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  1. WiiPlay and Extra Wiimotes AWOL?

    I was told last Friday that Wii Play was out on the 13th by the Gamestop in Bray (Wicklow). I'm actually about to call up now cause I planned to pick it up on launch day, but I couldn't. I think Nintendo has once again just forgotten about Ireland, disregarding it during the shortages. Update: I just called, and they say they have about 15 or so in stock, so I'm gonna pick one up tomorrow.
  2. Wii Pricing?

    Cool, thanks. I was pretty sure about those prices, but not 100%, they seem about right though. So that means I'll need €380, right? That should be fine.
  3. Wii Pricing?

    I was just wondering, does anyone know the price of these items in GameStop Ireland? Wii Console Zelda Twilight Princess Wii Play Just, GameStop like to add and take away random amounts when pricing their stuff. Thanks.
  4. UK Wii Tour - Details FINALLY!

    No, I saw him as well, but I was in a different red hoodie. I may have just been looking round the rest of the show when you were there, had some pretty cool stuff. Thinking about it though, I think I remember seeing someone in a UCD hoodie at the Wii stand. Might've been you.
  5. UK Wii Tour - Details FINALLY!

    Oh, that makes sense to do with Red Steel, although Wii Play was there yesterday, not Rayman. I suppose in the end I'm pretty happy about that, cause I was planning on getting Wii Play, but not Red Steel anyway. Gave me a chance to give it a test-drive. I was pretty sad that they didn't just take out the 'living room' set-up and put in more games or more consoles with the same games, at least it would've reduced the queues, but again, oh well.
  6. UK Wii Tour - Details FINALLY!

    Yeah, I was there yesterday as well, I probably saw you. I was the kid in the red american football hoodie and the old school nes shirt. As for the Wii, it was pretty cool. I finished Zelda on my second time round (had to wait half an hour each time for a turn, though). Tennis doubles and bowling was pretty fun, and I thought table tennis on Wii Play worked pretty well. Didn't have my camera cause I went straight from school, so I didn't get any pictures, but yeah, it was good. Only realised it was Conor from N-Europe when he said he was from here to one of the reps. On a separate note, where was Red Steel?! I was looking forward to seeing how FPSs worked on the Wii. Oh well, still fun.
  7. The Next Threat

    Now that Nintendo have released the controller I think you will all agree that they will now have to deal with the great forces of Microsoft and Sony. What will stop them copying the controller in their own way (*hint*rumble*hint*)?