drop before the RRP comes down.

  4. This was meant to post last night but failed:



    Just tried it. Going to hope it plays better tomorrow, it was lagging an absolute treat. Despite this I did the classic hip fire and whack technique and followed up with a double down grenade throw, at which point the system froze.


    I tried it once more and it froze again.


    The fan on my ps3 goes bat-shit over running minor things now, and this beta had the thing panting like a hound-dog who'd caught its testicle on a cactus mid-sprint.



    It's the same for me. An upgraded 7200 rpm hard-drive doesn't help: for all it improves performance, it cooks the system even more.

  5. I don't know if the vehicle disapperance thing is a glitch, but possibly could be a way to save on memory courtasy of Rockstar.


    It is certainly meant to happen. The pop-in pop-out is just the game loop re-drawing the surrounding game objects. I don't think it should be this obvious though. Perhaps Rockstar had no choice.

  6. I finished the game this morning to 100% with The Naked City and A Slip of the Tongue. I finished the main story in about 16 hours.


    Phelps' death was not the right way to end the game in my opinion. There was no build up at all, just a phasing out after his pointless affair -- then whoops, he's dead. There wasn't nearly enough drama in the scene. I nearly cried at the end of Red Dead Redemption, what happened here?



    The more I played (trying to get those sodding cars!) the more technical faults appeared. I might be able to forgive the theatrical pop-in, or the horrendous frame rate drops, but when I pan the camera and a bunch of cars disappear in front of me, that's too much. Sure, the facial animation is a huge step forward, but there are just too many compromises.

  7. Got this through my door this morning, went through the first two desks. I've been making alot of wrong choices in terms of questioning suspects, its pretty hard to tell by their facial expression if they're lying and such. That and i'm not too good with connecting evidence with statements >__<


    Its pretty good so far though


    I figured out if they look straight at you it's the truth and if they shift about they are lying. If you don't have proof to back up an accusation select doubt. The proof is usually something with their name on it or a blatant piece of evidence that contradicts their statement. If they contradict evidence, all you need is proof, you don't need to read their faces.