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  1. A great new site

    Yeah, cubechris, you're right, advertising is banned huh? pfft.
  2. A great new site

    I have high hopes for this site. When Nintendo DS is going online, we'll have a pleasant surprise for you all. We are simply trying to make a good forum where people can discuss all sort of things, without major restrictions.
  3. Can you believe this? [About the controller]

    I want to know how it works so badly, everything I reads gets me more excited ... I want to play..... AHHH THE HOORRRROOORRRR
  4. Presenting...the Nintendo Revolution...

    I am the one and true CommandeR, who art thee?
  5. 3rd Party Cross-platform Games - Not A Problem

    You are getting everything the PS3 and Xbox360 do PLUS a totally new way of playing games as we know it today; with the REVO! and for a lower price awesome, right?
  6. EDGE loves controller

    I have no idea who EDGE are, but I am sure goddarned pleased to hear some fine fellas over there think the REVO is awesome
  7. VGcats hates the controller

    I just hope the real version will be smaller. It looks so big now...
  8. Mockup adon thread.

    I love the NES controller... I hope they make special versions of this, just like with the GBAM... looking great
  9. What are they going to do in WalMarts and whatnot.

    Let's hope they do something like that, I can't wait to dance in the store with the controller
  10. Gyration patent

    Nintendo PWNS! and I don't give a sheit about them not inventing the stuff themselves, it's the way they implement it that matters.
  11. Distances Required to play Revo

    Thank God. Ofcourse, you can trust Nintendo, they think about you
  12. Tradional Revolution Controller !!!

    This is going to be very cool, I only hope they include it with the package. But remember, with the Traditional shell controller, you have the movement of the REVO and the tradiotional control, sounds alot of fun
  13. Microsoft just called me :)

    The norwegian release is 2 december?! I thought it was going to be released in Europe at 10 December
  14. Majora's Mask

    I just finished the first level and I started the Anju/Kafei Relationship problem thing, and still loving it... I am going to play some more later in the day, it's just so... engrossing
  15. What are they going to do in WalMarts and whatnot.

    I think alot of people do, actually. The more casual gamers will look at the graphics and the game they are playing, thinking how other games can be like playing with this...